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    Thought I would report back that setting it to displacement give incorrect result whereby the normal is interpreted as displacement, but setting it to normal gives correct result, the normal is reading as normal bump showing up in the micro details and the parralax displacement adds another level of bump in the macro details.

    In the main UI, is it possible to add a confirmation to the Export button.? I've accidentally pressed it on numerous occasions when the scene is already exported and thus wasting how ever many minutes sometimes up to 15~20min on an older machine for it to reload again. Maybe a cancel button? ;( whenever this happens it makes me want to pull my hair out!

    If multithreaded loading of texture is possible, can geometry loading be multithreaded as well? If one were to move from a CPU based renderer and have a high core count CPU, it would be ideal to use parallel central processing power for loading scenes.

    I know all CAD 3d Modelling is linear/single threaded tasks, but wondering if handling/loading can be multithreaded like texture loading. For my workflow, sketchup scene needs to be loaded into the real-time render buffer in order for any tweak of visual settings. I cannot work blindly without this feedback, so I am not sure how the two step process suggested here would actually work.

    I was thinking simple horizontal rotation on the z-axis for just the HDRi to change the sun azimuth direction (not the elevation angle) as animating that would indeed tilt the HDRi map. In the slider of the skybox set up, there is a setting to rotate it, as it rotates, the sun direction also rotates. I was thinking maybe this setting could be part of the video editor for the key frames and the rotation could be tweened between keys?

    I see the ability to animate time of day, though if one is choosing HDRi with the brightest point as Sun Direction, is there no provision to animate its rotation? Maybe this is more of a feature request, but thought I would check in as a question in case there is a way to do this. Thank you!

    Hello Enscape developers,

    I know that 8k support is there. I am UV painting large terrains, a small cottage island to be exact and still 8k is just not sufficient. Substance Painter now supports UDIM and I understand it is also planned for Quixel Mixer. Just wondering if UDIM texture sets can be integrated back into Enscape in the future. I don’t really know what and if that can be made possible.

    Thank you!

    Testing the custom asset editor:

    Observation: Currently 3D mesh files have to be at time of creation/export from other software apps in meters or it will import at a wrong scale. Using FBX as file format for testing.

    Question: Will auto scale detection and conversion / or toggle to other scale units be available?

    Thank you Demian. Very happy to hear that it is already in the agenda. :)

    I've read on another forum threads that 2D displacement (ie parallax type) will also be implemented. Wondering if you are able to tell me if both of these features: displacement and map enabled grass distribution will be in the next releases slated for the coming month of November 2020?

    I am also curious if not an immediate release, but for future development, more advanced material editing and GPU procedural textures will be added, such as AO, curvature, fall off, multi-sub-object etc and the ability to perform addition/overlay mix functions for complex materials. It feels like the quality and speed of the visualization is really competitive compared to Vary if only materials/texture editing ability is there.

    Hello Enscape development team,

    I am a long time VRay user and am currently evaluating Enscape as alternative for in house arch studio visualization solution. I am stuck on the feature of the grass that is quite limiting especially in that there are no other way to determine its application other than through whole geometries applied with a single material. Are there future plans to develop more customizations for controls such as density control based on opacity maps/ ie. black and white opacity to effectively phase out transition areas for terrains that have mixed materials? I would love :love: that feature.

    Thank you,