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    Hi everyone,

    I am a new user of Enscape and so happy to join in this community!

    My research work is on the cardiovasular modeling (vessels, stents...), and we need to realize the flying though inside the vessel model.

    We just installed the lastest Enscape, and the Vive elite cosmos, and our modeing work is using Rhino 6.

    As new users, we have some questions:

    1, what's the default demension scale Enscape is applying? As you know, the vessel demension is quite small (about 2-4 mm in diameter), I found if I use the real vessel demension, the Enscape has the problem of zoom in/out. The I tried to scale the model by 1000 times, and use the unit of centimeter, it seems better. I wonder if there is an instruction for the model dimension scale?

    2, the model position is big problem for us. Each time I try to move the mode to the front of me, it is so difficult. And when I just open Enscape, the model usually is not in front of me (but in Rhino I set it as front of me). I really need a help on how I can poisition the model easily.

    3, As our current study aim, we need to "fly through" the vessel model and take a video of it. Alto the movement in the vessel is a big prolem. I have seen the fantasitic example for the building models, but why it is so different for my model?

    Thank you all for any suggestions and help!