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    The simple reply to this is Adam.Fairclough is correct in saying "skill of artist is more important than the software itself", but it's undeniable that the R&D side of other programs like D5 and Twinmotion are greatly outpacing that of Enscape.

    Enscape seems to be focused lately on making the UI look pretty and run well vs giving users more features to produce better renderings. Considering our clients never see the UI side of Enscape, that doesn't really seem to be a high priority to myself and others who have pointed that out. Speaking for myself, I would take a program with all my wishlisted features but terrible UI over a program with the opposite any day.

    I am still on the Enscape train for now (mostly because Twinmotion still looks like a video game without post-processing, and D5 I feel still doesn't have the quality lead over Enscape), but all it could take for me to jump ship is a huge update from a competitor. Brand loyalty for software is almost non-existent, I am sure Enscape is aware of that, but as long as large firms purchase licenses and they still have a slight lead over the competition they are free to ride the wave as they please.

    Using Rhino 7 and this preview version, whenever a file I am working on gets reopened, Enscape reverts every displacement map back to a bump map. It is a huge time waste having to go back through all the materials and remember which materials are which map type. This does not affect normal maps, and obviously, bump maps are set to their default.

    This has happened to me on a number of projects across multiple modeling platforms and Enscape versions. Sometimes it goes away when restarting Enscape, but not always. I've done a tiny amount of experimenting and it seems to revolve around fully or partially transparent materials. It is very annoying and you aren't the only one experiencing it.

    I attached a similar "glitch" along the same vein as this. Although this red line doesnt glow, it isnt suppose to be there and can be distracting if a client notices it. I have no clue how to elimate it.

    gdarch They want you to follow the link that is labeled "here" in orange at the top of Demians first post of this thread. There you can submit each of those ideas individually by hitting the button in the top right corner.

    I don't work work for Enscape but a few comments about your wish-list:

    -PBR materials aren't supported by Enscape. (A huge wish-list item from a bunch of people)

    -Mixed materials have been requested for at least three years and have never been mentioned on the dev. agenda.

    -They will likely just tell you to create a gradient texture using Photoshop for whatever look you are trying to achieve.

    - Soft edges have been requested for years from the Rhino community and just like mixed materials nothing has been mentioned.

    -Curvature/falloff maps are likely too complicated for Enscape because it is a live rendering platform.

    There have been a number of requests for similar features to add complexity to the program for more advanced renderers. For some reason, Enscape has chosen to keep the program as simple to use as possible instead of offering more complex tools to those that wish to use them.

    The TL:DR is I support all the features you want to see added, but I wouldn't hold my breath for them.

    Are you sure hes not a vampire? All jokes aside, this is one of the numerous things that needs to updated. I would honestly rather points like these on features already in the program be addressed and corrected rather than ANY new features (including ones I try to promote) get added. I assume other people feel the same way about it as I do.

    For what it's worth, I haven't been this excited about the roadmap since Enscape 2.9 (that brought us custom assets). The saved sun positions, update views and the custom asset categories are all going to be huge for us.

    * If it is actually implemented correctly and not as a half-baked feature like a bunch of the recently added features have been.

    So assets placed in Enscape are considered blocks by rhino. Even though the layer the block is on which seems to be "Tree" is unlocked the actual "mesh" layer in the block/asset that you are trying to select is probably locked. If you find the layer the mesh is on I would suggest unlocking it. Then go into the block editor for that asset by double clicking it and change the material to the tree layer and it should become select-able.

    Enscape does not have a solution for vertical/volumetric water. It has been a item that has been asked since 2018 but nothing has been done to provide a solution. There are a few forums on here that have certain work arounds that might work for you. Demian will ask you to add your vote to their portal, who knows when it will be tackled.

    Just sent in a crash report with the log files, but I am now crashing very often on version 3.3. It's within 30 seconds of opening the file in Enscape. Running a RTX 3070 and I've be working on a fairly small file compared to other ones.

    Update - Rolled Back to the last 3.3 preview and the file works again. I was watching the task manager while the files were opening and this latest update is causing the GPU to run at max memory right from the start.