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    Phil Read This thread was started back in 2017 pre-Chaos acquisition. Back then Enscape was more responsive to user feedback on this forum, so of course back then they would respond to comments, hence the responses from official Enscape accounts up until early 2022. Since the Chaos acquisition, responses from those accounts never addresses the points being brought up.

    There is a history of this listed below:

    Over the last two years, unless the thread is about a license issue, or a bug the most response from a official account you will get is go to the voting portal. Not a single official Enscape account will respond once users become critical of the program.

    The neutering already happened when Chaos bought Enscape and there never was a priority or a conspiracy because Encsape hasn't been prioritizing its user-base on the forum.

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    tuantran123455 What you are hearing is coil whine. It has been notoriously bad for all 4000' series cards and happens when you full throttle your GPU. Your two options are to mess with the voltage of your GPU using a program like MSI afterburner, or wait and hope that Enscape optimizes their program so it puts less stress on your GPU. Every card has coil whine, some are just worse then others and it shouldn't affect your card negatively. Most GPU suppliers wont accept coil whine as a reason to replace the card.

    If you prioritize ease of use and a simple UI, awesome, Enscape is definitely the program to use. I'm willing to adapt to a slightly rougher program that offers features that Enscape refuses to add. I believe its undeniable that Enscape's development has been slacking in the recent years, and D5 is on track to overtaking Enscape. I am limited to one rendering software a year and since Enscape locks me into a year long contract (if I don't want to spend more for a monthly license) then I'm going to put my money into program that adapting better to its users, has a quicker and more robust updates, and is cheaper.

    I don't think the goal of this thread is to specifically debate the pros and cons of D5. That can totally be done, but that's probably a different thread entirely. This thread was started to try and get someone from Enscape to address the lack of response to user feedback and prove that their client base is leaving due to bad decision making on Enscape's part. A trend I've been noticing is as soon as someone gets critical of Enscape the responses from official Enscape accounts stops or never comes. Pre Choas acquisition Demian, Kaj, Thomas, or someone else would response accordingly. Now days it feels like a AI could copy and paste the responses if there even is one. Enscape was a great program, now its just feels neutered.

    Furthering Grizzler 's point, Enscape is moving away from the in modeling software asset placement, and transitions to a similar in render asset placement as D5. Part of the Enscape roadmap was a tool similar to Skatter and that wouldn't work in the modeling software across all platforms. It just makes sense to have it in the rendering engine. I don't see it on the roadmap so maybe it isn't planned anymore, but other features are also hinting at it coming. I don't like that change buts obvious to see it coming.

    jaias92 I knew it would go down simply because V-ray is the more popular and established software. It doesn't make sense to keep Enscape around when you can eventually merge Enscape into V-ray and charge more to a wider V-ray client base. I just wish Enscape would be more open and honest with whats really happening. It's obvious the priorities are elsewhere and they should just be up front about it.

    My firm made the switch a few weeks ago. It does have a learning curve but as pointed out in RE: Rhino 8: Status quo and next steps Enscapes development has gone downhill fast and I don't see it improving under Choases ownership. D5's UI is not as streamlined as Enscape and the D5 forum has been discussing that.

    I would gladly switch back to Enscape if the features and output matched the price. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    rosewesterman Look into D5, its very comparable to Enscape, cheaper, and has a development track that's significantly better than what Enscape has been over the last 3 years. FYI, Chaos who owns V-ray also owns Enscape, so you're likely to get a very similar treatment over there to what you are getting here.

    As per Rhino 8: Status quo and next steps The likelihood anything gets fixed until March, but more likely Q4 of 2024 is very low.

    I've run into this multiple times as well switch from at home work to in office. There are just differences in the way files are saved between sketch-up and rhino that allow sketch-up file textures to stay linked to the model. The only work around I've found is to keep texturing to a single computer so all the files stay linked. In a group setting though this method could be problematic.

    You will loose the some functionality of Enscape if you only use Rhino materials if you didn't already know that. Enscape doesn't convert Rhino materials over, so things like displacement maps and such will not transfer. As per the post, supposedly some fixes will be included in the march update but based on the developmental track record of Enscape, Rhino materials are not likely to be integrated in Enscape ever.

    I am still so ticked off by this.

    Just for fun let's go through every major update Enscape has made since 3.0 which happened on March 3rd, 2021 (2.85 years ago)((D.5 has had 9 feature updates in the same time frame)):


    -New look = Subpar video editor

    -Multithreading - Ok

    -Link view presets - Still not implemented in the manner hoped for by the forum


    -Material library - Hasent hasn't been touched since implementation(except for maybe some added textures)/ missing features that would make it useful to users

    -Material editor overhaul - Same as above

    -View management - Still not implemented in the manner hoped for by the forum

    -DLSS - Had issues but is now worked out

    -Ray tracing shadows - Rocky start, but has been Improved

    -Pano Gallery - Meh

    -Simplified assets - Ok


    -In-app asset placement - Not needed

    -Batch Pano - Some people speak highly of this

    -Upload management overhaul - Meh

    -More ray-traced shadows - Ok

    -Asset Library overhaul - Needed but not impactful


    -Site context - Useless and hasn't been touched since

    -Alpha Channel export - :thumbup:

    -Material overwrite - Ok

    -Enscape always on top - Nice to have but a minor improvement


    -Custom asset categories - Very nice to have but could be improved greatly

    -Save sun position - Would be useful if the view presets worked better

    -Improved mirror reflections - :thumbup:


    -Adjustable assets - On the right track but not fully implemented in the ways the forum had hoped

    -Improved Indirect lighting and reflections - Ok

    -More assets - Ok

    -Multi-asset editing - Meh

    -Improved alpha export - Ok


    -Colored shadows - :thumbup:

    -Nvidia shadow denoiser - Good but not fully Enscapes doing

    Almost three years of development and you guys have only added 3, maybe 4, or 5 depending on the person, fully flushed-out features to the program. Now you are adding on an additional 4 months to create a parallel version of this program for Mac with no feature updates and withholding Rhino 8 support. If I could, I would replace any combination of the 3.0 updates with a single D.5 update without a second thought.

    Enscape is getting raked over the coals on this thread and honestly, I think it's justified. If something is happening behind the scenes at Enscape that the forum/user base is not aware of that is impacting the ability of the program to progress competitively with competition. While simultaneously locking people into year-long uncancelable subscription plans (with rate increases); Enscape is traveling dangerously close to the fraud category.

    I don't know how I missed this thread for so long. But this now explains why the video editor has gone untouched for years. Why? To focus on a minority subset of Mac users. Yes, there was vocal support but why now?

    asking us to change the tires on an old bus that served us well but is being decommissioned while we are in the process of finishing the new and shiny bus that will come with the fresh tires from the get go.

    The "new and shiny bus" is a shell that's missing everything but its frame and tires.

    This is unbelievably disappointing. Especially, after D.5's update this past week. Look at this list of features that D5 has that Enscape is currently lacking:

    -functional video editor


    -volumic light

    -PBR/substance integration

    -water - both flowing and static

    -video texture with alpha options

    -rounded corners

    -uv randomizer

    -an integrated scatter tool

    -asset animation


    -real-time vine creator

    - Subsurface scattering

    -manipulatable hedges

    -real-time above-surface caustics

    -Interior Parallax

    That's not even a complete list as I just cherry-picked the major additions over the last 4 updates, mind you that were all added in just over 16 months. These have been what we the users of the forum have been asking for years to be added. But all we got we "That's too complicated for live rendering" or "submit it to our voting black hole". Well D5 just showed you guys up by adding that plus more. You guys haven't touched the video editor in TWO years!!!!  But let's drop everything and develop the Mac side of Enscape so a couple of hundred people can experience the pain all of us PC users have had for the last couple of years.

    Enscape 2017-2020 was amazing. You guys were on top of almost everything. Speed of updates, minimal bugs, and reacting to user feedback. Enscape 2021-2023 has been nothing but buggy releases, minimal feature progression, regression in key features, and a lack of communication. I can speculate on why, but that doesn't fix the problem.

    If Enscape had all the major features people have spent years on the forum requesting but lacked a Mac option, I would be on board. But this is the exact same thing that happened with the site context feature, which I should point out hasn't been touched since it was added.* At this point I'm convinced the Enscape office has a spinner board with all the requested features on it and they just keep replacing the bottom option with whatever a big firm mentions in passing because they weighted the spinner so it only lands that feature (except for color shadows, which doesn't make up for the years of falling behind the competition).

    * As a fun little aside, I went through the last 10 pages of the showcase and all 4 pages of the WIP, and not a single post uses the site context feature. (Two posts had comparable quality site context but I suspect were not from Enscape itself due to the modifications of the site in each case) What a great use of resources and time that was.