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    Hi guys,
    Working in an office with a large amount of enscape users, both Revit and Rhino.

    Most commonly I have found that problems people have with enscape have more to do with the model than with the computer. I would like to raise a feature request to have more useful error messages. What caused the error? lack of Vram, Video card timeout? Was it caused by a particular feature, like RTX or DLSS? Or at least a code of some sort, that we can then use to diagnose the problem.

    Our helpdesk often gets tickets saying "Please update my GPU drivers" .... which to us then means their Enscape crashed... They are often on the latest drivers already.

    There seems to be only one error message

    Thanks a lot for your input Eelko Van der Does . Just to make sure that you're aware, there are options available for both NVIDIA / Radeon cards which allow the main GPU to be prioritized. Check out this article here for more info and how it's done. To add, these solutions may not always work, but they should still be worth a try if you did not already.

    Hi, yeah fully aware of those, plus other workarounds. It would just be nice to have it work without this. It has to be possible, I dont see any other apps crashing because there are multiple GPU's even other rendering and/or 3D programs.

    So, the results so far have been interesting... so I have run them several times on each machine to check.

    T2000 graphics card, 6:33
    RTX A3000 graphics card: 3:38
    (desktop) RTX 2080Ti graphics card: 3:42

    The RTX A3000 doesnt beat the 2080 in any other tests, so I have concluded that demo file that comes with Revit might not be complex enough to be a good test...

    I will see if my userbase has something significantly more complex to render...

    Might as well write up a step by step process (including Revit 2020 sample file and custom view settings).…-enscape-revit-phil-read/

    Late 2021 Razor Blade Pro 15" / Intel i9 Processor / 3080 RTX: 3 minutes 40 seconds

    I use for comparing overall GPU performance. A good metric would be to time the export all views to the same 4k resolution on the same test project (with geometry refresh turned on) on all machines. This will force Enscape to refresh views and export the images.

    I usually run a bunch of benchmarks on machines, (Cinebench R20, Furmark, Heaven, Diskmark and a few others) and I document those across all the models that we buy.... but I wanted to make sure that these synthetic benchmarks translate into better performance in Enscape.

    I already have a good idea of how machines "should" behave in comparison to each other, but sometimes you find out odd results when it comes to actually doing it.

    I am dealing with laptops and desktops with M2100 GPU's up to RTX3080Ti's ... and although Enscape will work on all of them.... When it comes to producing a set of high quality renders with all the fixtures and textures in place.... well, you can imagine some of them will not be considered "capable"... (Which is the term used, and has not been defined).

    In any case, I will get one of my users to supply me with a rhino or revit file that would be somewhat typical of something they would render, and then use that as the benchmark going forward using your tips.
    Thanks again

    I have been tasked with helping our staff increase/improve their use of Enscape.

    I have a range of different gpu's that range from weak to strong... and I wanted to get a grasp of some tools I could use to figure out the performance of models... so I can see if their particular computers are reaching their capability.

    I am not exactly sure what that would look like, I dont think FPS would be terribly useful, but I can add an FPS counter, is there a way to see a visible polygon count on the screen or similar?

    any advice greatly appreciated.

    Hi guys, I just thought I would reply to this as I have spent time working on this.
    I have been able to get Enscape to work fine with Quadro cards via RDP. GTX cards dont seem to work out of the box.

    The best solution I found was actually to use a third party remote control solution called Splashtop. (Logmein Pro also works) ..

    Via RDP, even though it works, it still very clunky. Using a third party remote control app, like the ones mentioned before allows smooth navigation and generally "just works". I currently have about 30 people using it and they love it. (and the price is low enough to make it attractive, unlike LogmeIn Pro).

    As a final mention, for people using "Z" series HP machines, HP offer a free Remote control solution called "Z Central - Remote Boost" . Unlike other solutions, this requires a VPN connection (or some way to directly talk to the IP of the other machine), but still works very well. This is FREE for HP Z series users.

    If you are just on a LAN or WAN and want a free solution you can also use something like "TightVNC". Check the licencing details to make sure you are allowed to use this for free (I dont use it at work).