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    It would be possible in the future but as I have not found a way to get the mp4's background to become transparent(videos can not yet be added to the alpha map portion) I think it would be more trouble than its worth. Plus I haven't found a way to control the timing of the mp4 videos so there might be collisions with other moving assets if that cant be controlled. But great idea!

    I don't know if I'm the only person having this issue but when I try to open up the asset editor in sketch-up in offline mode, no matter the model, my Sketch-up crashes. is this a known issue?

    Edit: I re-downloaded the library and it seems to have worked this time but I'm still cautious about it working this time around.

    While using the new collaboration tools in Enscape I thought it would be awesome to have the ability to have more than one camera position possible. I find when working on doors and windows having both the interior and the exterior views would help express the comment better. It is not critical as the tool still serves it purpose but I would like to see it added.

    I don't know if this has been brought up before, but is there any chance a option could be added to the atmosphere tab to adjust either the height of the default Enscape sky's horizon line? I run into this most frequently when working on properties with a waters edge. Currently, I either have to create a "infinite" plane that extends miles out into the ocean or I have to deal with a little patch grey/black appearing between the ocean and the beginning of the sky.