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    Demian Gutberlet Thank you for bringing the down-vote option back.

    I was not aware of new users needing their first post approved, I thought that only applied to the creation of threads. I'm glad to hear there is no censoring on these forums.

    Demian Gutberlet Why was the down-vote option removed?

    I read the thread response in which a karen came in throwing accusations about how this programs forums (that over my 5 years on these threads I have only seen get ugly once) are terrible to them, which was not the case. But those posts/ your response does not seem to justify removing the users only way to express displeasure at certain actions or advice posted on here. If and only if the voting portal gains a down-vote option could I see the the down-vote option on here being removed be justified. Now there are no options other than a post or reply to have criticism shown in the forums.

    Please don't let 1 or 2 bad actors ruin the forums because they cant handle a joke (clearly displayed in the previously mentioned thread) or negative criticism. They are not the majority or even part of the reasonable minority, do not kowtow to them.

    As a second point, there is one thread that I am aware of on here that is acting unusual.

    Should I stay with Enscape?

    From my observations the last two posts did not show up on the latest posts tab when they were posted a day apart. It might just be a glitch or some other reason but I find it concerning that it seems to happen on a thread critical of Enscape.

    Both of these actions are very concerning because Enscape seems to be muting specifically critics of the program.

    Grizzler This happens every time a large company buys a smaller one, Adobe and Substance, every AAA game publisher and smaller game studios, Meta and Oculus. This could be seen from a mile away and yet they still won't come out and just say it. Choas will cherry-pick Enscape apart and discard the corpse when there's nothing left.

    ^ The majority of brick masonry in America is all a veneer. Again that's not the point.

    your best bet is to move to a more advanced material library like adobe substance. The Enscape library seems to tackle the more schematic design requirements. It might change in the future but not much has changed in the year since its been added to the program. .

    Is this possible? Certainly. Is this easy to do? Not particularity.

    You'll have to use mesh tools, probably a texturing tool such as the adobe substance software, and a lot of time to create that look. There are a few grasshopper plugins like elk that can give you the topography of a specific location you may be looking to model but creating a mesh from them will not lead to highly detailed terrain, plus it will not be textured.

    The only other solution would be to find some pre-built terrain assets and buy them, such as these

    As a aside, if this is your exact site the best option you probably have is to buy or rent a drone and use it plus Drone Deploy to 3d scan the topography in as high of detail as you can. Be aware that Rhino and Enscape will start to have issues when you get into the super high polygon meshes.

    Demian Gutberlet

    I ran a little test with the same model. Here are the loading times for the versions I tested.

    3.4.1+85781 - 37.5 Seconds

    3.5.0-preview.2+86270 - 28.4 Seconds

    3.4.1+86452 - 24.8 Seconds

    3.4.0+84039 - 27.4 Seconds

    The file I used is only about 14 mb. It does have 2,750 Enscape plants. Minus the plants the model is only 113,129 faces.

    Try using a overcast HDRI to light the scene instead of the sun intensity slider. That may solve your issue if you can find a HDRI that fits what you are looking for. The only other solution is to turn the clouds all the way up so they simulate the blocked sun. Either way the sun intensity slider is not the option you should be adjusting.

    Rdrest1 If D5 came out with a optimization update that reduced render times to roughly a minute, and made usability partially easier would you continue to pay for Enscape?

    "You won't see high quality trees, grass, fire, rain etc. in the near future." You might be correct, but the program that introduces the entire package first will sweep the market. The goal of every rendering company is to create a program the vast majority of the market, architects and archviz alike, want to use and therefore pay for.

    There are people like myself, and I'm sure others who like the mechanism behind Enscape but see its features/developmental process falling behind competitors. If Enscapes goal is only to capture the "novice renderer" percentage of the market they should just come out and say that. They cant say that though because they know I and others waiting patiently for features will leave and stop paying. What I am sure they are aware of, but I believe are underestimating is the point at which that group of users throws up their hands and leave before they have a recovery plan in place. They can ride the big arch firm license wave out, but HOK and others will abandon them for the next program if something better comes along.

    Paul Russam I 100% agree that Enscapes rendering process is significantly better than that of other rendering engines. But I can argue that at a certain point the lack of features offered by Enscape vs those offered in alternative stand-alone programs I.E. Twinmotion, D5, Lumion, makes the awkward interface worth more from a pure output standpoint. Add in their cost, free(except for Lumion), and it's obvious why some people would jump ship.

    If I'm doing a beachfront residential project with lots of vertical water and fire features, it's a no-brainer to go with another program to complete the project because Enscape work-arounds look subpar. Implementing those features isn't an overnight possibility but the fact that they have been on the wishlist since pre 2018 and haven't even been touched. In the meantime D5 is adding volumetric lighting and seasons plus already has those water and fire features when it was released two years ago is a slap in the face to Enscape. It makes you wonder what is holding Enscape back.