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    I'm assuming the were talking about a few frames and using post processing to "blur" them to look like it's opening. No one is that crazy :D

    Wow...could you imagine the amount of key frames just to show an animated object? 30 frame per second multiplied by the amount of time to open the door? Pretty crazy. That would be a great feature to have. Animated cars and peeps, too.

    So I am familiar with the light bleeding issue on small/thin objects in Enscape. But for the past couple previews, I've been running into an issue that, hasn't been a problem in the earlier versions of Enscape, but is now.

    I have been getting a serious bleed in-between the doors of my cabinets. The tiny gap seems to pick up the lights underneath it and glow for some reason. The IES lights are pointed in the opposite direction so no light should be coming through the cabinet. What boggles my mind is that in the enscape window and camera path preview, it doesn't show the glow. But when it renders the problem seems to pop up out of no where.

    My troubleshooting has found out that:

    1. Far away: no glow

    2. Close up: no glow

    3. Random middle distance: glow

    -Any number of FPS: glow

    -Any resolution: glow

    -Simple "cube" cabinet box behind the doors: glow

    -More complex actual cabinet box with shelves inside: glow

    -Shiny materials: glow

    -Rough materials: glow

    -Plain materials: glow

    -Moving the lights lower: glow




    I can't seem to block whatever light that is coming through. I can work around it by making no gap in-between, but when I do that, then the doors look like one big piece. It's insanely frustrating.

    Water and glass is tough for me. Especially when it's glasses behind a glass door. Turn into ghosts. I second that it would be nice if there was a tutorial on it.

    This will be fixed in the release version.

    Panning is possible with the camera path, why shouldn't it be? It just requires a minimum distance of around 50cm, but then panning movements can be recorded without any problems.

    Just download the normal release version to revert to older behavior. You are currently using a preview version.

    Panning in the sense of not moving that 50cm. Looking left, keyframe, looking right, keyframe. Will this eventually by addressed or is a minimum distance to edit the keyframe just going to be the standard? And yes, I'll revert back to the stable release for the movements I desire. Was just wondering what was on the horizon, if I needed to change my technique.

    Another thing I've noticed in my small-pipe-detail shots is that if you try to orbit after creating a keyframe, it's as if you are stuck inside the camera. In otherwords (using sketchup tool terminology), it turns your orbit tool into a look around tool. More of an annoyance than a problem.

    I honestly can't scale my model bigger. We model an entire house to scale for our cabinets and use our model out in the field to let the guys use it for reference. So measurements are dire. I could always make my Enscape model separate from our working model but if anything changes, then I'm doing twice the work for updates. Just not plausible.

    Can I go back to an older version where I can do this?

    Am I the only one struggling with the new video keyframe paths? A lot of my video exports are subtle turns of the camera on very small details. I can't seem to get the keyframes to work the same way as previous exporting went. It feels as if I don't move the camera enough, it won't allow me to add another keyframe. And if I drastically move it, create a keyframe, and move it really close to the first keyframe, it won't allow me to apply where I want it.

    Anyone else, or is it user error? Maybe I don't fully understand how to use this.