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    Maybe it would be a good idea if I can select few tabs in the same time, if all other don't disappear after picking one.. Maybe I want to look for bushes and shrubs in the same time.. cos they quite similar and not sure which I prefer..

    And about Search.. If I choose tag flowers (the first asset is California Sunflower described as - bush of yellow flowers) and then write in the search Yellow.. results are 0.. Maybe You could search through the description too.. not only assets names..

    Maybe You could just load thumbnails.. Asset can be fully downloaded after being chosen.. And verification of assets can be done maybe by some internal "last updated" parameter.. You don't have to check all assets just time when it was downloaded.. everytime You add something change the date.. if its different make proper validation..

    I have not tried it myself, but considering several other rendering engines (like V-Ray and Thea) support it flawlessly, I'm guessing it is possible to derive the shift and zoom from all the available data.

    Unfortunately I don't use Thea or V-Ray. not that much to try 2PP.. I think V-Ray was just fallowing the sKetchup view.. With those two methods You mentioned it is possible to derive the shift and zoom from all the available data. Setting it in sKetchup is problem. Navigating in plugins window and setting 2PP from there and making sKetchup follow it, should be the problem.. V-Ray and Thea can do that?

    jiminy-billy-bob I didn't look inside the methods cos I am not an API guru.. I know a bit of ruby and even can write a little plugin but not a master..

    About support I was told by Eneroth who made the plugin ene_camMemory which I use.. She said her plugin doesn't support 2PP because API doen't support it.. I assumed they don't have either getter or setter methods..

    Ye this methods do give You the Shift and Zoom which in case of 2PP camera important..
    But there are no setter methods as I checked now.. ENS would need both to work properly.. But it looks like they don't even read the values to make ENS view much sKetchup sceen in 2PP... ??

    I had sometimes problems when I was painting a group not faces inside, Mapping in sKetchup and in ENS looked different.. But from what You say Your mapping looks the same in both until You "increase reflection".. How ? only reducing Roughness or adding Rouhness map? Is floor face directly painted or its grouped? Is it even one flat face or is it divided..

    Give us SketchUp 2pt camera matching!!! PLEASE!!!

    I'm afraid its not gonna happen.. I was interested in the topic and found out that Zoom and Shift for 2PP is not accessible in sKetchup's API .. Meaning no extension (ENS being one of them) can properly manage it.. So unless Trimble will add to sKetchup API some methods to manipulate Zoom and Shift in 2PP there is nothing that can be done.

    and mine is an even older Sandy Bridge CPU (2600K), so I suspect it might have something to do with that.

    My video card is an RTX 2070 and I am using Skethcup 2018.

    Makes my sad when You call it "old". I got upgraded to RTX 2070 Super just 2 months ago.. though sK-2021

    As I've red in

    Enscape Leverages NVIDIA DLSS for Improved Performance and Quality (

    "NVIDIA DLSS is a hardware-accelerated feature using the GPUs tensor cores, only found in modern graphics cards, such as the RTX 20- and 30-series"

    But in my options for ENScape DLSS is grayed out

    Are there some more requirements to use DLSS.. I will try to update drivers.. but its barely 2 months since I did last time..

    Other thing .. I was thinking Ray-Traced Sun Shadows will make possible soft shades form semitransparent glasses.. Still it doesn't give any shadow.. Only way to do it is to use png mask.. like some of the glasses in material library.. The issue with this is that You can not use outlines. It makes png masked textures look black..

    Maybe there should be option next to outlines:

    - Outlines from mask

    Mads Thats why I wrote "unknown reason".. On my PC I was noticing that I had that problem.. and changing Disp Map from png to jpg was solving it.. It could be that it was an old PC or sKetchup.. I got updated recently and .. actually I have time now.. and upgraded for ENS 3.1 too...

    So I guess it was an old software / hardware issue.. Sometimes it is hard to follow updates, and I stick to workarounds which I found.. Its good they improving but annoying too in moments.. Finding every day that staff You havent red yet..

    Demian Gutberlet Is there a way to Copy Paste it? (with all attached files ) Or I should write it again..

    I was thinking about "Tip, Tricks..." thread but I thought it is more general and I was writing about sKetchup..
    Looking at it now,. there is many threads dedicated to specific cads..

    mykdav In sKetchup You can add any folder with materials.. On right from materials drop down menu click "Add Collection To Favorites..." It will appear on the bottom of drop down menu after separator..

    Just unzip all 3 of "Grass lib" into one folder for convenience.

    Or You Can copy paste from .skp file..

    How to tweak ? hm.. Go to sKetchup material Editor and ENS material editor.. and play around..

    I know Grass in ENS is rather automatic.. but here are some I made.. I make small changes from project to project but those are nice base.. Specially if somebody starts now..
    I attach some images, My Library of .skm materials.. and .skp 2016 file.. Library was saved in 2021 so not sure if everybody can read it..

    Most materials are Doubled cos Not always I need a render .. most of times we need simple sketchy images in pastel colours.. So I made some materials Which in sKetchup look pastel but quite realistic in render..


    material library 1 2 3 (separated cos of file size limit)




    some images

    For a reason not known to me I noticed Disp doesn't work with PNG files no mater if they have an Alfa channel or not.. Disp map should not have any Alfa Channel but there is no problem to treat alfa component as no data part and assign White - meaning no Displacement.

    A main issue with the default timing on keyframing though is that loong distances ar soooo slow and small steps too fast. Unless you place keys on equal distances you will get wildly different speeds with small and big distances between keys requireing post editing of the time stamps.

    My experience with ENS is quite opposite. If I add keyframes without setting a time stamp ENS is doing very well with keeping constant speed.. Differences can be relative to Your position in model. When viewing from a far (everything seems slow) and from up close (all seems fast even though both speeds are same).. Use time stamps where You want to change the speed only..

    You do know that You have started this thread in Sketchup part of Forum? I can sort of understand what You mean but it doesn't sound like the same sKetchup with the same ENS as mine..

    1. In sKetchup You can "Save as..." (its not called an external model) only Components.. I never heard anybody calling it a proxy till now..

    2. "Linked Model button in Enscape" ??? Do You mean Asset Library? creating Your own assets? I don't know where is that button..

    I think ENScape tries to keep speed on similar level.. so if You add some key frames it extends the time stamps.. Was frustrating to me at first (Cos I know different setup for video editing) but I learned to work with it..
    Add key frames to make Your path..

    Set up Total Duration..
    Give time stamp only where needed.. Where You want to speed up or slow down.. Don't overuse it..

    I can even Say the way it works is very helpful cos You don't have to readjust every single frame if You decide late that You would like a bit slower video..
    Some mark on timeline indicating where exactly we are when previewing.. helpful.. I sometimes get lost about which frame I have to edit..
    Being able to move key frames in the timeline would be good.. I guess it is not done because it breaks a steady velocity between neighboring frames..
    I like the way ENScape readjusts every frame, I learned to use it to my aid .. Maybe except the last frame.. Total Time when set up It should stay.. Change rather the speed if new frames are added and let user decide if it is to fast.. He can make Total time longer..