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    It looks like a light leak, incomplete joint between the flooring and wall. 3dsmax also does this. I recently had an issue on an interior rendering and Micha suggested putting my model in a large enclosed "box". It worked and eliminated my issue. If there is no exterior light reaching this portion of your model you could try that, otherwise the joint between the 2 will need to be examined. It does look almost like a reflection though, you are right.

    Hello! Putting a huge box around the model sorted it out yes, the light spots are gone. However, it is not really a solution for me because I am rendering a video that moves outside and inside the whole time. But at least it is something I could possibly work around if I don't manage to fix it any other way - thank you very much that was really helpful!

    Just for clarification: by "both sides" I mean inside and out rather than front and back.

    The only time I have seen this is when light bounces from the ground plane through an edge where two surfaces meet or the inside face is a different material from the outside face (or even 'default' rather than the face fill). Sometimes the bump on the surface at an edge can do similar or if the edges don't quite touch (a very easy mistake to make when drawing in SU: you think it's snapped to a corner and it's fraction of a mm out.)

    What happens if you set the time to night?

    Yes inside and out is what I mean as well by both sides :)

    If the sun is shining on the other side of the building ( that is East ) the problem goes away. I tried to make an extra element that overlaps the edge where Wall and Floor meet, it looks even stranger - appears to be self illuminated

    How thick are your walls and flooring? Have they the same material on both sides? What is modeled behind the wall and under it? Does the wall actually sit on the floor slab or just touch it's edge? What lighting/sunlight/exposure settings are you using?

    Hi! Walls are 30cm thick, same material on all sides yes. There is the street behind the wall, under it is nothing ( I tried to make a new area under the wall the problem remained ) . No artificial lighting - only sun. Sunlight is standart at 100, tried different settings no change, same with the exposure. The only time the problem goes away is if I set rendering quality to Draft which makes me think it is some kind of strange reflection only there is actually nothing to reflect from :/. Maybe I should try to move the whole model a bit?

    So I was working on a modell in sketchup and turned Enscape to have a look at how the textures come together. Then I realized that on the corner between a wall and a floor these really bright spots have appeared? They weren't there 1 hour ago, I have no lamps or artificial lighting that could point there and the texture I am using is not newly imported into the model ( so it cannot be that ) Any ideas how something like that could happen and how to get rid of it are really welcome!

    Edit: I tried the older version ( before the one from the 23rd of January ) but that did not fix it. I also opened older versions of the model itself, still the same problem. Really strange...

    Edit 2: Robertpolk suggested to put the model in a huge box. That did fix the problem for anyone wondering. I will continue to examine the wall and edit again if I find another solution!

    Dear Enscape team,

    first of all I want to thank you for always being there for us. I have not had an unresolved issue and the software has been constantly immensly improved since I start using it. I am sure we all find the blog posts extremely helpful so I wanted to post an open leter of sort to ask for good practices concerning the new material features in sketchup ( bump map, reflections, transparency and so on and so forth ) . I do make some sort of settings there but it really is just a bit of a random trial and error ?( . Maybe the others feel the same?

    Alexander asking me 3 times if I have the last version does not really help. On my video there is a clear jump when the camera hits the next keyframe. In your video the transition is smooth. We cannot charge money if the camera jumps like that obviously. I downloaded the version before the texture bump option and have to piece together the fly through from multiple videos which is really time consuming, especially now when we have the multiple point cameras. The problem is still open and I am hoping to be fixed somehow on next releases.

    Regards, Ivan

    Hello again. I moved the origin point close to my building but the problem persists. I tried different camera speeds, I tried the older and the newer version, different FPS and different qualitity, no difference at all sadly :/ Other suggestions?

    Thank you very much Alexander. I will test it right away and share the result :)

    The strange origin problem must have come from my original import of the 3ds. I draw the project in Vectorworks and then imported and scaled in Sketchup...a stupid thing to do as I found out but it was too late to start again...

    The complex camera path is amazing and really helpful. I do have one problem though and would love some help. I always get this "click" between cameras where the film shifts quickly. Is there any way for this to be avoided?

    Hello fellow Enscape users.

    We are currently designing a high end cars showroom. It is east oriented and despite the high 5m windows I get really dark renders the moment the sun passes 10-11 o`clock. Do you have any tips on the right settings for the interior revit lights, because I get no results what so ever . Thanks!