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    I agree - found this thread after trying to get my own uplighting to show correctly in a room (wasn't working in more complex model so went simple to verify).

    At ceiling height of 10ft the light cut out around 8' 9" away. With 14' 6" ceiling height this works to about 12' 2" away.

    Based on my own testing of a downlight and an uplight - and the study by Alessandro above - it looks like this works for lights aimed down but there is a bug for those aimed up. Maybe this half sphere range is bottom half vs upper half? Be nice to have a fix this for sure. Either disable as mentioned, or maybe enable full-sphere for selected fixtures (or all, with known slowdowns becoming acceptable).

    Appreciate the efforts to create faster render capabilities, but without the ability to accurately render uplights any measurable distance away from a surface (ie not a pendant over a desk) it is quite limiting for our use.