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    With the upcoming version, we will support the new HMDs like those from Samsung. The inside-out tracking works really well. If you intend to use VR on different places without having to install trackers, I would have a look at it!

    This is fantastic news! Do you have an ETA for when this will happen? Will it be native support without needing Steam?

    After testing the Vive, Rift and Samsung we went with the Samsung as the higher resolution, brighter display and wider field of view created a WAY more immersive feel than the other options. I will say that it takes a lot more GPU power and our 1080Ti will just barely power smoothly on High with the Samsung but easily powers Ultra on the others.

    Unfortunately the newest WMR plugin to steam has made my controller, beam and ground circles disappear. Does anyone have an older version saved that they could send, OR does anyone know now to roll back a plugin version in Steam?