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    So far adjustable assets work great but I have a problem with this one armchair 054.

    I can place it in through sKetchup or ENS window. I can use it fine in any non adjustable way. But when I go to ENS window and select it there and click the adjust little icon I got a message in red.. No other asset does it to me so far. On friends PC it worked and I adjusted colour but on clicking 'Apply and exit' sKetchup crashed.. Maybe accidental .. I didn't try it again not to annoy him too much..

    On My PC I can not adjust colour but I can choose the second option of this chair. Then If I "Apply changes" chair will disappear from render, but not from sKetchup.

    I tried but every path except albedo which is nativly saved in sKetchup is lost.. So if You want to share it You will need every map for Bump and Roughness as well as ies profiles. With my colleague from work I did a trick cos I copied my texture folders to his PC so all the paths are the same.. but he rarely renders so we do not have to updates it almost at all.. If You want to share it with somebody for modelling best would be to copy every needed file in some local directory and zip it together. Though either You or the other person will have to redirect the paths..

    If You want the other person to view it only You could use executable..
    I requested for ENScape some long time ago at least for the function that Renderer would look in local directory (folder in which Your sKetchup file is) if it could not find file in specified path. This way You could save all needed textures and IESes in one folder and all would be reconnected automatically.. But I am guessing this feature got little attention, though it is one extra line of code.. Ye I just checked.. not implemented.

    What do You want to do when materials have the same name? Copy in the model and replace? Without being overwritten by not set up material? Change name.. If the native sKetchup settings of both materials are the same sKetchup will not import copied material, it will assign the one it already has. So I don't give specific names at the beginning or use a snippet to change names of materials before copying ENS materials..

    mod = Sketchup.active_model # Open model
    materials = mod.materials
    materials.each do |mater| = ('_temp_' + mater.display_name)

    Just past into Ruby Consol.. Then I use Material Replacer plugin. But Mostly I just copy materials at the beginning as I need them.. I guess You however talk about case when somebody without ENScape models and then passes to You for render?

    But now this begs the question, what's the point or correct use of 'auto exposure'?

    To me it is mostly convenience setting.. Works very well in outside views which is my majority. As well works well if You want to use one settings for many different time views and angles. We used to think that whole day is the same bright gets a bit dark in the twilight and them is dark.. There is a whole spectrum. without auto-expose if You adjust your shadow settings then You will have to change your expose settings too. Aspecially evening conditions where even 1 minute difference makes it visibly darker or brighter. Even rotating view from brighter to darker side of building will make it look over exposed on manual setting..
    So I usually leave it on, absolutely on when I am still on adjusting my views.. and change to manual if something doesn't work out. Similar with auto-contrast though this one is by default off.

    Usually need to go too manual only on interior and night views.

    ryanfernie I missed that arrow at first too.. But except that.. There is something You are not talking about.
    Cos I thought You did all the 4 points I mentioned. At least Your post suggested You did "but it is still buggy"..

    and I don't know what does the discovery of this little arrow in UI changes.. I mean You have said that all of Your views are with 55 FOV and that manual render does it correctly, which would mean that Visual Settings FOV was correct so doesn't matter if You linked this settings to the view or not Batch would go to the correct VS anyways.. Cos You couldn't create different setting if You didn't know about this little arrow on the left of the UI.
    The only explanation I can think of is that You were working on file created by somebody else. That person created many settings but did not link them. only then there could be a difference between single render and Batch. But That would mean You haven't done the point 3


    3. Of course when You create your views (scenes) link your presets, to every single view.

    Which You could do even if You didn't know how to go to the custom presets UI.

    If somebody gives You an instruction which You don't know how to do, ask for more precision, don't pretend You did it. It is my time but Your problem to be solved.
    Unless of course You have some better explanation.

    What do You mean it "doesn't render the full view"? Size of the view is defined in the Visual Presets. If it is different in proportions than Your sKetchup model area then it will render differently..



    But still it would render the same with and without batch.. unless You render with Synchronize View which I wrote in point 1. not to.. Wasn't it explicit enough?

    Even if You use the same 55deg FOV everywhere You still need a preset with correct FOV for batch render.. I mean preset that would work on single render with Synchronized View turned off.


    ENScape is using horizontal FOV opposite to sKetchup using vertical FOV so usually for wild screen you will have top and bottom cut or added..

    Turn on Render Area to see only the part of view which will be rendered..

    1. About Video presets.

    - Don't use auto focus. If You really want to use depth of field make separate presets for each different distant.

    - Batch render doesn't use synchronized view, so be sure to have separate presets for each view with different FOV.

    2. Best would be if You set your views in ENScape preview window. Batch will render as You see it in Enscape not in sKetchup. You can get good results working from sKetchup but it is a bit more confusing.

    3. Of course when You create your views (scenes) link your presets, to every single view.

    If the view is not linked Batch will go for the preset which was selected in the moment of starting the batch render. If You have one basic preset which You use for most of views and just need a few other for couple of views You could not link views which use that basic preset, but than if You forget to choose this preset before starting batch render, You will have to start again.. Done it few times to the point of deciding to just link all.

    4. Use Your default sKetchup scene settings.. I mean each scene remembers tags visibility, hidden geometry, etc. Like with visual presets, batch will go for the tags visible before batch started if they are not saved in the scene.

    5.. difficult to go to 10 pointses.

    Try this.. If You still have problems (I had a lot, honestly I don't know why now it seems so simple), I may add a few points..

    If we have already editable assets it would be very nice to have an option for light on and off in case of lamps.. cars maybe too..

    I made this one look like turned on..

    next one was more difficult

    And with this one I gave up

    As I am on the wish list maybe colour of the light too.. that wouldn't be difficult.. Maybe some brightness adjustment..

    It is quite normal for shadows to stay.. for a few seconds, depending on how big is the model.. Does clicking on Start ENScape button refresh shadows.. You don't have to close the render window.. If it is already open "Start ENScape" works like reload.. It is not ideal to reload after every change of view but might help till tech team will help better..

    Do You have enough memory?

    Well, You still didn't give the screen shot from Your's material settings. So I'll be again guessing..
    To clarify .. is the material in sKetchup the same in the sense that it is the same or it looks exactly same in sKetchup but it is actually different material.. I somehow was thinking the second but now I think the first.. anyways..
    is maybe Your specular up to 100.. any different than 50?

    no color or texture

    The material on left does have a colour and it is not white.. Hue seems wright. The material on right seems to have no texture either (if the lines were made with bump)

    You can argue that the light does affect the material

    There is no argue.. it certainly does. Unless Your roughness is 100% pure white.

    Other thing that I can think of is that maybe somehow Your material on the left side got scaled up when You were positioning it.. then it will be all between seems with low roughness or high specular........

    again.. You didn't show any bit of Your material settings..

    So I will be guessing and You will say.. OHH that one as well no.. this one too..

    Other thing.. If You not sure about sky influencing the look go to visual presets and as You rotate the sky see how much it affects Your wall..

    as well MAYBE.. are You sure material is on its front side and what is on the back side.. usually ENS have no problem with that but back side sometimes is a problem if You apply png with alfa (or mask) or on the back of glass is brick...

    again. I have no idea what your model or settings are..

    You can upload Your sKetchup with any needed maps that You used.. I can see.. delete all that is not needed.. make it small..

    Just save two paths in two separate files.. not everything has to be that automated ;-D
    seriously.. yesterday I couldn't send a parcel cos at the post office they have everything automated .. just temporarily they lost connection with the server and it couldn't auto-fill the city name from typed-in post code.. So it wouldn't go to registering my parcel.. I could not pay for it.. even though the price was there on the screen..

    So pretty much the same thing like with butch render. If You choose view manually via ENScape all changes will be applied.. but if You buch render only things that are saved in ENS view (vs SK scene) will be updated.. so basically cameras position, visual settings and Sun position.. I guess it is due to ENScape is suppose to work with many different cad programs not only SK.

    I guess You can regard VR as one extra ENScape render window on an extra screen.? looks like that to me from what You both wrote..

    I didn't know what is dichroic glass till now.. I don't know any way to make some glass material having different colour in different times of the day or lightning conditions..

    If You mean something like 'The Museum at Prairiefire'..

    It is in the end a biased Renderer.

    You can make a few different materials.. make Your glass window a group.. put it on a layer apply one glass material.. copy group.. change layer and material.. You can switch between different versions of glass by layers..

    You should give some image of material settings.. or at least names.. I am guessing it is a naming issue.. Enscape tries to be helpful so first time You start some model in Render window some specific key words in the name of material get some specific settings in material editor. If You have named the material xxx-marble--xx it will get quite a reflection.. simillar with "glazing" or "ceramic" or "Polished". There is a lot to adjust in ENScape material editor.. Materials can look very different flat in sKetchup and rendered.

    There is an article about materials in Knowledgebase.. Scroll down to the very end to see about the keywords..

    No! not all people need to hold a cell phone

    Well it probably depends on where You live and are.. when I go to bus, subway 8¬9 of 10 with phone.. in the cafe it is less but I still would say over half.. So Ye.. not everybody needs to have a phone, but unfortunately it looks like they keep a right proportions.;)

    yes, she is somehow the only sitting asset person which is "usable" for this purpose…tachment/37805-wheel-jpg/

    Ooo.. I was thinking that You have some light sources (invisible) set up. I didn't play around enough to notice that Your material is selfluminant .. In this case I should be able to adjust well enough.. great.


    as I had actually some simple light set in those rooms I can actually change the material to default.. or not use my light and go down to 10 cd/m2

    My rooms are basically white walls so they look a bit brighter but this variance is good.. I understand that Your idea was not only to make a room, but as well that people do not have to bother with adding their own lights. Still making it 10 000 cd/m2 is like making it shined by full daylight.. good if You want to be able to see inside of the room from outside at noon.. but very unrealistic.. In full daylight windows are basically dark surfaces with some reflections..


    solution You have chosen gives an option and that's great.. and one slider for all is a good idea..

    hay there @jiminy-billy-bob

    I just tried room box.. as grate as it is.. there has to be some BUT. Are You sure about the amount of light that You use to light this rooms.. I just tried one..Free bedroom .. and it gets way over 2000 lux-es.. As I have every other light in my model set up to have about realistic values, Your rooms are .. a shiny ones.. It is not entirely impossible to have 2000~4000 lux in Your bedroom and I am self learned not professional lightning expert but it is way more than I would expect..


    I more less stay with this values

    Illuminance - Recommended Light Level (