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    paul, surely you dont render 4k with enscape... anything over HD settings and enscape crashes for me... tho in podium i could max out with no problem, just took 30 min. plus.

    as far as upscaling apps i have heard the new Adobe can also do this very well... have yet to try it.

    my home pc is in need of a vid card update and i may try a geforce rtx and do some comparisons my self... ill let you know.

    ok, so i was under the impression that a workstation graphics card would be the better way to go, i have a Quadro RTX 4000....

    is this not true? if not i WAAAY over payed for a suitable card... does it matter?

    Version 2.9 has turned out to be very buggy.... has crashed on exporting images and rendering videos at least 5 times today alone.

    Hopefully my reports are helping identify where the problems are and a 2.9.1 patch to be issued quickly.

    Also i think you may have buried the lead, with the implementation of displacement maps... something many have been waiting for!

    Oh and the offline asset library... THANK YOU. .... btw after placing the asset you should be able to rotate it before returning to the library.

    Been working with this a for awhile now, and quite frustrated with how it works. At some point when creating a path you either want to add or remove time between keyframes but keep timing the same between other keyframes...this could easily be accomplished with a Ctrl feature. Hold Ctrl while sliding keyframe and that will either push or pull trailing keyframes when moving the current keyframe, keeping their time between frames the same.

    the Initial Timeline has no way of seeing where each keyframe is in the time line (ie its actual timestamp)

    so if a path is 1 min 30 sec. how much time is between keyframe 1 and 2? cant tell unless you click on the keyframe.

    for example if you stop and rotate about the z axis you want to slow this down so you can see things smoothly and not get people sick. but if you already added trailing keyframes this becomes very tedious.

    the whole video editor dialog box should be movable (ie to another screen), streatchable, hideable.

    also would be nice if you could grab the camera and and slide it about with ctrl and alt features that lock axis's. (ie sketchup)

    these are some of my early thoughts, many ideas to improve program.

    i do want to say tho, that Enscape is outstanding, and keep up the great work. Let your Dev team know of the great work they are creating.

    Keep listening to clients and improving it and you will eventually be the Leader in Rendering Software commanding great market share.

    Animation, (cars, people, lights, objects) is a must addition to this program. With timeline improvements this can be accomplished.

    like being able to turn lights on and off during a walk thru... requires much finer control in the time line.

    I too would like to +1 this, since most of my time is meeting ADA req.

    i did find a couple that did work...

    was pretty close... i think his foot was thru the stirrup. but her hand matched up perfectly

    hope that helps