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    In My case I would have to add new extra 34 scenes and one extra visual preset to run Batch render once..

    Or edit 15 scene tags visibility and add extra visual preset to run it three times... and then Oops.. happened.. You can not actually leave the scene without tags visibility remembered. You can but it will do the same like with views not linked to visual preset. If You render manually it will just work like in sKetchup. if You do batch render for every scene which has no tags visibility saved it will return to setting from before the batch started.

    So if You intend to run the batch render best is to commit to it from the moment of adding the first scene. There is pretty many things that must be done differently. You really have to treat ENScape as Your main program not a support program if You want to succeed. When it comes to capturing views.. forget to do any of this in sKetchup.


    as well .. remember that ENS is running batch in its own alphabetical order and NOT as scenes are arranged in sKetchup scene tabs.

    I tried not to link visual presets to all views as I was using the same preset for many elevations. So I started batch with elevation preset so it would go to that preset on every not linked elevation view. and then I had a bird eye view with linked preset of perspective view. Batch render kept changing it to orthographic, for some reason. It worked correctly only after last elevation view before this perspective view was linked to the same setting it was coming back to anyways.

    So follow the rules, don't go astray to left neither right and You will.. well.. might succeed.


    I just noticed that my 2PP views were changed to perspective.. Batch rendering only scenes linked to visual preset seems to fix that problem. Somehow when you batch render not linked view it can change other linked views.. so link all that you render..

    You can link the presets to sK scenes.

    The grey chain link means that this scene has a visual preset assigned to it.

    I tried a batch render in the past but there are issues with some sort of views.. I don't remember details now but one.. You have to assign presets to all scenes/views. When You render one bye one (like me) I used to assign preset only to first scene in a group of few which needed the same visual settings. ENScape keeps using last selected so I didn't bother assigning to all the scenes (10 or more). With batch render it will go scene bye scene but in case of unassigned settings it will come back to the one that You were using before running batch render, not the last one it was using in batch queue.

    So like jpgfar said.. You have to assign a specific visual preset to every scene which You will batch render..

    - Other thing .. You have to go on with automatic naming..


    It is for overwriting issues and and probably not big deal but I would prefer if there was a way to turn it off or to instead put batch results in new folder..

    - If You using many different FOV (field of view) than You have to decide if You render with Synchronise View on or off. Or so thought I at first.. Synchronisation for whatever reason is disabled on batch render. So if You were using synchronisation (like I mostly do) with many different FOV rendering manually, then before running a batch render You will have to make a unique visual preset for each unique FOV.

    Anyway each 2PP view with unique FOV will require a unique visual preset (even rendered manually) . Generally if You intend to run a batch render the best idea is to create the views in ENS without synchronisation rather then adding scenes in sKetchup. Remembering that FOV is saved per Visual preset rather than per view (per scene in sKetchup). Many things will be easier.

    - If You organise Your drawing with layers.. You have to add a new scene for each layer visibility arrangement. I for example make one site and 2¬3 sometimes 8 alternative of the building. On a different layers. add a scene and then change the layers visibility to get same view of different alternative. When batch rendering You have to create separate scene (but the same view) for each alternative (layer turned on/off).

    You can go around it by not saving the layers visibility in scenes (maybe except first rendered) but then You will have to run batch few times for each layer.. tag on/off.. whatever works for You..

    Other than that.. should work..


    Maybe when linking views in ENScape with Visual Presets be careful not to change the scene in sKetchup. Probably better to do it in synchronise mode. I mean if You were capturing the scene from ENS or with different Visual settings than this which You want to assign (different FOV specifically), then without synchronise mode, after clicking the edit view icon, ENS and sK will go to that scene (this camera position) but ENS will have different FOV. After choosing visual preset and saving the view, FOV of sK scene will be updated to this which ENS visual preset was using.. So synchronise mode on when linking the presets..


    Do not use autofocus in Your presets.. even when it works well on single render, batch manages to screw that up immensely..

    when You "Zoom Extents" is it going Very far away.. I mean are You sure there isn't some line somewhere far from your model? I get that often with dwg imports..

    Save a copy and try as well deleting all materials.. Didn't happen to me with entire model but had one time to big texture to densely packed..

    Does it continue if You explode everything..? (except for assets ).. You can save a copy and just try..

    Here are two scenes from sKetchup. Both the same north direction (0deg) and shadow settings.. (12:00 ...)

    I don't understand why these two scenes behave differently but fixing is quite simple. I changed north angle to something else, then ENS starts to follow correctly and I change back and update scene.. I didn't try to reopen this project but as my memory goes it sometimes keep coming back.. Maybe it is something to do with geolocation since this is the other way to fix it.. If I go to Model Info > Geo-location > Set Manual.. I can change a little (like last digit)and after applying it is fixed will all scenes..

    Thats all I could notice..


    I was cleaning a bit the file to send You and I noticed that turning on shadows in scene and updating have fixed the problem too.. I very often save scenes with correct shadows set but not turned on.. it switches faster between scenes and is in general lighter on the PC.. As files go big it is a noticeable difference. But both of scenes had shadows turned off and one was fallowing and the other not.

    thats the file..


    I was trying to use ENS Asset from Construction category - The green EXIT sign with an arrow.. Unfortunately for me every single direction I needed was opposite way. I can not scale it (mirror it) cos it is a text. Like for example I can do with evacuation sign (running man).

    So I think it would be good if the sign had on the back side as well the same text so I good rotate it if I need opposite direction. Now it is a simple white plate on the back. That would be easier than making another asset for another direction.

    I never used batch render.. so I tried now.. seems good except I've learned that..

    1 - Using one visual setting with focal point set to Auto Focus for several views doesn't work well.. Maybe it doesn't even for one. When I rendered images manually they were in focus but batch render is quite out of focus even though Depth of Field (amount of it) is set to only 10 %.

    Manual render


    I rendered 3 elevations, 2 perspective views, one 2PP view and, plan orthographic. OK I rendered 2PP view with the same settings for Auto Focus and it seemed to work correctly in that case.. So I can not say if it is a problem with Auto Focus or Perspective view. Plus those perspective view were only one which differ in file size considerably (manual vs batch).. I guess because blury images are lighter on jpg.. ?

    2 - When I render manually ENS keeps last used visual setting. I was expecting the same on batch rendering so I linked only my first elevation to its preset.. But in butch it comes back to the same setting (now when I wrote it seems logical). I mean it doesn't leave the last used setting in the batch process, but instead it comes back to the setting currently used in ENS preview window. In my head batch was just a series of snapshots so I was expecting that for not linked view it will just use the previous views setting. I can understand that aim was to treat batch as a whole process and came back in the end to the same setting as it was before batch render started. But in my opinion it would be more consistent behavior if it came back to that setting only after the batch render is done. In between it should keep visual settings until it is specifically assigned new linked setting.. This way batch would behave more similar with manual render. Less confusion on using new function..

    It doesn't look like glitching.. from the image it looks like actual geometry which gives shadows.. You really see it only when You render (export image from ENS window - Screenshot)? Nothing in the ENS Window itself? Or do You mean by "render" Starting ENScape preview window.?

    One guess I can give is that sometimes blocks imported from autocad are very largely scaled or their base point is very far from actual geometry.. or both.. going inside of component, exploding everything in it, setting axes to somewhere in the geometry helps often.. "Scale Definition" plugin helps as well. It resets current scale of component to be the basic scale (not scaled)

    OK.. Material window is actually scaleable but only up. I think resolution of Your screen is the problem.. ENS has windows size defined in pixels (my guess). So when I change my resolution to (something x 960) it is like in your case.. it is just a bit to big with task bar visible and when task bar is hidden import button can be seen... so is Your resolution 1280x960 or something with 960?
    For all those with small screen or low resolution working on laptop.. You can move Material window up.
    Not with mouse though.. Press [left Alt]+[Spacebar] then [M] and then [Arrow Up] to move it above the top line of the screen.. So You can first select Your materials and when You ready to import.. Move the window up and import button should be seen..

    Was sometimes happening.. before upgrading the PC.. Don't know what was the issue exactly but it seemed kind of random. Sometimes restarting PC was helping.. Working with only sKetchup and ENS turned on.. Without 2 different brawsers, autocad, PhotoShop, Word warking simultaneously, generally seemed better.

    For now I can only say that we do not have plans to implement object animation anytime soon,

    I'm not sure If You have to implement object animation on your side.. I mean waving trees and water is already nice.. Maybe birds could fly around. then people walking.. but that was not my point..

    Sketchup itself doesn't support object animation so no surprise renderer rendering from it doesn't do it. But there are plugins (extensions) like Fredo_Animator that enable it. And like with most renders Fredo himself whould have to make it compatible with ENS but I guess there is a way to make it work from ENS as well. I mean at least TheaRender can render from within the renderer an animation set in Fredo_Animator. I guess You would have to just read his script (objects and camera positions, time..) and render animation based on that..

    That of course solves the problem only for sKetchup and only for Fredo_Animator but that would be pretty simple.. adding one button in video editor "Render from FREDO"


    Or more general "Render from Animator", "Render External".. whatever sounds good and then a list of slowly expanding possibilities..

    Image that You showed.. Where is the lady with the bag in ENS window gone..? She is next to the circles in sKetchup but not in ENS. are You sure Your camera is showing the same geometry in both windows?

    Can You show material settings of those which You have applied to those circles.. Are You sure You didn't give any luminance to it.? You have not standard sky settings? Some HDRI ? if it is a dark image (not every HDRI out there is correctly made) renderer can try to brighten it so much everything else will be just shining white..

    But my guess is that You just applied a basic sKetchup materials to it and didn't adjust any settings in ENS material editor. The basic sKetchup texture goes to ALBEDO which is to bright. I usually darken it to 75 percent if I don't have to use a specific PBR textures. in sKetchup window it look like You have some transparent material on the top circle.. straight from sKetchup it will have some 50% transmittance which will make it look pretty white on this angle anyways..

    So are You knew to ENScape or generally new to rendering.?

    There is many things that can be set wrong. simply saying.. "I have problem" giving confusing image.. and asking "how to fix it".. is not always going to work.

    If You knew to ENS just have a look at knowledgebase. Someone may help You with this problem, but judging from fact that You had a problem straight on turning on ENS and applying first material.. You will need that knowledge from knowledgebase..

    For that I have to auto exposure.. I did video going from noon to night and it worked well.. should manage going from outside to inside.. its only from 10000

    to bit above 100 lux.. our eye does it so effortlessly that most of people do not realise how big difference actually it is.. that's why You need to save separate visual presets for each scene with different time of day (shadow settings)..

    Anyways - auto exposure.

    not on topic but haven't wrote for a while.. and all 6 unread posts in sKetchup category had an "Error" word in topic. Is there something worrying going on?

    Is your goal to fix the problem or to bother me? My question is pretty clear.

    To me it wasn't clear. You haven't given any specifics (Versions of sK and ENS at least). and it is always the first thing from a support team to ask for feedback..
    To me it looks like Your internet is dead slow..

    Paul Russam So it looks like I was to optimistic after all.. For me improvement over 3.4.0 is clear though, and the file which I was doing (not so big 115MB) for me crushed only after I tried to render Night scene Stereo Panorama with lots of lights on High quality.. Which I would rather say is standard for my PC not to manage. But I know where to go if I will get to much troubles.. 3.3.2 is the place ..

    Could you try if deleting the following folder resolves this issue (as the data will be downloaded again):


    Like I said for me after updating to 3.4.1, File loads and I haven't got issues so far today.. If something happens I will try.. And my colleague on other PC working on 3.3.1 as well no issues.. Afternoon I will try to test it more extensively and will do some heavy renders