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    Actually I absolutely love the sections behaviour like they are now!

    It's useful to see what't inside without losing the perception of the true lighting condition of the indoor spaces.

    Maybe the developers could implement an option to cull or not the geometry behind the plane!

    BTW, I've read in several posts in this forum that most of the issues regarding difficult situations to be rendered are "caused" by the realtime technology, limiting some calculations not to affect the speed (accurate reflections, section cuts,...). I am wondering if a solution could be to export the CURRENT model configuration whenever the user chooses ad additional "photoreal" option (the name is made up by me, substitute with whatever you like): you will have an extra export time time but you would be able to render the scene not realtime, so avoiding the limitations which block you guys.... I'm talking basically for still images, since I don't do videos atm....

    I was thinking to quite the same thing.

    Only thing is that we have to share our folder structure to other colleagues around the world, so it's a little more difficult since we don't access the same network.

    We're thinking of setting all paths to "C:\something" and then - after having actually shared the folder structure - feature a .bat file to copy all the pointed files inside the shared folders to a newly created local "C:\something" folder, and recreate there the folders architecture.

    A bit messy but it kinda works. Hope the enscape guys will release a relative path patch soon!

    I'm sure its possible to make a workaround with symbolic links or something like that, but a possiblity for relative path would be nice.

    Ho 3DMake! I'm sorry to bother but I have the exact issue than you and I'm struggling to find a solution to work with what you call symbolic links. Seems I can't get there though: could you please give me some hints about what you had in mind so I can elaborate the thing?

    At the moment my try has been to batch a relative path generator to create a virtual link to the actual folder (which is on One Drive), but still Enscape doesn't fall for it and won't find the textures..

    Really really thanks!


    I'm moving all of the dynamic components Enscape-ready I've made in local network to a OneDrive folder, so I have to relink all of the proxies/additional textures..

    +1 for allowing relative and absolute paths to the external links..

    Do you guys have any ETA on this topic?

    The developer have added a big numnber of changings since the first versions. I think it is only a matter of time, evidently it's more difficult than we imagine, having graphic presets automatically stored in SketchUp scenes.

    I'd like to add my upvote to this, though, since the current software architecture forces me to workarounds to remind me to manually exchange preset.

    yeah I know... I was a little in a hurry so I couldn't work on it as long as I would have wanted...

    Any of you guys know a good resource for porphyry outdoor flooring textures? I couldn't find any and I used a poor texture....

    You're right :D

    That's where I would have used displacement, since it's sort of a dry stone wall, irregular and everything...

    I tried covering it with ivy but seems like I couldn't ^^

    Also, I see that the reflection of the plant on the right isn't 100% correct, which bothers me a lot but I couldn't fix it....:rolleyes:

    I have a question for the developers: what is the workflow if Iwant to share an external model I made, in a way similar you do with the asset library? Is there a way to do that?

    And what about the workflow for sharing materials using skm materials?

    Hi to all!

    This is the first time I post a work done with Enscape and I'm quite satisfied about it! I've learned a lot from all of the guys of the forum, about how to use this wonderful piece of software.

    I used this work also to test sort of a workflow, since I think that the latest added features allow that.

    Here is the work! Everything is SketchUp+Enscape, the two small patches of grass are scattered with Skatter; no postpro at all, which is a new thing for me.:thumbsup:


    Hi Clemens! thanks, yes I already saw the post you linked me to.

    Problem is that I have already prepared hundreds (literally) of components with additional textures, linked externally. So it would be a real hassle to have to open them one by one and adjust the scaling. Since they were created in a previous version, when additional maps were linked to sketchUp diffuse.

    This fix is actually something I can wait a little, but I need to know you guys will make the things as they were before, otherwise I have to plan several days for the manual fix of the models I have already done..

    Hi! to confirm that in current v.2.7 still doesn't fix the issue of the "texture size" compatibility between diffuse and addition maps.....

    Please fix it! It's really important!

    Hi to the team!

    I have to report an issue regarding textures: usually, the "additional" maps (bump and roughness) should take the same UVs as in the diffuse slot used in sketchup. At the moment, instead, the additional textures are applied a default mapping, so they result disaligned with the diffuse texture. You can correct the alignment by enabling the explicit map transformation and manually input the dimensions of the diffuse texture used in SketchUp but that's clearly a bug that needs to be fixed.

    At your disposal for further information, if needed.