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    Paul Russam So it looks like I was to optimistic after all.. For me improvement over 3.4.0 is clear though, and the file which I was doing (not so big 115MB) for me crushed only after I tried to render Night scene Stereo Panorama with lots of lights on High quality.. Which I would rather say is standard for my PC not to manage. But I know where to go if I will get to much troubles.. 3.3.2 is the place ..

    Could you try if deleting the following folder resolves this issue (as the data will be downloaded again):


    Like I said for me after updating to 3.4.1, File loads and I haven't got issues so far today.. If something happens I will try.. And my colleague on other PC working on 3.3.1 as well no issues.. Afternoon I will try to test it more extensively and will do some heavy renders

    I just noticed today when I passed my sKetchup file to a colleague who had a wider screen than me..

    I have fixed output size for HD (1920x1080) in presets. In case of perspective views (sKetchup scene captured with perspective camera) everything is good.. Enscape matches sKetchup's vertical FOV and our both machines capture the same image..

    But strangely to me in case of elevation view which is set with Parallel Projection camera, ENS matches sKetchups Horizontal FOV.. so My and his PC match to the same Vertical FOV in sKetchup, but the width is different and ENS matches to that width. so in result We have different images. It is different extents so we can crop it in Power Point but still result is inconsistent and the different approach to Perspective and Parallel views is misleading..

    I can Set Custom Size in Output and check in the Use Viewport Aspect Ratio option to get the same height but still matching the same width is a difficult part.. besides the height is the same in sense of how much I see not in pixels..

    For me it is not a problem but saying for those who my work in PS and cooperate between different PCs or monitors..

    I know ENS natively uses Horizontal FOV but still in one case it can much to sKetchup Vertical FOV in other it doesn't..

    All in Synchronise Views. Sketchup 2022, ENS 3.4.1.


    Technically it is not a FOV if we talk about Parallel Projection but I think I am understood.

    OKI.. I'm trying 3.4.1


    I just tried the same file with 3.4.1. I tried before updating with 3.4.0 and ENS died again. didn't even manage to send report.

    With 3.4.1 it opened.. seemed maybe bit slow but worked..

    To cool down : It was just one try and before I got message about new version of ENS I updated my graphic driver so not quite clear were from the improvement came..

    sergeinester Ye maybe it has nothing to do with older files.. I only ment that file which was workin on 3.3.1 is working worse on 3.4.0 while it should better.

    I just started an ENS on the new skp file.. just the guy there.. It was about to die and I already have chosen to send report and close, but then it froze for about 15 mins and opened.. ?? while I was checking email..

    Rick Marx I have just send the feedback


    I just noticed that follow me components follow me.. and not only when I change view in sKetchup but also in ENS window..

    suddenly got curious if it is somehow connected


    I just noticed that if I start ENS on empty file and then open my project file I have higher chances of not killing ENS..

    And as we talking about 3.4.0 issues.. The Enscape Material Editor use to show currently selected materials settings when it is open.. now it is showing nothing until You select a material again after Editor is opened.. No big deal but I think it was less clicking before..

    I unfortunately have to say that I just opened a file which I created before updating to 3.4.0 and as it was a bit slow on 3.3.1 it haven't crashed once. Now it crashes more often than not on 3.4.0 and in some cases I can not even open the ENS window..

    Does 3.4.0 uses more memory than 3.3.1. ? I as well went up from 2021 sKetchup to 2022 in the same time..

    It is not a total disaster but like I said.. the file was not causing any problem a month ago.?


    I have just sent this file to the colleague who has sK 2022 and ENS 3.3.1 and a weaker than mine PC and it is working fine.

    Feels like going back to 3.3.1..

    They can be shared.. (I mean native ENS assets) I've done it between different computers in our office.. localised without any common shred paths etc.. I have done it between different language versions of ENS even.

    The textures for displacement and reflections etc.. anything that is not the base sKetchup texture will be lost.. I'm not sure if some shared location works for those cos our office has a password on shared files so anyway sKetchup can not go there..

    What can not be shared is the objects which You save as a proxy..

    all extra needed textures and component saved as proxy files they should be placed int the same folder and send all together if You don't want to loose them..

    and user defined assets should be send as well all You should place them in the path specific for You..

    and can you really demand that the architects "clean up their own mess" before sending it off to visualization

    Probably not.. on 20 architects I get Atocad files from 2 are clean.. rest is the mess.. but to be honest most of Architects are not very technical staff.. I got even sKetchup files from some of them which were supposedly making errors etc.. and all it needed was a PURGE.. If I was pissed off and there was a time to spend I would pretend it took me a half day..
    Try to do what BenGuler said.. I don't know how far You can push the clean up things in revit.. never have used it, but from my experience there is a big chance that some of the architects that You get the files from have no idea what so ever. So maybe a few tips given to the guys will help You enough. And it is definitely easier to do clean up in native program then after exporting..

    Exporters, importers are last resort.. They become way to common.. They suppose to only bring a "mesh" in a reasonably accurate manner.. The workability between sketchup and 3ds Max or blender.. wil never follow..

    I was doing myself many different things.. .obj to skp , fbx to skp, dwg, dxf , blend, 3ds .kmz.. It always takes me a few tries.. And it is a mess. And if I get a file in dwg which I happen to have an autocad.. I definitely spend some time cleaning it first in autocad before importing to sKetchup..

    some objects and materials needewd to be redone - for instance the enscape refrigerator model simply disappeared in the render

    For me it helps to go inside the component and then back.. sometimes deleting and undoing it afterwards.. With materials it is more problematic usually.. I guess ENS needs sometimes to be poked to be reminded of some work to be done.. usually it was happening between changes of ENS version but can not guarantee.

    Tomasz Drgas

    And I kinda don't have any other choice than Enscape 3.3, as of right now, I'm using Sketchup Pro 2022:(

    You should be able to download earlier sKetchup and it should work on Your licence.. for me it just sometimes requires login once more.. I had to work on 2021 for some time when 2022 was not supported yet..

    I guess You can go even all the way down to 2019?

    and then You could try it with some ENS before 3,3,0

    I just made simple maps so I could see clearly if that works..

    I think it is obvious it works.. I did it in gimp.. added layer mask (alfa) to Normal map.. saved in PNG

    Sorry but on the bricks was a bit hard for me to notice if it actually does the work..