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    Well thats nice for a change - Turkey gets something earlier ;) Do you use VR with every client? Do you judge if a client would be impressed by VR or not, maybe depending on the type of work, or their personality? Or do you use VR presentations with every client? You seem to have plenty of demand for it, and I'm wondering If our clients would react the same - we do plenty of residential work (mainly villas), some conservation and some hotel work.

    We'll be upgrading our headsets from HTC Vives to Reverb G2s (along with new RTX3080 Workstations to push all those pixels) early 2021. The pros for the Reverb G2 are the high resolution, SteamVR and WMR capabilites plus no Facebook connection. Also the inside out tracking of the G2 - while oviously not being 100% perfectly accurate at times - frees us of additional sensors and the setup that comes with those when switching locations.

    By the way Matthias - have you preordered your headsets? The earliest delivery date I see for Turkey is end of November, I was wondering if this is the same for Europe.

    Hey Kristof, will be happy to hear your result. The price of OQ2 is actually higher than Reverb G2 where I live, so I'm its a tough buy for me but I'm still interested to hear what you think of it.

    I see - that's very helpful to know. With HTC wireless pack out of the picture, Reverb becomes a stronger option: lower price plus newer technology. I don't have a seperate room for presentations, so I will have to see if I can install a discreet hook, or perhaps come up with a system that's attachable to a chair.

    Thanks for the very useful input guys. Very happy to hear if there are other comments from HTC Cosmos or Reverb G1 users.

    hey matthias - thanks for the very useful comment. I've actually been thinking of doing a similar setup - upgrading to 3080 and getting a reverb g2. in device tracking is a great plus too, though htc cosmos also has this function. do you know if the reverb will offer a wireless module like the htc does? not having cables would be a great plus for me, although the price of cosmos + wireless kit is almost twice the money of a reverb g2

    Yeah I've been reading about those rumours too. Rift seems to be somewhat better suited as you say, and the low price is a plus. Though I am very wary of the facebook connection since I don't use facebook, and find it very invasive in general. I will have to judge if paying a lower price is really worth it once I have a better idea of HTC and HP headsets.

    hey mannyl, thanks for your answer - its very helpful to read this from someone with first hand experience. most reviews out there seem to be praising the oculus, however i haven't been getting a good impression of it. so i think my options for now are htc vive cosmos or hp reverb g2. valve index is out of my budget for now - as a first time owner i would like to start with something that costs less, so i can see if it's really something we can use in the long run or not. do you have any experience with these two headsets?

    hey fellas - we are on the lookout to buy a headset to our office, and terribly confused about what to pick. unfortunately, the options here in turkey are somewhat limited, and the prices are expensive, but from what i understand it is possible to find the most common headsets - vive, quest and the like. we use enscape/twinmotion for walkthroughs, though we would also be showing still images - renders and 360 photos.

    i am somewhat prejudiced towards quest because of the facebook thing, but as long as there's a good reason to chose them over vive, i'm happy to consider quest too. i will be also making a graphic card update pretty soon, so i think i'll be covered on that front. so if you guys have any recommendations about good quality, easy to use, hassle free headsets i would be very happy to hear about them :thumbup: