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    Hi Enscape team,

    I seem to have an issue with self-illuminated materials. I have applied them to large surfaces on the floor and ceiling of a gym for even lighting in addition to light fixtures. When I move around, the surfaces flicker. This is not a z-fighting issue as I have checked for any interference and there is none, the surfaces are far from other surfaces in the z-direction. The problem gets even worse when seeing the ceiling surface from the outside through glass into the room. Once I turn off self-illumination in the enscape materials, this behavior stops. The ceiling surface is quite large but the floor is broken up into several pieces and it happens on both. Are there limitations on self-illuminated surfaces that would cause this? Have you run into this before? I'm using Enscape and Rhino 6.


    Was this thread ever solved? If so, can you share how to fix this? Im having a similar issue with self-illuminated surfaces in Sketchup