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    Afternoon Demian

    Many thanks - feedback report submitted.

    I'm already using the AMD website to directly update drivers on a regular basis and am using 21.Q4 (version 2012.1126.1538.28138). I had been using Enscape 3.2 build 62705. I've just updated to build 65063 but it's just crashed immediately on launching with the same error message, so I'm guessing

    that wasn't the problem.

    Any help very much appreciated...

    Phil B

    Hi Folks

    I'm using Enscape with Vectorworks on Windows 11 with a Radeon Pro WX8200, with the current (21Q4) Radeon Pro software (v2021.1126.1538.28138). I'm often getting an error message / crash pretty much as soon as I start using Enscape, with the following message:- Enscape encountered an error during rendering. It is using your GPU from AMD. Vulkan Error: vk::Queue::presentKHR: ErrorDeviceLost at queue present.

    Anyone able to point me at anything I can do about this / settings to change / etc please?

    Many thanks for any help

    Phil B

    Ooo - interesting; what thermal bridging software do you use? (I occasionally use PsiTherm which allows for rather clunky import of DXF/DWG underlays but otherwise requires re-drawing the details...)

    You can import all manner of image files onto a VW sheet layer; so you can save an image in Enscape as jpg/png and then import it / scale it etc onto a VW drawing sheet. I don't *think* there's any more integrated way (eg having the image update if the model changes) but if someone from Enscape corrects me on this then I'll be glad you asked!

    Long-time Vectorworks user here - one-person practice doing mix of new-build and extension/alteration/retrofit work as an architect and Passivhaus Designer in the UK. VW is brilliant for thoroughly working in 3D and Enscape simply allows a pretty-much-photorealistic window into any evolving design. I regularly involve clients early in the design process as I can walk them though it - with accurate daylighting and with furnishings/finishes etc - either sat in my office or (especially the past two years) via Zoom. VW also makes necessary 2D drawings easy and if you need BIM documentation it'll do that too, but making the shift to proper 3D design is - I reckon - transformational. No experience of Archicad but when I started using VW it seemed better value for what I needed.

    Lots of blogs etc on my website -

    Okay - I've got an AMD Radeon Pro WX8200 graphics card. I run and keep updated the Windows 10 drivers, or as AMD rather confusing call it all, the Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise. I have never installed the Radeon Adrenaline software, figuring its purpose to be configuring the drivers for gaming purposes. *But should I?* Are there performance advantages with Enscape in having the AMD Adrenaline software on board?

    Any help/advice appreciated!

    Phil B further question though - how do I associate Enscape with the new version of VW, please? I've installed VW2022, installed the service pack which then just appears in VW2021...

    Vectorworks 2021 has just been released - will the current (and/or preview) version of Enscape work with it, or do we need to wait for an upcoming revision?

    Many thanks

    Phil B

    Likewise discovered that the sun position bore no relationship with the VW heliodon. It's worth mentioning that in addition to using the shift+RHmouse control of time of day, you can use Ctrl+U or I to set the base angle and height. So - I've been setting time to 12:00 and then setting base angle and height to suit orientation / time of year, and then everything works - during that session anyway - although this all needs repeating each time Enscape is closed/re-opened. It would be really good if the link to the VW heliodon can be (re) made, although this work-around at least works.

    Hi Folks

    Any indication about when the 2.9 Preview will become current? If it over-writes my current (2.8) version - and I need to rely on it to be reasonably stable/functional for professional use - I'd rather keep using VW2020 / Enscape 2.8 until it can be relied upon...

    Many thanks