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    Hi! For the not-so-planar-glass effect I usually use a very very large bump texture, mapped with explicit texture coordinates onto the material itself.

    seeing your lighting and POV conditions, this could be much more visible in your situation than in my examples. Could turn out to be pretty cool!

    Hi Ren!

    I struggled a lot with this kind of material too, and sadly I must say that at the moment there is no easy way to make this in Enscape. It deals with translucency, which is not a concept Enscape is very familiar with (yet).

    I found a pretty decent solution making more layers with different materials, one of which is a cranked frosted glass.

    Hi Wil! You guess right: there are no Enscape materials.

    ALTHOUGH you can set you own skm materials, and they will keep their Enscape settings as long as you render with Enscape obviously.

    To do this, simply set you SU material to render with enscape (via Enscape material panel window), then right-click you SU material and choose Save As..., and save it in whatever location on you PC.

    Through SU material window, you can then specify one or more folders to be marked as "favourites", so you can quickly find them at the bottom of the list of the dropdown menu. If you point to the folder in which you saved you SKM-ENSCAPE material you will easily have a nice populated folder of SU-Esncape mats.

    Hi to the DEVs team!

    I was wondering if it could be possible to add an "attenuation" slider to the light objects, instance-dependent.

    In many cases, altough the power of the light object is set to a minimum value, its rays reach all surfaces around the room, causing weird shadow effects.

    It would be much more realistic if we could adjust (manually) the "falloff dimension" of each light object.

    Does this sound feaseable?

    Thanks in advance!!

    I'm absolutely aware of the amount of additions and workflow optimization the Enscape Team has implemented, and I'm absolutely grateful for this wonderful piece of software which never ceases to amaze me for quality and speed of the output.

    Lots of requests I'm recently seeing here on the forum sound to me like "adjustments": things that don't work as expected, or that worked better in previous versions. But basically things that can more or less easily fixed.

    I must say that at the moment the big big drawbacks Enscape has are:

    1. Difficulties on rendering complex reflections

    2. Difficulties on glasses (shadows, primarily), and transparent/translucent mats in general.

    These two topics are in my opinion actually to implement heavily, since there are ways to approximate the desired effects (or workarounds) but are too long to manage in large projects.

    Personally, I have the need to hear from the developers that they are aware of the issues and they are at least planning to face the fact that their software is mature enough to take these rendering features seriously and not like sort of minor functionalities to deal with on the spot.

    Hi Abdi!

    That is a wonderful image, i'd adjust a little the color balance to a slight colder tone and make the outside a little more overexposed to make an even more realistic look!

    But that's my 2 cents!