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    Hello Enscape developers,

    I know that 8k support is there. I am UV painting large terrains, a small cottage island to be exact and still 8k is just not sufficient. Substance Painter now supports UDIM and I understand it is also planned for Quixel Mixer. Just wondering if UDIM texture sets can be integrated back into Enscape in the future. I don’t really know what and if that can be made possible.

    Thank you!

    Testing the custom asset editor:

    Observation: Currently 3D mesh files have to be at time of creation/export from other software apps in meters or it will import at a wrong scale. Using FBX as file format for testing.

    Question: Will auto scale detection and conversion / or toggle to other scale units be available?

    Thank you Demian. Very happy to hear that it is already in the agenda. :)

    I've read on another forum threads that 2D displacement (ie parallax type) will also be implemented. Wondering if you are able to tell me if both of these features: displacement and map enabled grass distribution will be in the next releases slated for the coming month of November 2020?

    I am also curious if not an immediate release, but for future development, more advanced material editing and GPU procedural textures will be added, such as AO, curvature, fall off, multi-sub-object etc and the ability to perform addition/overlay mix functions for complex materials. It feels like the quality and speed of the visualization is really competitive compared to Vary if only materials/texture editing ability is there.

    Hello Enscape development team,

    I am a long time VRay user and am currently evaluating Enscape as alternative for in house arch studio visualization solution. I am stuck on the feature of the grass that is quite limiting especially in that there are no other way to determine its application other than through whole geometries applied with a single material. Are there future plans to develop more customizations for controls such as density control based on opacity maps/ ie. black and white opacity to effectively phase out transition areas for terrains that have mixed materials? I would love :love: that feature.

    Thank you,