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    comcasa , thanks a lot for your inquiries - what you've requested has already been partially filed as a feature request to which I'll add your upvote. Leap Motion will not properly work with Enscape at the moment I'm afraid, at least we haven't tried it ourselves yet and cannot offer official support yet. But this wish has been forwarded of course as well.

    Regarding your 2nd point, just to make sure, you're aware that you can also mark any of your views as favorite, and then click on the little "Star icon" in the VR menu at hand? This will bring up the VR presentation mode, but as mentioned, the views you wish to view inside VR have to be marked as favorite via the View selection menu beforehand. McDVOICE

    Let me know if you're already aware of that but would still like to create shortcuts accordingly. :)

    Well, Good Job I find this article is very interesting thanks for sharing the informative post with your experiences.