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    I am trying D5 as well. I really like the behaviour of materials, especially mirrors and transparent, but I really enjoy the proxy feature of Enscape, which I don't think it's implemented in D5 at the moment..

    Hi! I'd like to reply to the 2.7 FAQ thread but it seems there's no way to do tha, so I'm creating another thread.

    The new "orthographic render" feature is wonderful and I could use it a lot, but I really think it should be implemented in the form that it's automatically activated when the modeler switches the current view to orthographic. So basically if I set the sketchUp viewport to be orthographic, I get an orthographic Enscape view. :)

    Do you think it could be feasible in short times?

    Hi Demian, sorry for my late reply.

    You know that in sketchup is possible to apply materials to groups/components, but in this case you cannot control the mapping. In these cases there is a special workflow which allows the user to have a nicely mapped material, I call it pre-mapping.


    1. you make a whatsoever group/component which is default white;

    2. if you now apply a textuerd SU material to the group you get a "default" mapping, which rarely is the one you want; undo the operation and restore the default white;

    3. Enter the group/component until you see faces. Apply the material to the faces you want to be mapped, apply the textured material and actually MAP the texture onto the surface(s) with the standard SU tools for mapping;

    4. when you're done, select all the faces you have mapped and open the ENTITY INFO panel;

    5. you will see that the you have a small icon representing the material applied to the faces; click over the thumbnail representing the applied textured SU material and choose the default SU material again; in this way you get your white faces back BUT you don't loose the mapping;

    6. If you now exit the group/component and apply the texture to the group you will get the correct mapping onto the faces you have PREmapped.

    Hope this helps!

    Sure! Here it is!

    first time I encounter this issue. I have to say that I premapped the component for making possible to make a dynamic component option available.

    Don't know if this operation messes up some Enscape settings.

    ...hmmm...what you say is odd, mostly because you're saying that currently Enscape should behave as I'm expecting, which is actually not happening.

    I'm going to investigate further if I'm doing something wrong! Thanks in the meanwhile for the clarifications!

    I never said I want them to be independent one from another :).

    I just said that the DOF parameter should define an interval between two planes, not a single plane. The higher the number of DOF the wider the gap between the two planes.

    The positioning of the center between the two planes should be either defined by the user, or left "automatic" as an option (as it is now, which is cool). This way we can have an actual control over the objects in and out of focus. :)