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    Hello, I am having an issue with Revit version 2022.1 and Enscape.

    When I try to input a Mark to the material in the identity tab, Revit freezes.

    If I open the same file in a later version of Revit, 2023, it works fine.

    I am running the latest version of Enscape and Revit 2022.1.

    We need a monthly option at the minimum to allow students to be able to afford Enscape, $12.42 per month.

    I teach at a community college and no one wanted to buy a yearly $149 license.

    Can the moderator please escalate this discussion to upper management to go monthly?

    Do we need to sign a petition in order for this policy to change?

    I am also complexed why students do not have a monthly payment option. I teach Revit during the summer at a community college and we use Enscape to create renderings and movie walkthroughs. We will use it for only 1 month. To ask a student to pay for an entire year does not seem fair.

    Please allow students to have the ability to pay monthly at the discounted rate.


    I was wondering if there is an increase benefit from using a RTX 3090 vs RTX 4090 when using Enscape with Revit.

    Both have 24 gb of ram but one has DLSS 2.0 and the other DLSS3.0

    I have both and have done some testing.

    Both cards export the same 4K movie at 4 min and 10 seconds for a 1 minute video.

    The export to picture has a slight advantage, 4 seconds (4090) compare to 6 seconds (3090) total time.

    I wonder if the RTX 4090 is worth buying considering the RTX 3090 has dropped to $999.00 which is almost half the cost of a 4090.

    Has anyone else experience similar results?

    Does Enscape 3.4 version tap into DLSS 3.0 technology?

    Hello all, I did a quick test.

    I inserted a bedroom SketchUp model into formit and saved it. I then opened revit, created a new family, and inserted the formit model into revit.

    I open the same bedroom sketchup model using sketchup, exported the file as an OBJ, and created a new custom asset in Enscape using the OBJ file.

    I opened revit and placed both bedroom models side by side into a Revit project. Formit on the left. Custom OBJ asset on the right.

    Below are the Enscape results.

    Sketchup to OBJ is the winner in my opinion. Seems like the formit route loses SOME material maps.

    Has anyone experienced these same results?

    After changing the category to furniture, the revit family now is separate from the original planting family. I don't think it will modify when new updates are released.

    I can see two different types in project browser under families after adding the original enscape asset. One under the furniture category and the other under planting.

    That is correct, but if there is no revit family that matches the enscape asset then you have to create a new low fi model. If not the top view or side elevations will not match the design.

    Plus I found the orientation of the revit family does not match the enscape orientation which means you have to rotate the family which could blow way parameters disabling the flexing capabilities.

    Interior designers are placing furniture on a regular basis, thus the need for a faster process.

    Hello all.

    I was wondering if anyone uses a similar procedure described below for furniture scheduling using Enscape assets or custom assets. This is from an interior design perspective. My goal here is to streamline the process of adding Enscape assets and then schedule them in Revit.

    1. After placing an Enscape asset in Revit, custom or not, open the asset family and change the category to furniture.

    2. Inside the asset family, add some model lines in the top view tracing out the shape of the furniture. Hide the 3d geometry in plan/RCP, front/back, left/right.

    3. Fill in the identity data information such as manufacture, part number, price, etc.

    4. Reinsert the family back into Revit.

    5. Add a type mark number to the family.

    You can now schedule and tag all furniture and you will have a floor plan showing the placement of all furniture. Yes, you will not see anything in side views unless you add model lines to these views.

    This saves time as you don't have to create a 3d model placeholder and you don't have a bunch of facet faces in plan view. I tested it out and it worked I can still see the 3D asset in Enscape and I don't see the model lines.

    What are your thoughts.