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    Oh thank goodness, I'm not the only one who has this problem.

    Short video paths are almost impossible. Most of my video paths are between 2-8 keyframes. You have to have at least 5 keyframes with all of them timestamped to be able to change even the second keyframe without changing the duration of the clip. In some cases,

    Right now my workaround is if I want a desired length of time between a certain set of keyframes I have to make the clip way longer in duration than it has to be and then speed ramp the rest of the clip in Premiere.

    Timestamps are very broken for me.

    I am actually having trouble with the panorama function as well. Not necessarily the same as Muhd's problem with the buttons not working but after I click render panorama it seems like it gets 10% of the way and then Enscape completely freezes up and crashes.

    Access to both AMD and NVidia GPU's (with the most updated preview and graphics) and they both had issues.

    I have tickets sent to you guys just now, so I'm assuming you will get to them eventually. Just wanted to chime in and say mine wasn't functioning correctly either.

    I currently use a Radeon Pro WX7100 in my work computer. I have had a couple issues in the past with Enscape that Nvidia users haven't had and seem to have another one pop up recently within the last few Preview updates. I don't exactly know what version caused it, as I've mostly been working from home for the past 4 months.

    I have updated all my GPU drivers and uninstalled and reinstalled a few of the latest versions of Enscape. I still get my bug. My home computer has a 1080ti in it, and I've been trying to troubleshoot between the two and I haven't been successful. Everything seems to work on my home computer. No issues with different files, file sizes, versions, etc. So it must be a AMD thing.

    My bug:
    When I'm on my work computer, I go to move the camera position in the Enscape window, the enscape lights seem to de-render. They vanish and my scene goes dark. As soon as I stop moving the window, the lights seem to slowly render back in. I figured it would be just a preview window bug. So I go to export a video and they disappear just like in the preview window. My whole video is dark and the lights never seem to render in.

    I've had a similar type issue with the "rectangle" Enscape lighting object. Where if I have a cabinet that's really tall and lined with shelves, if I were to put a rectangle light that spans the entire height it doesn't seem to "shine" on both sides of the shelves like a tape light would.

    So as a work around, I use the rectangle light and make it as small as possible. A little square. And think of it as a diode in a tape light. Then I just copy it the entire length and group it so the model doesn't get messy. You're still able to adjust brightness easily since they are all the same component.

    Would it be worthwhile to anyone else if the material editor had some sort of little preview window?

    Such as a sphere or cube like you see on various websites that you gather seamless textures from. That way you wouldn't have to open the entire project on enscape you could assign a material to something and tweak it quickly on the material editor and move on. Then when you opened the project in Enscape, you're confident in having the right specular, roughness, bump, etc. on your materials.

    Demian Gutberlet Just a little free time. I tried to bring the actual tools from SketchUp to life. So all the tools up there are a representation of some sort of tool on SketchUp. The metal jack in the middle is actually a representation of the axis and it's colors. Just tried to make them real life :)

    I have a similar issue where a sudden stop of the IES light and a dark rectangle appears when I apply a bump map to the walls for paint. If that helps.

    You will have to save them individually and then load them individually and then render them individually.

    It's been brought up a lot and I believe the Enscape team have it on their agenda for the future to batch render multiple paths and scenes.

    Patiently waiting myself.:)

    Problem has seemed to progress

    Preview version: (2.6.0-preview.6+9936)
    Graphics card drivers for my Radeon Pro WX7100: (19.Q2.1) (also happened on (19.8.1))
    Rendering Quality: (1080p)
    Project Size: didn't matter if it was big or small.
    Path: didn't seem to matter if it was a saved path or a randomly placed path

    Reverting all the way back to the stable version.