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    I do understand your point of view. But I expect that when the Enscape team announced the Enscape for MAC, they are already working on they have to have some kind of "test bench" and maybe they already know that what is not enough and what might be enough...unfortunately most of the reviews for new Apple SOC /M1, M1pro,M1max/ are based on photo and video editing /I do understand why...the connection between Apple's HW and SW is the biggest power from my point of view/ but I see the new Apple chip era as a return for Apple to the PRO customer segment /I remember days something like 20 years ago, when its was cruical to use Mac for some PRO tasks also in AEC business...for example Archicad an Vectorworks were beautiful optimised for this OS.../ So we will see what future brings, but I hope that not long from now Apple will be back in business and I don't mean the fancy brand for youngsters...

    The only hardware that has been available to anybody has been the M1 Mac Minis and iMacs, which might be used as the minimum system requirements for Mac, but nobody knows what the new machines perform like yet.

    I'd b curious if anyone has tried running enscape on an M1 mac in parallels right now and how that performs - I was pleasantly suprised when I tried running another real time renderer on it the other day.

    Also , from what they said, part of the move to Mac comes with them transitioning Enscape (on all platforms) to Vulkan, which in itself may have some big hits on how well things work - before it gets to the point where it works as well/better than it does now.

    If I was enscape, I wouldn't want to make any suggestions or infer anything that is not set in stone.

    I mean, does raytracing even matter with Enscape? If anything goes wrong, one of Enscape team’s first suggestions is to turn off raytracing as there isn’t much difference in final render quality.

    Yes, getting even 2060/2070 equivalent graphics on such thin laptop on battery power and without fans going crazy is just so surprisingly amazing.

    The GI and reflections are all driven by raytracing, so if you are interested in realtime performance, whether when creating your model or for realtime output, then yes.

    The dedicated hardware that those RTX cards have act like a multiplier for certain types of workload, so over in the gaming world where we do come across situations maybe even less demanding than what an Archiviz user will place on an environment we see as much as a 4x improvement in performance with DLSS and hardware accelerated raytracing.

    That becomes even more compound when you are running at higher resolutions - DLSS increases performance further. Something to bear in mind as those Mac's have 4x the number of pixels to drive on screen than a 1080p monitor (close to a 4K display) - itself being one of the primary reasons those models will have even moderately powerful GPUs as the GPU overhead needed to run at 4K in itself is significant.

    Anyways, I don't mean to be a negative Nancy, it's fantastic there are more options for people who choose to use Mac - they are quality products all round.

    I do strongly feel that people need to look past the marketing and look at the evidence we have in front of us about the hardware how that compares to other known quantities.

    In regards to the GPU we know suspiciously little, they've only talked about "relative" performance. They've used a $400 PS5 as a comparison for their $3000 laptop and we have no benchmarks of indication of actual GPU performance.

    They have mostly focussed on the CPU, which is actually pretty amazing. SketchUp will fly on one of those. (as it does on my Mac Mini)

    I get it though, if you are Mac user already, then this is a huge upgrade. I'd be excited too :)

    Just as I was when I bought my iPhone 13 pro a few weeks ago - which of course I'm sure many Android users would tell me was overpriced and underspecced too :D (talk about a hypocrite )

    Those figures will be excluding the RTX type features which make raytracing type operations significantly faster and DLSS which also improves performance.

    A PS5 is equivalent to something like a 2060 or 2070 excluding RTX.

    Great to have options for Mac however.

    Hmmmm, very interesting... i get the concept of a video placed on a surface, but in thinking about what they want, they want it to light up the area under a skywalk, and im guessing it doesnt actually cast any real light.. or does it?

    if it does, how did you get the video you wanted?

    Emissive surfaces do cast light into the model, certainly in screen space. You would probably need to bump up the brightness quite considerably beyond what I've got there to have it hit other things, there may be some delicate balancing (as there often is) to get the

    The video I included in the post was a gif that cycled through colours - which I converted to an MP$, you could make one with different types in a video editor by fading between different colours or perhaps by transforming the position of a RGB gradient image.. If you search for stock footage of gradient light or colour changing backgrounds you may be able to find something suitable.

    Dial is cool!

    Ryzen Processor still isn't the best choice for SketchUp vs. some of the intel options from earliar

    Clarification on field of view - Technical Problems / SketchUp - SketchUp Community

    There is a mention in here of Sketchup using a vertical FoV which comes from OpenGL. I've mostly ignored FoV in Sketchup as it seemed arbitrary when there is no safe frame or way to lock in an aspect ratio.

    You can turn on a safe frame / aspect ratio using the advanced camera tools menu.

    It doesn't change the VFOV / HFOV thing, but it can be useful if you are trying to frame shots /create scenes with a final output in mind.

    Funnily enough it actually then brings up all the technicalities of what your virtual image sensor/film stock size is.

    JohnHolmes: From which source have you downloaded the amd-driver? (MyAsus, Official-Website,..)

    I have the same problem like you and nearly the same notebook model (3070, 15 inch)

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    There is an auto detector for AMD products you can use here

    AMD Drivers and Support for Radeon, Radeon Pro, FirePro, APU, CPU, Ryzen, desktops, laptops

    That should spot the CPU/GPU that needs updating

    I occasionally run into problems with people with intel CPUs and Nvidia cards with Sketchup/Enscape etc for the same reasons - on laptops the Nvidia card is a render only device, the integrated GPU built into the CPU actually handles the image landing on your monitor and this can occasionally cause issues when there are the normal drivers shenanigans going on.

    If you have an intel processor and are using a 2nd monitor connected via a USB / Dock, there are issues with the intel drivers which affect most things that use the GPU.