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    yes i'm using RTX, surely enscape should increase the reflection quality, i thought the reflection won't be great only with high poly model like tree, etc.
    apparently not all low poly model can reflected perfectly, you can see in my scene here on the hanging lamp.

    I do use a GTX1060 card and have the same issue with reflections I always thought my card was incapable for doing realistic reflection and now I am sure it's the enscape engine.
    Enscape really need to UP the reflection quality.

    Lightning is quite beautiful.

    Are you using RTX GPU? As the reflection in the bedside mirrors is quite bad.

    If you are using RTX card then enscape really needs to work on reflection quality.
    A very nicely done beautiful scene though!

    You have really populated your model quite well !

    I am wondering how many hours you have put into the project.
    You just need to fix some lightning issues, saturation, DOF, bloom, shadows, contrast and brightness.

    With the above mention changes your renders and video will come look more beautiful.

    I suppose the question is ‘without the 2 next to each other to compare would you still find the faults in the Enscape render?’

    The fact that the faults are minor and of a technical nature is a fantastic achievement to all at Enscape.

    I recently got asked how long it took to render a particular image, when I told the 4mins they replied “you mean hours don’t you?”

    Fun fact it took me less than a minute to render this 4K image on GTX1060 6gb, 3ed gen intel i5 processor and 16Gb DDR3 ram, my PC would have begged me for mercy :D:D if I had used Vray to render the same scene and that too in 4K.
    I can also render the same scene in 8K on my same machine in under 2mins.

    Hi Demian Gutberlet I have a question, since all the GTX 10 and GTX 16 series support ray tracing according to NVIDIA (they have pushed ray tracing support via official drivers).

    So can enscape, if used on card like GTX1060 6gb (which I own), do ray traced reflections?

    I still have jaggy reflections so I assume Enscape don't support it on 10 and 16 series cards, but would like to confirm from your team :)


    "1. The lighting difference between interior and exterior is arguably better in Vray... and I am certain Vray provides more control over that."

    > True

    "2. The floor definition is better in Vray, but I am pretty sure you can do better than that in Enscape as well."

    > I didn't put much effort in finding a floor material with proper normal or bump map, I just used albedo as bump map.

    Yes I absolutely agree to all your points, but you will definitely agree Enscape has evolved so much in past 2 years and I am 100% sure that in next 2 years Enscape can do miracles at this rate of improvement.

    It also depends on the knowledge of tools with which an artist can create miracles, on this forum itself there are very very beautiful interior / exterior renders which will make you just WOW!!

    But everything aside future is bright for Enscape.

    amazing comparison! It is just unbelievable how far enscape has come!! being SO close to a benchmark like vray in real time is impressive to say the least. There are still some minor artifacts that give it away, but it is really minor. The overall image quality is just impressive. But here are the small stuff i noticed:

    Indeed Enscape has come quite far !
    Yes there are quite a few artifacts.

    Contact shadows for small or thin objects due to GI or emissive lightning has to be improved.

    RTX reflection is still not perfect.

    Material like " Vray 2sided material " is required, though in some cases enscape foliage material type works great but this trick fails when foilage material has to scatter GI light or emissive light .

    Recently on some Facebook group this SketchUp model was shared and it was rendered in Vray for SketchUp, so I thought I shoud try render this scene in Enscape.

    Constructive criticism is appreciated.

    Enscape 2.9 P5 used and just a bit of color correction in photoshop.