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    Jorgensen, you have several option to control the output you get with Enscape. Try checking out the options of automatic brightness, automatic contast and automatic exposure: sometimes to get a balanced output Enscape lose something on realism, but you can get it back on track if you do some things manually

    EGIE, I can understand your anger, I'm an architect too so I completely understand.

    That said, I really never encountered any of the issues you're reporting, so something makes me think there's something wrong in your model.

    Could you share it only for testing purpouses? I'm really curious to know if on another machine it could render out somehow differently...

    Hi to the DEVs team!

    I wanted to let you know that, when using the "use viewport ratio", the view automatically changes after the rendering, not matching anymore the sketchup view. It's enough to uncheck-check the option to get the correct view again (but it's annoying).


    Hi Jon!

    As i tried to explain, the reason is mainly for model sharing purposes. If I can link an additional texture to another SU material, I can make the additional texture available to all the user who share that model, since the additional (say bump) texture goes always within that sketchup model.

    If i link the additional texture to a specific path (external to sketchup) that path would probably not be available to all the users I share the model to, and the bump, roughness, reflection maps would get lost.

    I'm basically looking for a solution to embed in a sketchup model ALL the textures, not only albedo.

    Would be interesting if Enscape could somehow store the additional textures in a way, I don't know how. :-)

    Thanks for your answer!

    Hi to the Enscape devs team!

    One simple question: is it somehow possible to "embed" an additional texture to the sketchup file?

    I'm setting up a whole bunch of models which other colleagues will use to model stands, and which will be rendered with the marvelous Enscape.

    So, I'm also setting up all the materials so that when they hit the render button they won't have to fiddle with parameters, but nonetheless get cool renderings. For basic plain materials I have no issues: the albedo map is the sketchup one, I can set image fade and roughness and that's cool. BUT. When I need to simply have a specific bump map (or any other additional maps), I have now to use the same texture as albedo map; the option is also to specify a path, and this is very useful for personal use but not so much working with colleagues who can be anywhere in the world and may need to render.

    So I'm asking if it's possible to tell Enscape to use another SU material's texture as the bump map.

    Or, maybe cooler, if it's possible to have an enscape option to ask the user if he wants the additional texture he just selected to be "embedded" in the file, so that if he shares the model it doesn't get lost.

    Thank you very much!

    Hi guys, I don't know if it's been requested before (I searched trello but didn't find anything).

    I'd like to know if it's been planned to add a "transparent background" option for PNG export (very useful for product viz)

    and if it is planned to give the possibility to "batch render" a bunch of images.

    Thank you in advance!!

    PS. I just convinced my firm to make Enscape the official renderer 8o

    Hi guys! i don't know if it could be of any help BUT I have solved the Indigo issue disabling a OpenGL viewport which is part of the Indigo GUI.

    So I guess this is something related to OpenGL compatibility...

    Hi guys, I finally narrowed down the possible causes.

    I always connect a second monitor to my laptops to have the best possible visibility; well: in this case, this seems to be THE issue. If I disconnect the second monitor I get no freezings nor error messages at all.

    The errors only show up when an application running on one screen throws a second application on the other one. When I launch Enscape (or Indigo or sketchup itself) on the same screen...everyting is fine....

    Any clues? Thank you!!!

    Thanks Demian, you're very kind like always!

    I'll get back home around 8pm: I'll try and send you everything, thanks!

    I want to point out that Enscape doesn't throw any error messages (just freezes) so it doesn't complete a task; I don't know if the related "errors" would be detected by the log....

    I'll try anyway, thanks again!

    Hi to the dev team!

    I'm sorry to bother but I'm encountering issues that I'm not able to fix by myself. I write here, hoping that someone can assist me.

    I recently (monday) purchased a new MSI laptop with the following specs:

    MSI GF63 8RC-215IT, i7-8750H, Nvidia GTX 1050 4 GB GDDR5, DDR IV 16GB. There's also an intel integrated graphic card: UHD 360.

    The machine itself is very good but seems like it won't let me work with it :huh:

    I have issues with SketchUp 2018, Enscape and Indigo Renderer (all applications are regularly licensed). The application will start but freeze right after starting.

    Strangely, I get no errors with Layout and StyleBuilder (programs related to sketchup) v.2018, and even more strangely I get no errors even with SketchUp2017.

    So, I tried Enscape through SketchUp 2017: the program starts the exporting phase, but then freezes at 95%, always.

    Same thig for Indigo Renderer: the scene gets exported but the program freezes right after the export.

    I'm writing about the whole software configuration trying to help you pro guys making hypothesis about the possible causes. Obviously, I'd like to fix the Enscape matter and that's what I'm asking you, but maybe having a more complete view can help fixing the other thins too.

    I have already installed the latest intel and nVidia drivers for both cards.

    Guys...what can I say more? I hope you can help me out......Thanks in advance!!!