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    Just downloaded the new preview and witnessed a color change in my metallic surfaces while rendering. It doesn't show up on the preview when editing the video but when you go to export this happened.

    Newest preview version (2.6.0-preview.2+8095)
    Newest graphics card drivers for my Radeon Pro WX7100 (19.Q2.1)
    Rendering Quality (1080p)
    Project Size 362 KB

    Reverting to a previous version in the meantime. Just thought I'd bring it up.:thumbsup:

    Is there any way we could make a material that we could paint on the inside of objects so that 0 light can go through? Almost like a black hole effect. Once light hits a plane with the material, it absorbs it somehow.

    I know some people get some light bleeding through walls which can usually be fixed by making walls thicker, but working with cabinetry, the boxes are a set thickness. There's no making a box thicker. I was thinking, maybe a material that could be painted on the inside faces of an object that would tell light to not pass through.

    Is this a realistic idea, or something where as Enscape progresses and becomes better and better that this type of thing won't be an issue?

    I have a picture that kind of shows what I'm talking about. The cabinet with a mirror back has an LED strip light channel routed in the top, shining down. But the light sources, being so close to the top of the box, kind on bleed through giving the box on the top a lighter shadow than its counterpart on the left of it.

    First recommendation, don't call them "thingies." ;):D

    I personally like using the HTC Vive. Especially throughout the last few updates to Enscape. Works really smoothly for what we use it for in our presentations. I had some reservations on being able to teach someone, with no VR experience, the Vive's controller in a 30 second sidebar within a presentation but honestly people pick it up really fast. I put on the headset first and kind of show them how moving works. Clients catch on quickly.

    Although, I don't have any experience with other VR headsets, so I don't have any other comparisons to this.

    A neat little work around that I've been doing, as far as post production wise, is creating two sets of lights. One set with a light source and illuminated center; One set with no light source and no illumination.

    Create and render a scene with light set 1.

    Render same scene with light set 2.

    Overlap the scenes and dissolve the two scenes into each other and you get a nice little dimming effect.

    Again, that would be for like a video product instead of real time product.

    What I usually do to work around this is instead of a clear reflection, add some roughness. 10-15% It will blur the reflection enough to hide some of those things but will give you colors and shapes. Not the best effect but it works for me.

    A couple more oak and maple trees would be nice too. Ones with broad, more horizontal branches.

    More understory, multistem, small guys as suggested above would be nice. Like a Redbud or Serviceberry :thumbup:

    I'm assuming the were talking about a few frames and using post processing to "blur" them to look like it's opening. No one is that crazy :D

    Wow...could you imagine the amount of key frames just to show an animated object? 30 frame per second multiplied by the amount of time to open the door? Pretty crazy. That would be a great feature to have. Animated cars and peeps, too.

    So I am familiar with the light bleeding issue on small/thin objects in Enscape. But for the past couple previews, I've been running into an issue that, hasn't been a problem in the earlier versions of Enscape, but is now.

    I have been getting a serious bleed in-between the doors of my cabinets. The tiny gap seems to pick up the lights underneath it and glow for some reason. The IES lights are pointed in the opposite direction so no light should be coming through the cabinet. What boggles my mind is that in the enscape window and camera path preview, it doesn't show the glow. But when it renders the problem seems to pop up out of no where.

    My troubleshooting has found out that:

    1. Far away: no glow

    2. Close up: no glow

    3. Random middle distance: glow

    -Any number of FPS: glow

    -Any resolution: glow

    -Simple "cube" cabinet box behind the doors: glow

    -More complex actual cabinet box with shelves inside: glow

    -Shiny materials: glow

    -Rough materials: glow

    -Plain materials: glow

    -Moving the lights lower: glow




    I can't seem to block whatever light that is coming through. I can work around it by making no gap in-between, but when I do that, then the doors look like one big piece. It's insanely frustrating.