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Reminder: If you encounter any issues with Enscape (including installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Feedback button as detailed here. Thank you for your understanding.

    Every VR headset is going to require Steam VR to access Enscape. Steam does work offline if the headset is connected via a cable. Obviously, a network connection wont work if the network isn't available.

    Its still has got it's issues but the new HTC Vive XR Elite doesn't require base stations and can be cabled to the PC which helps with the internet stability issues.


    Price difference seems to be regional.

    In regards to the video editor, the current one is terrible so its no surprise that someone would choose Lumion over Enscape or just not making a video at all. I haven't exported a Enscape video in years because its not worth the effort but I totally would if the editor was fixed. The 75% assumption was assuming that the editor was usable and maybe 75% is higher than the actual number but no doubt the number is higher than the entire Rhino Enscape base.

    Just so I'm understanding you, You want Enscape to implement support for the _Rendermesh tool that Rhino has correct?

    HNY I just checked pricing this morning just to get the figures correct. I compared the cheapest prices of both programs to gain 100% of the features of both not taking into account license type (because the type of license doesn't affect the features of the program). That leaves Lumion pro at $109 a month and Enscape (yearly fixed license) at $43 a month.

    I agree that the gain to Rhino users with that feature would be great. Contrary though, and I don't have Enscapes stats, but based on the forum activity Rhino seems to only make up 13% of Enscapes user base, if only 75% (being generous) of Rhino users use meshes regularly enough to use that feature that feature is only applicable to max 10% of their user base. Compare that to a updated video editor which at least 75% of users would use and I think the scale of impact verse the time dedicated to the feature gets tipped totally to one side. Now if it is only a few lines of code added to the software then I'm all on board to add it. But Enscapes recent track record of choosing features to be added, completely implementing them, and in a bug free way is not good. So I am very wary of asking for niche features to be added when the big ones don't even seem to tackled at the rate they should be.

    HNY Its not that its a complex issue per say. I don't work for Enscape, but if I did and only had X amount of hours to work on new features and this one feature is only applicable for one of the four programs, isn't even used by everyone using the program, and there's already a process (although tedious) to convert the mesh, I wouldn't list it as a high priority to add to the software. That's not to say I don't want it because I think it could be super useful, but I'd definitely rather have a reworked video editor right now over more mesh tools. Also, Lumion is the cost it is because it has the developmental resources behind it. You can't expect a program that's 60% cheaper to have exactly the same features as the more expensive competitor.

    HNY Unless Enscape deems it appropriate to add to the portal it will just go into their black-hole of portal submissions and you will never see it.

    I completely agree that hard edges are a give away but Enscape isn't going to implement any kind of mesh support because none of the other three (sorry but vectorworks really doesn't count) software supported by Enscape have native mesh modeling. Soft edges has been requested for 6 years now, I wouldn't hold your breath to see it implemented in Enscape anytime soon.

    After effects is your best bet. You're either going to have to find the texture you are looking for and video edit in the sparkles to create a combined video texture(.mp4) or edit the video after. Either way there is no native way to do that in Enscape. You can try to apply a roughness map but that will only add a sheen to it, not a a sparkle.

    I second Paul Russam on this. They may be paid or take effort to find but I can access almost any material out there to create the materials I need for my Enscape projects. Adobe Substance has been amazing for this and is only $20 a month. On the contrary, I can't go in to the program and fix the video editor or add alpha video maps.

    Tim every company has resource limitations. I know the common saying is "a 3d artist isn't doing the same job as a programmer" but if the choice is hire more programmers to develop the program faster or hire more artist to expand the material library the choice should be towards the programmers. That is not to say no effort should be put behind the library or assets, but Enscape is really lacking in certain feature aspects that need to be focused on over giving someone more stone materials.

    BILLDOZER If I had a dollar for every puzzling feature decision Enscape made I would be able to pay off my student loans. That's not to say Enscape isn't a super useful program, because it is. But some of the most basic feature decisions have been overlooked for years now.