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    Enscape is pretty much engrained into our company right now, from start to finish we are designing with Enscape in mind. Now the next level for us as a company is to integrate VR meetings into our process. It would be insane if Enscape had a "Start Server" button and other Enscape users could join in the same model. Literally we don't need any features, just the ability to see the other person and talk to them is an incredibly useful collaborative tool. We haven't been able to find anything that offers this ease of functionality. Iris VR is too expensive, Sentio VR & VR Sketch don't load large enough models and don't look great. This feature would put Enscape on a whole other level . . . in my opinion.

    It looks like you are rendering out a video in the first image - does this happen if you render out a still image as well?

    It does not. Rendering out images works as expected with the light sources, but when rendering a video they turn off. I did some testing and found that by turning off raytracing and switching it to draft video quality the light sources will appear. Obviously not ideal, but its better than not having light sources at all, could it be a GPU issue?

    Yes please, we are a themed entertainment company that utilizes landscaping in all of our designs and laubwerk has the most extensive set of vegetation, but VRay is just not as intuitive to use. Love the asset library, but its still early on in development, even having some of the features like switching tree types from full grown to young, or different variations, etc would be lovely.

    Love Enscape, keep it up!