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    ...hmmm...what you say is odd, mostly because you're saying that currently Enscape should behave as I'm expecting, which is actually not happening.

    I'm going to investigate further if I'm doing something wrong! Thanks in the meanwhile for the clarifications!

    I never said I want them to be independent one from another :).

    I just said that the DOF parameter should define an interval between two planes, not a single plane. The higher the number of DOF the wider the gap between the two planes.

    The positioning of the center between the two planes should be either defined by the user, or left "automatic" as an option (as it is now, which is cool). This way we can have an actual control over the objects in and out of focus. :)

    Hi to the DEVs team!

    I found a little thing puzzling: when we now try to set DOF, we have sort of a "plane" going nearer/further; instead, the focal field should be individuated between TWO planes. The greater the DOF value, the wider the distance between the two planes (so, the more objects in focus). At the moment, to me is nearly impossible to control the objects which have to be in focus and those which I want to be out of focus, maybe a little more control over this could be of help to many.

    I'm working on these day with presets and I'd like to add my two cents to the topic.

    1. I confirm that would be VERY useful to store the preset configuration per sketchup scene

    2. At the moment it's not clear what I'm "saving to file" if I try and export the settings: i don't know if I'm exporting ALL presents or only current (I found by trial-error to be only the current, correct me if I'm wrong)

    3. Could be useful to implement the export of ALL settings present in a SU file.

    That's my contribution for now, tahnks!

    Floor is what makes it wonderful.

    Very nice touch! Sometimes there are small details in things which convey a very peculiar sensation, and this is the case. I can feel the cold breeze and a dog barking in the background...

    I also have the same feeling listening to "British wintertime" by Frost*.

    I strongly agree with Andreas about this topic. Enscape is fantastic and it's clear to everybody that it aims to the average user efficiency, where "average user" means all the cases we want a fast feedback on a rather simple project. Frequently, that rather simple project turns into a very complex one, during the next phases, so it's important to include all the objects in the final renders. I think that we can stick to the current settings for the live preview (which make the live preview very fast) but we shoukd be able to include everything we want when we launch the final calculation.