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    Hi guys, I don't know if it's been requested before (I searched trello but didn't find anything).

    I'd like to know if it's been planned to add a "transparent background" option for PNG export (very useful for product viz)

    and if it is planned to give the possibility to "batch render" a bunch of images.

    Thank you in advance!!

    PS. I just convinced my firm to make Enscape the official renderer 8o

    Hi guys! i don't know if it could be of any help BUT I have solved the Indigo issue disabling a OpenGL viewport which is part of the Indigo GUI.

    So I guess this is something related to OpenGL compatibility...

    Hi guys, I finally narrowed down the possible causes.

    I always connect a second monitor to my laptops to have the best possible visibility; well: in this case, this seems to be THE issue. If I disconnect the second monitor I get no freezings nor error messages at all.

    The errors only show up when an application running on one screen throws a second application on the other one. When I launch Enscape (or Indigo or sketchup itself) on the same screen...everyting is fine....

    Any clues? Thank you!!!

    Thanks Demian, you're very kind like always!

    I'll get back home around 8pm: I'll try and send you everything, thanks!

    I want to point out that Enscape doesn't throw any error messages (just freezes) so it doesn't complete a task; I don't know if the related "errors" would be detected by the log....

    I'll try anyway, thanks again!

    Hi to the dev team!

    I'm sorry to bother but I'm encountering issues that I'm not able to fix by myself. I write here, hoping that someone can assist me.

    I recently (monday) purchased a new MSI laptop with the following specs:

    MSI GF63 8RC-215IT, i7-8750H, Nvidia GTX 1050 4 GB GDDR5, DDR IV 16GB. There's also an intel integrated graphic card: UHD 360.

    The machine itself is very good but seems like it won't let me work with it :huh:

    I have issues with SketchUp 2018, Enscape and Indigo Renderer (all applications are regularly licensed). The application will start but freeze right after starting.

    Strangely, I get no errors with Layout and StyleBuilder (programs related to sketchup) v.2018, and even more strangely I get no errors even with SketchUp2017.

    So, I tried Enscape through SketchUp 2017: the program starts the exporting phase, but then freezes at 95%, always.

    Same thig for Indigo Renderer: the scene gets exported but the program freezes right after the export.

    I'm writing about the whole software configuration trying to help you pro guys making hypothesis about the possible causes. Obviously, I'd like to fix the Enscape matter and that's what I'm asking you, but maybe having a more complete view can help fixing the other thins too.

    I have already installed the latest intel and nVidia drivers for both cards.

    Guys...what can I say more? I hope you can help me out......Thanks in advance!!!

    Tas! I'ma big big fan of the models you share on the warehouse: they're very complex but at the same time very simple, and I always wanted to see them rendered! I really think that Enscape is the tool which was missing!

    Hi to the Enscape team!

    I think it would be useful to have the possibility to revoke a license from a machine directly from the online panel, so one can operate on his licenses without the need to have access to the machines at the same time.

    Now I must revoke the license I have on my home pc but I'm at work using the notebook. So to use Enscape I must wait til tonight, revoke the license and call it on the notebook.

    Hi Jon! Is there any sort of report of what has been improved in the current preview version?

    With the new website I find much more difficult in general to keep myself up-to-date with the improvement of the preview versions..

    You're doing a wonderful work, in the modeling part too!

    How did you manage to get such bright spots? you simply raised the light value? Did you use Enscape spotlights? and maybe an emitting surface to get the bright spot?

    my experience - if i can say my two cents too - is that mapping entire groups often leads to misunderstanding in future phases, when you eventually want to change material to some sub-objects/sub-faces. It is also misleading the fact that you can see a texture applied but you cannot UVmap it, because this operation is only allowed over faces. That's not an issue, it's only a workflow annoyance, to me.

    Yes, I also apply "materials" to group/components, EXCEPTED all the groups/components which have textures, which are in my experience about the 90% of the models I use ^^

    So basically I agree with Arqui3D: I consider the "group mapping" (so-to-say) an exception to my usual workflow.

    I didn't notice this issue, to tell the truth, but if it's confirmed I hope it can be fixed one way or another.

    You are surely right about this.

    Although, we don't ALWAYS manage huge model luckily ahahah

    By the way, i think we could make this feature selective. I mean that - in case of very complex models - we could work with SU shadows turned off and click a check in the Enscape window "enable sun" and then adjust it at will. But usually link the Sketchup sun to escape's sun. That is my humile opinion.

    it would be wonderful if you guys coudl link the possibility to turn on/off sun shadows in sketchup to the slider of the sun intensity in Enscape, so that if we turn shadows off in SketchUp Enscape automatically sets the sun power to 0.