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    Enscape had a good community pre-Chaos merger. This thread is starting to get off topic but I suggest you look at the following threads:

    I agree with the sentiment, but it is not random, see the 10:30 minute mark.

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    If you watch the entire video Chaos is pushing AI hard. Clearly there is a already established roadmap behind the scenes. What matters to daily users is trivial compared to the ability to use flashy/trendy words in marketing like deep learning, computer vision, and generative AI. A better video editor isn't going to drive money from investors or bring in new subscriptions.

    Chaos is the Adobe and Auto-desk of arch visualization. Everyone deep down doesn't like them but they need the tools to function.

    the question is "half-baked" for whom?

    That's is a valid question.

    Determining if something is half-baked, I break it into a 50/50 split between what the user base was asking for and/or whether the tool fundamentally works. For example, lighting Enscape from Rhino just doesn't work, therefore it's half-baked. On the other hand, changing Enscape assets colors does work, but wasn't to the extent people were asking for and is limited to a select few assets, therefore it too is half-baked for a different reason. On the other end of the split, if a user only needs to change one assets color and that asset allows it, it doesn't seem half-baked to them; but it's frustrating to the broader user base who saw "asset color changing" on the voting portal, which they had been asking(and outlining exactly what they want) for months, to have it implemented and only affect a limited number of assets and not the assets that need the function.

    I find that a number of features have long and fairly unanimous threads on how the user base would have liked to see said feature implemented but never reach that bar. In fact, when they are implemented initially they are rarely updated/fixed. Again, I need to reiterate that the company has no obligation to modify any features based on the forums wishes and it does take time to get it right. It gets frustrating when you see the competition nailing feature integration right off the bat and Enscape is dragging its feet to keep up.

    Enscape is just fine for the majority of their target market and will likely never satisfy the rendering power-users

    I've seen this sentence or a similar rephrasing of it be brought up a number of times on this forum. That sentiment would make complete sense if Enscape was a one time purchase, but it's not. In order to stay in business Enscape needs to keep at least a minimum number of subscribers to the program.

    If as soon as you reach "X" level of live rendering expertise you are looking elsewhere to spend your subscription money on another program, Enscape has failed. They shouldn't be catering to either extreme on the bell curve of the live rendering market, but right now the later half has very little to work with. There will always be less experienced people entering the market looking for a easy program to get into, but people gain experience at a faster rate then those entering the market.

    Just like how every MLM eventually fails because the rate of new users falls below the climb of people moving up the business chain. Let me be clear, Enscape is not a MLM, it offers a useful product to its users, but keeping a customer is better in the long run than acquiring a new one that's eventually going to leave. Writing off the latter X% of experienced users as a lost cause is not a smart approach by Enscape if that's their modus operandi .

    it always comes back to a calculated balance of render speed/cost/user effort/output.

    Again, if you like the program, use the program. This is not a personal attack against anyone using Enscape. It's a criticism of the publicly apparent priorities of the company.

    I am not the moral arbiter of what Enscape needs to be focusing on. I am just someone who saw potential for Enscape, but has since been burned by the lack of useful feature updates and the cost increases. Back in 2017 there was no competition to Enscape (yes, Lumion existed but was outrageously expensive). Since competition has arisen in the form of twinmotion, D5, ect.., Enscape can't just expect to sit back and stay in the lead if they don't keep advancing the way the market wants it to.

    Let me address these in order.

    why do you spend any of your valuable time here

    Because up until around a year ago I was a huge Enscape supporter. Then for no publicly known reason they decided to take a complete 180 and move from product development to increased client acquisition. Even though I am very critical of Enscape, I still want it to be a great program. If everyone displeased with this program jumps ship and nobody stays behind to hold a fire under their butts how do you expect there to be any change? Maybe you don't want change, that's fair, but a number of well established people on here have recently voiced their displeasure with the program and there's a reason behind that.

    enlightened ones in the D5/Twinmotion/Unreal forums?

    I am on their forums. Thus far, D5 has not made a misstep in my opinion to the caliber Enscape has, which is why there are no threads like this one over there. If they make a bad move in their developmental timeline I'll be just as harsh. You will find no rendering brand loyalty here and if a better program comes out tomorrow, I'll be on their waiting list to get it. That being said I'm no holds barred when it comes to pointing out companies shortsightedness.

    Paul Russam I have never and will never tell you not to use this program. If it works for you, it works for you and you should keep using it. I just don't take to kindly to someone bashing a program they haven't fully committed to adapting to.

    I disagree with the "half-baked" insult though.

    So in the current day, with the releases of 4.0.1 your telling me the video creator, site context, saved views/sun position, reflections, Rhino lighting, and custom asset libraries are all perfectly developed? I don't expect every new feature to be complete the second it comes out, but it's been years since many of those features have been touched and they are far from their desired usefulness. Enscape as of May 2024 is half-baked, sorry but it is.

    most of us have figured out a functional and efficient workflow with Enscape,

    As said above, if it works for you, it works for you. :thumbup:

    the developers seem reasonably responsive to issues that significantly effect usage.

    They are responsive to the copious amounts of bugs in their supposedly stable releases. Post anything critical of their developmental focus and all you get is crickets from official accounts. To be clear, they don't have to respond to any posts they don't want to respond to, that is well within their right. But that does say a lot about whats going on when pre-2020 a response would be made to threads with criticism addressing it.

    andybot Like I said to Paul, if you are happy with where the program is, keep using it.

    Some people aren't happy that they are locked into yearly subscriptions for double the price *cough* random price increases not aligning with any major updates *cough* of competitors; while Enscape is simultaneously putting very little visible effort into keeping up with said competitors. Most of them, like me, have switched to other options because holding multiple subscriptions for comparable products isn't viable. People with that kind of perspective still need to be heard.

    I'm not talking about material changes, only assets visibility. For material/model changes you would use the D5 livesync to Sketchup and change the visibility of the materials/door handles as you would similar to Enscape. The process isn't exactly 1:1 with Enscape, but all the features D5 has(plus cheaper) that Enscape is missing outweighs clicking a extra button once or twice.

    Paul Russam That's because form the start your process is set up to cater to Enscape's workflow. That's like following the steps to change the oil on a Toyota Camry when the car in front of your a is Porsche 911; and then getting mad at the 911 because the engine dies 5 minutes after driving it without oil because your oil change wasn't done correctly.

    D5 works off a proxy system much like the one Enscape has in Sketchup only (for some dumb reason). Create the trees/cars/assets you want in their own sketchup files, then import them as assets into D5 and create the layers(tags) or groups in D5 and turn them on or off as your please. It takes time to adjust to the process but that isn't a valid criticism of D5, it just shows a unwillingness to adapt. I especially like this system because it keeps my Sketchup file sizes low, allowing me to put more detail into the file without it running into performance issues.

    If you don't want to adapt I completely understand because it is a time commitment and takes some relearning but if the only factor that's a con about D5 (its cheaper, more feature rich, less buggy, more settings, working video editor, Ect.) is that it has a learning curve that you don't want to tackle I don't find your argument convincing.

    Just FYI for anyone whos on the fence about deciding which program to go with.

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    This next D5 update(which is out now) is going to blow Enscape out of the water.

    Enscapes response-> submit it to our voting portal.

    HNY People have been posting on the forum for years about adding more complexity to Enscape for more advanced users. Its not coming, you can't expect the Little Tikes truck of live-rendering engines to come with the functionality of a Toyota HiLux. This company has pushed its focus towards capturing the market by volume of users over quality of renders since the merger and its time to jump ship if your expecting anything else.

    eeblack Twinmotion will still be free for everyone except companies making over $1 milllion USD (as noted by jlo), and even then if you use Revit it will still be free since it comes with Revit subscriptions. So only people at large companies using Sketchup, Archicad, Rhino, or Vectorworks will be affected. Even then, the price of Twinmotion $445 USD is still less than the yearly fixed seat license price of $562.80 USD for Enscape. D5 is very similar to Twinmotion and is $360 USD a year. I don't know where Enscape gets off-charging the price they do for the program at this point, but obviously, people are paying for it.

    Solo I just noticed that because of your comment, but as of two weeks ago Demian posted this

    So I wonder if that is a preview of a new feature or if there was another way that scene was captured.

    HNY Perfect analogy about what is happening. I understand that some firms are stuck in their ways and switching programs is a hassle, but at what point would they switch to a better and cheaper program?

    To add to the analogy, the "new" bus is just a reskin of the old one. The mechanic can make all the changes under the hood, that we don't see, but if the bus doesn't run any better, were the changes worth it?

    Phil Read This thread was started back in 2017 pre-Chaos acquisition. Back then Enscape was more responsive to user feedback on this forum, so of course back then they would respond to comments, hence the responses from official Enscape accounts up until early 2022. Since the Chaos acquisition, responses from those accounts never addresses the points being brought up.

    There is a history of this listed below:

    Over the last two years, unless the thread is about a license issue, or a bug the most response from a official account you will get is go to the voting portal. Not a single official Enscape account will respond once users become critical of the program.

    The neutering already happened when Chaos bought Enscape and there never was a priority or a conspiracy because Encsape hasn't been prioritizing its user-base on the forum.