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    Dear Sirs,
    long time no posts from my end... but recently upgraded my PC, now using rtx 2080 and enscape 2.6 for Revit.

    The issue I noted when I tried to create video - even when I just want to preview the video - animation goes, stops for a milisecond, drops a few frames and continues... and does the same thing along the path... At firs I taught it's jus a preview issue, but when I rendered video - on the exact same spots - video also stops, luses a few frames and continues...
    Any help? Is this already noted as an issue or this is something new?
    Unfortunately - can not upload the video, but I'll try to make another one, using different project and upload it here...


    It would be extremely useful to enable import of camera/camera path produced in software such as 3ds max, after effects, boujou etc. in order to create Enscape videos suitable for perfect overlapping with real videos from the site (drone/ aerial videos).

    Workaround for this process would be enabling import of recorded video as a background in the Enscape video editor. This way we could use real video as a guide for creating Enscape camers and path for manual camera movement matching...

    What I miss mostly in the Asset Library are double beds and single beds.

    Does anybody have a SketchUp low poly doublebed that shows up decent in Enscape?

    As a mostly Revit oriented user - I also support more realistic beds with sheets & pillows... to be part of the asset library in the future (or as discussed - make a tutorial on how to convert hi-poly 3d max models into enscape assets...)

    Thanks for very usefull posts and introduction of the roadmap. It's great to have insight to the software development.

    Please keep the EnscapeAssetID unchanged for old/updated assets and just add more assets(and respective enscapeassetid properties) in the future.

    It will be extremely difficult to handle revit files and their rendering presentation if you mess up/change these important properties with new assets in the library.

    got the same video error several times, and I think that whenever I got this as a result video - I actually created animation, exported it successfully, and then removed existing keyframes and created new keyframes without closing video editor... maybe that's the bug.

    I always watch preview of the animation, but it's not the reason for this bug.

    As already said, I also support "opening" asset library to user upload and custom user libraries. Also, custom/variable asset materials would be a great improvement to it.

    Just keep in mind that all enscape software should have equal asset library features.

    Therefore, it would be great if you could provide a tutorial for asset creation and some open web enscape storage (similar to sketchup warehouse) in order to enable all users to freely upload and exchange created assets.

    That would be a great benefit for all enscape platforms (not just sketchup)!


    Which version should i have?

    As mentioned in the other topics regarding grass tool, we would all like to see, in all software platforms - the same enscape tools. This one is the example of the tool that should be commonly made for all software, (not just sketchup).

    Revit/Rhino/Archicad users would appreciate these options instead material renaming and messing up with material names instead of just introducing a (slider) tool for controlling grass height/variation.

    awesome! sketchup I assume... too bad that this quality of interior rendering is hardly achievable in revit.... (due to lack of good looking assets/ furniture)
    lighting is great as well.

    Totally agree. Any solution excluding further material name messing in revit would be very appreciated. The same goes to grass variations (instead of using grass neme - it would be better just to include sliders for grass height/variation into enscape settings (I know it's more complicated for programming, but it's deffinitely better approach for most of the issues))

    What I understood and what I would like to see is enscape preview of - revits override in term of showing materials not only as set in appearance mode or graphics mode - but also presenting revit element as set in working view, applying set overrides or even better revit filters... (different color of various elements or categories, different opacity etc...) that would be great for coordination purposes...
    But I assume it's far more complicated for programming and very complicated to hack using phase filters as well...

    One solution would be to use phasing and phase filters. Similar to this Blog post:…el-simulation-in-enscape/

    Set the linked models to Existing, and yours to new. Change the existing material to be a nice solid and the new material to be transparent.

    You would need to make sure to change the linked model back to "new" afterwards, but that seems like a small compromise.

    The hack you referring is a great for presentation purposes of it's own look, but the topic kowen1208 and diegofernandez raised is totally different with different purpose and different approach... I would also like to have revit graphic overrides in enscape as additional tool for more realistic coordination issues and coordination presenattions.

    Today I tried to replicate the water reflection effect by adding white spots to the roughness texture. However this did not work. I have also tried black and transparent spots which did not work either

    Am I missing something?

    Thought the same... in revit, but it seems that I used wrong map slot...