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    Hi there,

    I notice that reflections are automatically applied as soon as I decrease the opacity of a material, even without any specific keywords.

    However, if I want to show a thin white curtain for instance, it's not possible to achieve the relative transparency of such a material without having it look like glass.

    Any way around it ?

    And if not, it would be a great and necessary addition in my opinion.



    Guys, I'm really impressed with the quality, speed and ergonomy of Enscape. Amazing job.

    There's an issue in Enscape for Sketchup concerning components:

    When using "face me" components that always face the camera view wherever you are in the Sketchup model, they become static in the Enscape window.

    They appear correctly only in the initial camera position, but if you turn around it you see it's just a 2D component which result in unintentionally distorted images.

    This is particularly problematic when the model is all populated by 2D people components.

    The only way around it for the moment is to close and restart Enscape for each view individually, which is a pain unfortunately.

    I really hope you can find a way to fix this issue.