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    I Can not really understand What do You mean.. It sounds like You are saving some component in the model to another file and edit it separately. But You call it proxy.. Importing files is not proxy.. Proxy is some simpler geometry object that keeps transformations of original component but allows to use less memory..
    I have sometimes issues with editing some geometry and than it being not updated.. especially glued components.. not grouped geometry..
    I noticed deleting geometry which makes problems and then undo it helps in most cases.. but bigger files make bigger problems that's true.. Changing scene usually refreshes things nicely..

    troyhome This will not work if You Zoom or Pan in s-Ketchup after Point-4. And it probably never will.. The reason is That as it is possible inside of s-Ketchup the API doesn't support it.. There is no way for an external Plugin to know what the current values of Zoom and Pan in 2PP are, neither to set them up.. So until s-Ketchup will add it to API there is nothing ENS people can do.

    My way is to:

    1 capture the view in Enscape in 2PP - You will get perspective view in Sketchup but it will allow You to come back to exactly the same 2PP in ENS

    --!!!-- Remember the FOV which You have in ENS (it is Exactly the same like zoom in 2PP in s-ketchup)

    2 Export an image from enscape with capture size of sketchup window size.. or same ratio (it is not necessary with the ratio but what for extra space which you will cut of in photoshop..)

    3 use image to create a new style in sketchup withoverlay image on 50% (or so)

    4 go to 2PP in sketchup in the sceen which You added.. You will get view wheech is aligned with this in ENS but panned and zoomed differently.. Use style with overlayed image to align it..

    5 add a second sceen in s-Ketchup..

    6 use first sceen to get view in ENS .. second to get view in sketchup.. (for exporting lines or layers or something) ( !!! remember to use correct FOV in ENS)

    There will be slight (or more) misalignment but acceptable in my experience if You dont go to to wild ratio (more than 9/16) and to wild FOV in ENS (more than 90).

    Orthographic View.. But if You set Views for all 4 sides and will be changing time of day to find nice shadows the colours will look bit different on each image.. (in our office it is not desired.. clients get confused).. so instead of rotating view.. rotate building..You will have the same colours (not physically accurate shadows but usually nobody cares)

    In ENS 3.0 Where do I save Visual Settings presets.. How Can I Load them (though no issue if I can not save first). In View Management I can link to Custom Preset but To what I am linking if I didn't name any.. Is it always linking to current settings? Will it remember what I linked if I change something in Visual Settings. I Could not find this in Preview version I can not find it in official release. (I wrote about it on Forum, this was the reason I stopped using last Preview )

    I Have Version 3.0 of Enscape now and 2PP still is not working, but there is a work around which makes it usable. Good enough for me at least..


    You have capture the view from ENS cos ENS preview window still doesn't react for paning view in sketchup when in 2PP. When You have the view You like Create View in View Management. sKetchup will add a scene in normal perspective which looks close enough to recognize which view You meant.. Now to get the view which You were actually creating... > choose the sceen in sKetchup > turn on Synchronize Views (to get camera in position) > turn it off (so You can change perspective) > go to ENS preview window end select 2PP

    You should get back the view which You were saving (creating) (I didn't test if it is pixel by pixel the same, I didn't resize any windows etc..)

    Whats important! If You have different FOV in different sceens make sure it is the same in ENS Preview window and in scene in sKetchup.. (same of course considering that sKetchup's is Vertical and ENS's horizontal). So it is good to remember which FOV You were using in ENS when Creating View.. You could create Visual Presets and link them to View but I am not sure if particularly FOV is saved there even though it is set up in Visual settings

    No in sKetchup there is no other way than bigger texture, which makes file much larger. If I have more plain pattern like concrete or painted wall I can add bum texture And scale it arbitrary in ENS to by factors which ensure some shift in texture (1.17, 1.21, 1.07). it makes the seems of image less visible. but with brick texture You would rather not want bump to be shifted.. Or maybe from that far doesn't really mater..

    At first I thought that displacement works only vertically...

    But it has different appearance depending on angle of view.. I guess it is some masking process saving memory usage?... I wanted to report a bug (but now I don't think it is one) . I played with it a bit more. and actually it looks so strange only if You push Displacement to extreme, which usually I don't.

    The reason you're not getting the result you're looking for is: water is transparent.

    Is there a way to make water dirty.. ? As far as I was playing around with the settings there is only one kind of clear water.. I can give it a tint with Water Color. Transparency setting from sKEtchup material editor does not effect it.. What if I want to make a dirty water.. Like asian rivers which carry a lot of dust with it (Amazon too). not everything is crystal clear water.. In fact most of what I see isn't.

    I find out very often that textures used for sKetchup are much to bright to look realistic in Render.. I mean those kind of textures like native sKetchup pebbles with very sharp shadowing.. Seems to me ENS render is more set up for PBR materials where Albedo map is quite dark and no shadows on it.. So all kind of shadowed textures will be probably to bright.. It is not big problem if You can adjust it sKetchup material editor.. Unfortunately for me I Have to keep them quite bright because we use plain sKetchup images mostly, sometimes some render (Twilight was working fine with that- appearance of material in render could be quite different than in sKetchup). So I usually make albedo in ENS Material Editor darker significantly,. sometimes I use Image Fade if I have to add some saturation.

    Maybe because I have original textures very bright I have to add a bit Tint Color.. without it reflections seems to be to bright on default white..

    Where do You save a Visual custom presets in 3.0.. it used to be in Visual Settings above all tabs on the left.. I can not find it there.. and not only there


    I like that Cloud Longitude and Latitude increase by 10 when scrolling.. 100 makes a bit big difference.

    in Visual Settings and Renderer Window Settings double click on slider doesn't anymore snap it in default position.. Could be intentional change so I just let You know. Personally liked that feature.

    I just noticed You made a revert arrow icon next to input field.. to make it more obvious I guess.. not everybody would think about double click to be the way of restoring something..

    Is there a dedicated thread for bug and fixes for every new version.. Every time some new comes out I just test again how shadows behave, where are which settings.. does ortho or 2PP works.. You change a lot to be honest.. means You develop a lot but .. It is almost like learning new program every time.. I like sKetchup because I learned it 10 years ago and it is still pretty much the same.. I honestly hate how quick things are changing..

    I'm not sure now if I should make that post..

    Maybe You could add the arrow and keep the double click feature too.. for older users who already fell for it..

    Also as in related posts, it would be nice to be able to toggle whether shadows honor the complete model or the "sliced" view, so plan and section views can remain fairly conceptual rather than representations of "reality"

    Toggle would be actually good.. I thought I would prefer to have shadows only from sectioned part but recently I had a tight view and made cut only so camera wouldn't be behind the wall and was very glad that shadows are still casted from all model. I actually didn't think about that earlier, but it is the same about any light (since they cast shadows..) Cut Your room in half at night and outside still will be dark..

    on ENS 3.0 it still seems not to work.. I didn't even noticed 2PP is in ENS till now.. but though direction of view is OK the panning is ignored or rather strange.. I had synchronization on and panned the view in sKetchup which didn't do any changes in ENS Preview, but when I clicked Create Scene on ENS Toolbar it added it as it was in sketchup not in ENS.. AND when I go in ENS to 2PP and do some LMB and then Create Scene.. It adds it in normal perspective even though both ENS and sketchup are in 2PP..

    Sorry it is not on We transfer but...


    What do I expect is pretty simple.. For ENS Preview window to show the same what I see in sKetchup..

    In sKetchup the opening which is cut by glued component is filled after it is deleted, hidden or layer is turned off.. actually in case of the layer it is not comlitly true.. it works when geometry is in main space but not when it is in some other group or component.. in this case it works like in Enscape. You have to go inside of this group to force it to refresh.. But this is the only case in sKetchup while in ENS it is never refreshed untill you remove and paste again the geometry You wish to update.. (Delete and Ctrl+Z works too).

    When I make some windows as a glued component in sKetchup then If I will erase, hide, or turn off layer on which is that component then the face to which window was glued to stays with the hole in it.. it doesn't update..

    Maybe ENS doesn't update becouse it waits for signal from sketchup to update it .. and in sketchup actually the face doesnt change... it can be something with the observer.. I don't wont to pretend that I am wiser then I am.. I think there was some other cases when geometry was not updating.. usually inside of groups etc.. this is fresh for me so I wrote it.. other cases maybe someone else will add..