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    Vectorworks 2021 has just been released - will the current (and/or preview) version of Enscape work with it, or do we need to wait for an upcoming revision?

    Many thanks

    Phil B

    Likewise discovered that the sun position bore no relationship with the VW heliodon. It's worth mentioning that in addition to using the shift+RHmouse control of time of day, you can use Ctrl+U or I to set the base angle and height. So - I've been setting time to 12:00 and then setting base angle and height to suit orientation / time of year, and then everything works - during that session anyway - although this all needs repeating each time Enscape is closed/re-opened. It would be really good if the link to the VW heliodon can be (re) made, although this work-around at least works.

    Hi Folks

    Any indication about when the 2.9 Preview will become current? If it over-writes my current (2.8) version - and I need to rely on it to be reasonably stable/functional for professional use - I'd rather keep using VW2020 / Enscape 2.8 until it can be relied upon...

    Many thanks