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    Hey 4Interiors I am not completely sure I followed you.. Can you confirm below?

    1. Uninstall 3d connexiion 10.5.15

    2. Install (latest?) 3d connexion driver?

    3. What beta driver for skp 2021? Or were you just doing this before 2021 skp was official?

    Not 100% sure I followed your description? Is this with copying anything into the 2021 plugins folder or just with the driver updates?

    I posted on December 11th after a few days of testing. I didn't know exactly when 10.7.1 was released

    Waiting for the new drivers 10.7.1 I post the link of this beta driver that I tried and that works for me. We need to uninstall the old 10.5.15 or older ones and install new drivers (it works for me with 10.6.7) and then install the beta driver for SketchUp 2021. This solves the problems we had from 10.6.0 onwards. I've tried and I'm working on it, SketchUp pro 2021- Enscape 2.9.1 - Space mouse Enterprise. Hope version 3.0 preview 3 is compatible with SketchUp 2021!

    Support for SketchUp 2021 on Windows - 3Dconnexion SE

    It seems impossible to me that in all this time there has not been someone who has been busy solving this problem, both the developers of Enscape and those of 3Dconnexxion. Maybe customers aren't as important as they seem.

    And here we are with the usual problem of 3Dconnexion drivers (10.5.15) that we used in SkerchUp 2020 by copying them from SketchUp 2019. We were satisfied with this solution given the nothing done by the companies concerned. Now SketchUp 2021 is out and our beloved and trusted old drivers don't work on this version. Surely 3Dconnexion will release a new version compatible with SketchUp 2021 but they will almost certainly not be compatible in conjunction with Enscape. I hope to be amazed !! If anyone has a solution, thank you right now !! I point out that Enscape works and also the 3Dconnexion peripheral works on the Enscape screen, on SketchUp nothing works, from error loading necessary files. Thanks for your attention .......... I hope!

    Our developers received further reports of this particular issue, we're looking into any solutions to resolve this - in the meantime, the advice is to actually update to the latest drivers available, could you perhaps try that and get back to me? :)

    Unfortunately, since version 10.6.6 they have changed the installer and this is invasive in the operating system. Before (up to version 10.6.5) it was enough to uninstall the drivers and go back to the old and trusted 10.5.15, now you have to delete everything related to 3dconnexion even by acting on the windows registry otherwise it won't work even by putting the old drivers. I am sorry not to collaborate but I have recently formatted to have a clean system, I have always tried to help those who needed by explaining the currently working solution several times, I hoped that someone wanted to try them. Allow me to say that I should not try them, nor another Enscape customer but you should do it, you should have already done it since the driver solution 10.5.15 you have not found you Enscape team and that these drivers are from April 2019, they do not support SketchUp 2020 and a tutorial has not been written by you on how to temporarily solve the problem. I understand that there are many things to do and that Enscape is in continuous development and I appreciate it, but I think the problem can be solved, you just have to work hard to keep the customers who use these devices happy even by contacting the 3dconnexion developers.

    Any movement on getting this fixed?

    I tried to ask for help here:…d4ee26f3fa16169852b0861e5 and also to 3dconnexion Italy assistance but the answer was that Enscape is an unimportant software and therefore not supported. This is sad and makes me think that it would be right that the Enscape team and the 3Dconnexion developers should communicate to solve the problem ... the will to do it is enough.

    This is the answer from a forum developer:

    Hi 4interiors,
    We have a problem with Enscape and Sketchup.
    I'll try to come up for something relatively easy. Easier than reinstalling software anyway.
    Sorry for the troubles. Enscape is a pretty non-existent app in our installed base so it's hard to get time to work on it.

    This is the response of 3dconnexion Italy assistance:

    Thank you for contacting 3D Connexion support.
    Enscape 3D is unfortunately not an application supported by our mice.
    I invite you to contact Enscape 3D technical support for assistance.


    At this point the Enscape team should act !!!