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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    We are experiencing an intermittent issue where Sketchup crashes with the placement of Enscape light objects. I have submitted feedback with logs on this issue. We are seeing it in a variety of models, including previously empty files. Is this a known issue?

    We are running version 3.5.0+107264

    Zoidburg - unfortunately we abandoned the Focus 3, and decided to move forward with the Quest 2. I have not gone back to do additional testing, but at the time, I used the Business Streaming Cable and Steam to run Enscape.

    We are experiencing an issue on multiple files where Sketchup is crashing while placing multiple assets from the Enscape library. It varies how quickly the crash will occur, but typically after placing 5-10 assets, the Sketchup file creates a bug splat and closes. This has happened on a very simple Sketchup file as well as complex models. Have others experienced this issue? Any advice on cause?

    in my previous testing, the performance was great, but as I mentioned in my comments, the controls made in VR navigation unusable. I have not tested again to see if it has improved.

    To follow up on this thread, we did end up purchasing both a Vive Focus 3 and HP Reverb G2 for testing. My first tests have been with the Vive Focus 3, and I have very much enjoyed the experience. The fit and resolution are both very nice. However, I am having some major issues using it with Enscape based on the controls. Link to thread below, but basically as the controls are currently configured, the only way to move around a model is with teleporting, as the elevation and movement controls are mapped to the inside trigger button on the controllers. Vive Focus 3 VR Controls - Feature Requests & Questions - Enscape Community Forum (

    Thanks for the response Demian Gutberlet - I always prefer to have users teleport through a scene, and I don't think it would be realistic to hand an Xbox controller to a client for use. I have used several other VR devices, and the controller interface is always pretty intuitive. Unfortunately for the Vive Focus 3, the controls simply do not work. The inside trigger does not allow for any directional movement, which would be required to move around in fly mode. To clarify, I do not want to customize controls, I just want the controls to be functional for the Focus 3.

    I am attempting to use Enscape with the Vive Focus 3, and having issues with the controls. I would expect the Left and Right joysticks to control movement and elevation, as is typical on other devices, but they are inactive. Instead, the inside triggers seem to be mapped to these controls, which does not really work. Is it possible for the movement and elevation controls to be mapped to the joysticks?

    Thank you.

    It's three steps:

    1. Power up the controllers
    2. Fire up WMR Portal
    3. Fire up WMR for Steam

    I think that's pretty straight forward and easily manageable for average staff. I can't comment on the update side though as we haven't gone through any updates yet.

    The Varjo Aero looks great on paper, not so sure about how you want to be able to drive that massive resolution with a single GPU in Enscape though. You might see yourself forced to compromise on either render quality and/or resolution which kinda negates the whole concept in the first place, doesn't it? But maybe Epix 3D can comment on that later. :)

    Thanks for your opinion MatthiasL - unfortunately in my experience, needing to fire up two additional programs, while not a big deal to most, can cause hiccups. Not a killer, just another thing to consider for us.

    Still curious if anyone has feedback on the Vive Focus 3.

    This is a fantastic thread - thanks to all that contributed.

    We are an architecture firm in the market for a new VR headset with inside-out tracking. We have used a variety of headsets in the past, including good success with the Vive/Vive Pro for offices with more permanent locations available, as well as Oculus Rift S/Quest. We would like to move away from Oculus, due primarily to the requirement to connect to a Facebook account, and a hesitancy to sign up for an Oculus for Business subscription.

    It looks like our top options are likely going to be the HP Reverb G2 and the Vive Focus 3. Several people have commented on positive experiences with the Reverb. I am slightly hesitant just because of the additional step of using the WMR Portal. We expect our average staff to be able to fire these headsets up with no issue, and this is just one more thing that could possibly go wrong/need updating.

    Has anyone had positive experience with the Vive Focus 3? I imagine for most of our large models, we would probably leave it corded, but would also be interested to hear anyone's experience with streaming over WiFi.

    Thanks in advance.

    Demian Gutberlet - thanks for the response. It is a bit of a pain, so I hope we can get a resolution soon. We do work with multiple visualization tools so I have to make the entire team aware that if they are using Enscape for rendering or VR, they must first open up this particular linked Revit model and edit the material appearance - this is not practical for most.

    Adam.Fairclough - PNG attached here if you want to take a look.

    It appears that Enscape is inverting my material cutout property. When viewing in a native Revit realistic view or in the material editor, the material cuts correctly, but when I render to Enscape the cutout is inverted. My workaround is to invert the cutout so that it looks correct in Enscape (but incorrect in Revit). Ideally these would be coordinated - any advice would be appreciated.

    I also think it was not the main purpose of device to have 1mm precise tracking. It is enough to have stable tracking with some small differences between sessions for 99,9% of use cases.

    Thanks to all for the feedback - very helpful. Understood that is not going to be perfect, but the height difference is definitely noticeable to even novice users. I have placed several people into the Enscape environment with the Rift S and heard the comment "I feel tall". It is what makes VR so great for designers - you can intuitively feel the difference. It is still useful, but makes the user less trusting of the experience. I don't know the magic number for precision - it doesn't need to be 1mm, but perhaps 10 mm? It is not a problem I have perceived with our Vive setup.

    Demian Gutberlet  Lucas Cunningham I have experienced this issue in both sun filled and windowless rooms. It is good to know that the sun could be part of the problem.

    Any ideas on a workaround for the 2 inch difference in height? We recently had a presentation and I lowered the user manually until the height read correctly, but this setup is lost as soon as teleport is used.

    I am having issues with my floor calibration using the Oculus Rift S. As I teleport through the space, the default height places me 1-2 inches above the true ground level. I have reset the floor level in the Rift Guardian Setup, but this has not helped the issue. I do not appear to have the same issue with other Rift applications. Image attached here shows a screenshot with the Rift controller placed on the true floor - you can see that in the virtual world it is floating. I am running 2.5.3, and I am having this issue in both Revit and Sketchup.

    Is Archvision RPC content compatible with Enscape in Sketchup? I have had success using Archvision content in Revit, but I am not having success in Sketchup.