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Please note: Should you experience issues with Enscape or your subscription, and in case of any urgent inquiries/questions (e.g. regarding our upcoming licensing changes) please reach out to our dedicated support team via the Help Center or Support button as detailed here.

    Hi Erald, in this case also make sure to please acquire and install Steam + SteamVR which is required to make use of VR in 3.3 while we are working on official compatibility.

    Thanks for the fast reply Demian. For the moment I rolled back to 3.2. In version 3.3 beside VR not working, it is also giving me material issues. The same Rhino file, while opened in 3.3 loses some of the materials, they read white. When I use 3.2 they show up correctly. Looks like the latest Enscape is quite buggy for the time being.
    Unrelated, but if it is helpful to your team or if anyone else has VR lag and performance issue: If someone connects his Quest via Cable in their machines, and they use a USB Type C adapter (not all workstations have the new Type C ports) that adapter drastically worsen VR performance. Meta's link cable is very high speed, high performance to avoid VR lag, but most of adapters sold online are cheap chinese hardware that will ruin your experience by being the bottleneck in data speed transfer.

    Hi Demian, wanted to jump on this thread as with the latest Enscape 3.3 when I launch VR mode keep looking for a headseat (on my quest, i can read the message Loading). When i install the older V3.2, i have no issues.

    I am running on a RTX 3080Ti, so it's not the card for sure. Any help?

    Hi guys,

    I have an issue I cant figure out, maybe someone can help.

    In my main Rhino model, I have inserted as a link only another file (to keep model size low). The linked Rhino model has Enscape materials assigned when I open it as standalone, but in the main host file they are shown as "Custom" materials, losing all the properties, textures and all....

    Anyone has any idea what might be causing this? Or how to fix it?

    Thanks a lot!


    What device will you use for VR mode? if using Quest 2 and Oculus link, might give you trouble at first. Not sure about Radeon cards, but I bought a laptop with the latest generation of Nvidia RTX 30 series and apparently still doesn't meet the minimum specs, which is BS... you can't possibly buy anything better or faster than the RTX 30series.

    Hi all,

    I recently bought a laptop to use Enscape and Quest 2 via Oculus Link cable.

    To my disappointment, despite having the latest generation of Nvidia GPU, RTX3060 and Core i7 10th gen, I get the message "Your computer doesn't meet the updated minimum specifications".

    Anyone please has any suggestions on how to use Enscape in VR mode, using any workaround? Or anyone can suggest a laptop that DOES support Enscape in VR mode?

    Thank you for the reply Demian!

    Such a pity nevertheless...a lot of users have paid for that library and sucks not being able to use it in different software. Makes architects life harder while exchanging files between Revit and Rhino.

    But I see your is business after all.

    Hi guys,

    Today I started to use Avail+Archvision in Revit but to my bitter surprise I saw that Enscape does not support such thing in Rhino.

    Are there any future plans to implement Archvision RPC or any temporary work around to use all those assets?

    Thank you in advance!

    Thanks for your reply Demian,

    Unfortunately what you suggested cannot be done. Not only the process would be very time consuming (putting the plants again manually in Rhino once you already placed them in Revit) but the main problem would be that the RPC library they have in revit is way more extensive than the library that comes with Enscape. They cannot find the right type of plant in Rhino. I think they use additional Archvision RCPs in Revit but I am not sure... Can they bring somehow those RPCs in Rhino?

    I have a workflow question...

    Our landscape architects uses Revit for their design, they have an extended RPC tree library that Enscape for Revit renders just fine.

    If I export that Revit file into Rhino to make design changes, all the revit trees come as "dumb" dwg geometry and Enscape wont render those trees correctly as they are not RPC anymore.

    Is there a way to make Enscape in Rhino "read" the trees coming from Revit? The library is same.... Any ideas or work arounds?