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    baking light/textures like in unreal engine to start enscape standalones on wireless low performance hardware is a very interesting suggestion!

    small mobile wireless hardware will never reach the performance of a desktop/workstation pc or a expensive notebook... this "MOBILE STANDALONE EXORT" function would be great. there are some examples out there with impressive graphic apps for quest2...

    Hello Enscape Team,

    we are having trouble with Quest 2 and Enscape. In VR it says "Enscape Host Launcher" loading with no result. When we try to exit the Oculus apps, the Oculus app keeps restarting itself for the Air Link to be active, causing issues with Steam VR. When it worked occasionally, the VR display was very noisy and the reflections flickered annoyingly. With the cable it looks equally bad. This looked better in previous versions. Any tips or a hotfix so we can use Quest 2 and Enscape again? We used to use it at trade fairs without such problems. I also wrote a Ticket to Enscape Support.

    Many Thanks.

    Best Regards,

    Oleg Kauz

    Thank you for the fast reply! I submitted the idea to the Voting Portal.

    Multi User Session Support with Collaborations Functions in a standalone / webstandalone and in a Virtual Reality Session. Sure i can invite someone to teams or zoom and share my screen with Enscape... but the advantage if a customer can have the same "room feeling" especially in VR would be more than nice to have. :)

    - Avatars from other Users

    - Collaboration Functions like Painting, Highlighting, Measuring, Screenshot Taking and Sharing etc.

    We use Enscape with Revit and Sketchup.