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    Is anyone else seeing issues with their standalone Enscape models (exe's) from Revit not loading on the Quest2 VR? We are running close to the latest version of Enscape 3.4.x and Revit 2022/23, and both wired (usb-c) and wireless will not load on the Quest2. It starts to load, as in we are seeing a screen in the Quest2 saying that, but never completes. Older EXE Enscape versions 3.3.x still load fine on the Quest2.


    I am attempting to run a RTX 3080 Ti card with Revit/Enscape and it crashes out Enscape and Revit upon launching Enscape. It runs fine in Revit (2021) so far, no crashes, so this only happens about 20 seconds after I launch Enscape. At any rate, I was wanting to know if the new 3080 Ti cards are supported in Enscape yet (latest version)? The Enscape log file says unknow GPU vendor, incompatible graphics card or driver, and OpenGL is not supported by your graphics card, which I assume is what is kicking it out of Enscape.


    Pete Chamberlain - We are experiencing the issue in Revit 2020 at a minimum and we had one user that might have experienced it in 2019 (not positive it was the same issue though). We have not converted any of our projects over to Revit 2021 yet, so no data there yet. It only effects BIM360 projects, and the issue occurs as follows:

    1. Open BIM360 model.
    2. After working in the model for a short period of time, say 10+ minutes, the user syncs to central (BIM360).
    3. The sync successfully completes.
    4. The sync dialog box then disappears.
    5. Revit is then unresponsive to any mouse clicks, but it is not locked up as you can use alt+tab to re-activate the Revit window, then use alt + keyboard shortcuts to do things in Revit such as close it down.
    6. We have not found any way to get Revit to respond again to mouse clicks after this occurs, other than to close it down and re-open Revit, although others in this thread have suggested a few ideas that we have not tried yet.

    We are uncertain yet what the period of time required working in Revit is before the issue can occur, as it appears you can open the model and sync right away and it does not occur, although nothing has really changed in the model at that point. We have seen this issue occur with 3 users so far, all of whom have Enscape 2.8.x installed on their system. If you need more info, let me know.