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    Dear Enscape,

    Again congrats on such an amazing tool. I have been working professionally with Sketchup+Vray for 3 years and just a few weeks after switching to Enscape I have already wrapped 2 projects with very happy clients who didn't think I could produce animations so quickly.

    BUT...the animation tool is way too basic. SU animation is already pretty awful so what are the plans on implementing a better animation system in Enscape?

    Ideally several way points but of course if you guys see a way of doing more advanced animation technique (could we draw a circle, path in sketchup and have the camera follow it?) that would take the animation to the next level.

    Looking forward to this!


    Do you mean the fog ground level or the level of the visible horizon? The horizon is currently as it would look like on earth, regarding curvature and height.

    I mean the horizon level. I know it is at the right level but we sometimes need to adjust it depending on the geometry of the scene. I can do that in Blender for instance. Would be a nice addition with a simple input box to lower or higher its position.


    I can't seem to find how to completely remove any illumination in my scene apart from artifical lights.

    Even if I turn down the sun and stars&moon brightness some light seems to pour in from the walls inside my scene.

    If I step outside my room (which has no window) I still see the sky being bright.

    Can I completely remove illumination from sun/environment and only use spotligt/point lights?