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    Hi Demian,

    Thank you for your reply. I already sent a feedback report.

    I updated to the latest GPU driver.

    The project is quite large and has multiple objects and textures. I am not sure which one could cause the problem. I will try to remove the HDRI for now.

    Can't wait to see what it says on the log file. Maybe it will give an idea of the solution. This project was built on the idea to share the .exe standalone, so it will be important that I find a solution at then end.

    GPU is 3080ti laptop. The real-time render works fine and smooth.

    I hope I'll get some news from you soon! Thank you again !


    I am trying to export a large file as a .exe standalone and it keeps having errors while creating it. This file is 1.7gb, so I assume that the Standalone would be under 2gb. I wonder what those errors are since it doesn't show what is wrong. It only says "One or more errors occured". Is there any way to get to know what is wrong with my file in order to make it work?

    I tried to export it in White Mode, same error too.

    Also, I tried to export it as a Web Standalone. Once it's done, I am able to load the webpage, but when this loading completed, I only have a white screen showing.

    I just tried to export a 3D Warehouse model as a .obj to import it back to the new Custom Assets Library.

    Everything works fine to me except the scaling.

    Here is the steps I did:

    1. Import the 3D Warehouse Model into my drawing (the scale is already good)

    2. Export as a .obj (without the lady)

    3. Added the .obj file to the Custom Assets Library. Everything looks fine a this point. I saved and generated it.

    4. When I use the asset that I just created and then add it next to the original model, the scale comes so wrong.

    Any idea of what I'm doing wrong? Obviously, I hope that we don't have to scale all the assets manually even if the original model is well scaled.

    I hope you could help me!

    Good day! :)


    I found a great way to render furniture without any architecture element.

    As you can see, there is a white glass floor and a white background without horizon. I used a custom Skybox (white image). Everything works fine as I need to, but when I render a video, the image comes darker. I heard that Auto Contrast doesn't apply to a video and that's why it's getting darker. Any idea on how I could adjust the contrast manually to get the same result as the picture above? Obviously, The pictures and the videos has to get the same render result.

    Here is an image of the video:

    And here is my preset settings file: WHITE SETTINGS.jpeg --> Just make sure to change the file extension to .json to see the file.

    Well, I'm looking forward to get the same result as the first picture above and apply it to the videos renders.

    I hope you guys could help me with my issue.

    Good day! :)