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    Had simillar issue some time ago.. issue was for me that the file was too big.. to many trees and ENS stopped calculating shadows for some part of trees.. For me hiding everything that was not in the field of view helped..

    You can see that in second image trees far back (top left) have no shadows and appear brighter

    maybe it was on the back side.. I noticed that when You have a png texture on both sides but they are not aligned the front side will look correct but the back side's transparent areas will be obstructed by front side.. same with any transparent material.. If You have a glass on front side and brick on back side then glass looks correct.. If You put glass on the back and brick on front then from back side You will see a brick shining through your glass. I thought it is known issue.. Some renders don't care much about front and backsides.. some do.. in general better to keep it consistent..

    So in most simple scenario which I managed to recreate.. If You create a group, go inside and create an Enscape Object in it. Go out move the group with EO so it is transformed a bit. Go in it, pick EO (I actually tried it only with spot light), Open ENSCAPE OBJECTS from toolbar, change Luminous Intensity by using Set Value, press enter and click X to close ENSCAPE OBJECTS window (or You can press Esc) and press Esc to go out from the group (so can be Esc twice) .. vu a la

    Seems like the Set Value is the trouble maker.. nothing happens if You use slider to change Luminous Intensity..

    Sketchup 22.0.354 on Windows 11, ENS 3.3.1 + 75071

    Escape ENS

    Enscape is OK if you don't use any mirrors or reflective materials.

    Seems like a big issue for a "Realistic renderer."

    Biased renders are by definition not realistic.. I know What developers write on page but to me main advantage in ENS is speed.. You are able to Sit with client and walk him through the house.. Most of People wouldnt notice anything odd in the reflections.. Most of our clients are troubled with the fact that colour of the bilding is slightly different when rendering elevation around noon time and evening scene.. I know ENS is hard when You want to have absolute control.. But there is plenty of professionals who don't need it.

    Long time I was thinking it might be something to do with the fact that our office licence is for a different email (person) than mine. But that is not an issue with the forum. Is it with the Anyways.. I was busy enough not to do many other extra activities during this period of time .. it is not like I was actually trying to log in every hour or so.. a few times maybe..

    For last two months I was out of ENS Forum cos whenever I tried to login it was showing me "Your session had expired, please try again". It took me a while to try another browser (for sKetchup and ENS and Textures I have dedicated Edge). Turned out there was no problem Chrome.. I didn't tried others.. I know Edge is not the most shiny of all surfing equipment, just letting You know that I had an issue. Is it known one? I didn't check if there is an update for Edge.. and till two months ago or so everything was working fine.

    I have put a person asset inside a face me component so I wouldn't have to rotate and Use few of them to make all four elevations.. unfortunately I was unable to make it appear in ENS Preview window.. I know the very good point of 3D modeled tree or person is that it can be looked at from every angle but still just letting know the issue.. Cos useful or not, it is a difference in display in sKetchup and ENS.. Any asset inside another component disappears from ENS Preview as soon as You add to it 'always face camera' property..

    I placed a pink area light under it to make it look like light was passing through to the floor

    It is difficult to render realistically when Your translucent material gives no shade or shadow at all.. (even when it is 99% opaque). I never thought to give some light behind it, good idea.. Though I guess the table was deliberately placed in shadow..?

    I have always problem to set some good material for polycarbonate panels.. they definitely give shadow and are translucent..

    So far best result with frosted glass..

    I don't really know what do You mean by "active folder" or keeping materials loaded in the folder... I used to create my own sKetchup library with materials I use often.. Maybe that will be more efficient for You.. sKetchup material remembers ENS settings when saved to library so You can make Your own sKetchup materials library preset for ENS.. I was doing that even before they added their own ENScape Material Library. It did not always worked fine with Tint Color set to anything different but white but actually I never need it (I was using it in my beginnings with ENS cos everything looked to bright in top plan view.. - I found very late that You can darken ALBEDO)

    I use windows 10.. system is in English but I added Polish and Korean in language preferences.. I switch between those quite often.. I noticed that when entering values like ""0.5" from numpad makes problem for ENS when I am in polish mode.. it treats it as comma not as a dot.. I think officially coma separates thousands and millions and dot is proper for fraction part but do You need that in ENS? You could treat both as fractional separation..


    I was testing a bit... actually it is the same behavior in sKetchup so maybe ENS inherits it as a plugin.. Maybe some other language users have similar inconvenience or it is only polish keyboard.. (or Windows) Not big thing but it is actually far from numpad to the 'dot' key..

    I was rendering a little something which is almost completely see-through. Windows make me troubled on elevation render for few reasons..

    Tint colour is usually showing more on Elevation view because of the White background I guess..

    You can see it is slightly green but...

    Here it is really green.. I can adjust the colour when rendering the elevation but I would like to do it without editing material.. between different views

    And sometimes it is difficult to see that there is any glass when I use a single face to model my window..

    Adding a white plane behind the building helps make it more visible but even the brightest emitting material will not make it look white so I have to cat that plane to building shape or maybe make it a sky background image instead.. Let say I want white.. Strangely more than four sheets of glass make no difference.. so if You have two glasses behind or one or three it will look very, verry different.. (You can add an extra 0% opacity face in front to reduse the colour .. cos only 4 first will make effect..)

    plus it is sort of difficult to get any reflection in parallel mode from surface that You look at at 90deg. I think this luck of reflections make it look so much not like glass..

    I understand that it is normal that material looks bit different when You have some environment and when it is basically all white.. plus elevation view is good technically but generally naturally fake view..

    so has any one got some good (and easy) way to make look window on Elevation render look like a glass window..

    I never noticed it before so I am not sure if it is a new ENS bag or intention.. or maybe always was like that..
    If I add a roughness map to material it works as supposed.. Black = no roughness. if I add Transparency it switches to opposite? So any glass I need to make inverse .. If I remove Transparency it works normal again..
    I thought it might be my file.. but tested it in completely new one..

    Is it the case that Enscape treats all IES lighting as point lighting? Is there an option for linear IES sources?

    I didn't know there are linear IES files.. I am not sure if they support asymmetric one cos me myself I didn't use it.. For me biggest problem is connecting Lamp model with IES light.. Cos the model makes shadows.. sometimes it bothers me.. If it is my model I can give the material a bit of transparency which will kill the shadows.. If it is an ENScape asset nothing I can do.. Maybe it would be good idea to have some radius value which would indicate where from to start casting shadows..
    Sounds actually like I make a problem about light source casting shadows.. hmm..

    Maybe it would be a good idea if I can select few tabs in the same time, if all other don't disappear after picking one.. Maybe I want to look for bushes and shrubs in the same time.. cos they quite similar and not sure which I prefer..

    And about Search.. If I choose tag flowers (the first asset is California Sunflower described as - bush of yellow flowers) and then write in the search Yellow.. results are 0.. Maybe You could search through the description too.. not only assets names..

    Maybe You could just load thumbnails.. Asset can be fully downloaded after being chosen.. And verification of assets can be done maybe by some internal "last updated" parameter.. You don't have to check all assets just time when it was downloaded.. everytime You add something change the date.. if its different make proper validation..