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    Please check out my previous reply regarding this rectangular light behavior here:

    This is not due to a bug or similar but caused by natural limitations given that Enscape is real-time renderer. Kindly check out the linked post for more information though with some tips provided at the end:

    "An alternative, depending on the scene, may then be placing more rect/line lights to give the impression of one single long light, and/or making use of self-emissive materials which can also simulate different lights rather well depending on the context. Make sure to not only use self-emissive surfaces to light your scene though as that can lead to visible lighting artifacts. (Mainly due to the complexity of calculating those emissive surfaces in real-time)"

    Not all problems can be solved by a linear light.

    If Enscape is not able to offer rectangular lights over 1 meter long, then limit that feature to just 1 meter long or simply eliminate this type of lighting. since to say that they "use linear light", it means that the rectangular light has no apparent use other than for a rectangular LED panel on the ceiling.

    On the other hand, they talk about real-time rendering, but one thing is the preview that we see and another thing is when rendering the final scene. The light calculation can easily be placed at the time of the final render in these specific cases.

    With a ray tracing card there are no excuses for limitations on the part of the light calculation. From my perspective, Enscape should detect whether or not it has a graphics card with ray tracing in order to offer other types of solutions that are not for the common user. Solutions focused not only on materials but also on lighting.

    There are other real-time graphics engines that have this rectangular light feature and they are making no excuses. I don't see why Enscape decides to do it.

    Same issue here!!

    If I put the Rect light on and mark the light up, the beam is reduced. If I mark the slanted light, the beam is complete.

    I have exactly the same problem. Enscape 3.5 with RTX 3060 12GB.

    When creating a rectangular Light, and adjusting the width, it apparently covers the entire area in the model, but when viewing it in the Enscape viewer the length is reduced for no apparent reason.

    I tried double-clicking the rectangular light to see the area it should cover on the model, and it appears to be fine, pointing in the right direction and so on, but it doesn't work in the viewfinder. Please fix this bug soon.

    Same issue here!!

    If I put the Rect light on and mark the light up, the beam is reduced. If I mark the slanted light, the beam is complete.

    ¿Qué solución CAD utiliza? Si está utilizando Revit, consulte nuestro modo de colaboración:…wledgebase/collaboration/

    Si puede hacerme saber si está usando SketchUp, Rhino, Vectorworks o ArchiCAD, también puedo agregarlo a los comentarios que enviaré.

    Revit 2021.

    I meant something like what implemented in Twinmotion.

    Something like that, but in Enscape using native Revit annotations.

    Por favor:

    -Objetos basados en la cara.

    -Cambiar texturas de objetos.

    -Agua y Hierba en planos verticales.

    -Objeto de neblina (Ej: para cascada).

    -Administrar luces en videos.

    -Más objetos del sitio.

    -Seleccione Vistas isométricas predeterminadas en Vista ortográfica. (Actualmente solo se pueden seleccionar fachadas o vistas de piso).

    -Gestión manual de la cámara por coordenadas en Video Editor (Para hacer videos en bucle).

    -Fondo transparente.

    -Posibilidad de abrir puertas para animación de videos o archivos ejecutables.