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    Also noted the difference in quality of stills and videos, and videos and real-time preview - especially when it comes to time changes and transitions from day to night. Real-time preview shows hugely different (and more accurate) light transition from light to dark, but video doesn't captures the same...

    Any chance to disable/fix dependency of wind and time during videos?

    I've also noted that sky movement is now linked to the wind as well and during time-lapse videos with fixed wind to 0% - it's really unnatural and ugly to see the vivid animation capturing shadow and light changes while at the same time trees and sky are frozen and still...

    I would really like to see that wind percentage is not linked with time or that wind feature fixed in the way that wind percentage is the same weather you render stills or videos (e.g when wind percentage is set to 30% and you're making time-lapse - the wind is 30% during the entire timeline and not dependent of it...similarly as Lumion does)

    Thanks for fast response. I was thinking about integrating common workflow we currently doing - drone video> camera matchmaking> export camera and render in 3ds max.
    Currently none of the existing real-time rendering platforms don't have the ability to import these matched camera animation and use it...
    It would be great to achieve these kind of videos (

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    ) using enscape animation export overlapped with drone videos in post...

    Any news on this? Or any other camera path export - import option?

    It's great to use Enscape and it would be real game-changer to see such a real-time render engine used for match-moving animations from drone camera videos or similar (e.g. drone camera video matched in AE and exported in Encsape...)

    What is the idea of using cutout with grass?
    To create some mix of different types of grass?
    You can always edit the surface and apply different materials to its parts/areas and at last you can duplicate these surfaces with different materials applied (short or high grass) and the result will be mix of different grass types,
    However - it's only notable in close-ups, otherwise, it's more important to apply a good grass texture...

    Dear Sirs,
    long time no posts from my end... but recently upgraded my PC, now using rtx 2080 and enscape 2.6 for Revit.

    The issue I noted when I tried to create video - even when I just want to preview the video - animation goes, stops for a milisecond, drops a few frames and continues... and does the same thing along the path... At firs I taught it's jus a preview issue, but when I rendered video - on the exact same spots - video also stops, luses a few frames and continues...
    Any help? Is this already noted as an issue or this is something new?
    Unfortunately - can not upload the video, but I'll try to make another one, using different project and upload it here...


    It would be extremely useful to enable import of camera/camera path produced in software such as 3ds max, after effects, boujou etc. in order to create Enscape videos suitable for perfect overlapping with real videos from the site (drone/ aerial videos).

    Workaround for this process would be enabling import of recorded video as a background in the Enscape video editor. This way we could use real video as a guide for creating Enscape camers and path for manual camera movement matching...

    What I miss mostly in the Asset Library are double beds and single beds.

    Does anybody have a SketchUp low poly doublebed that shows up decent in Enscape?

    As a mostly Revit oriented user - I also support more realistic beds with sheets & pillows... to be part of the asset library in the future (or as discussed - make a tutorial on how to convert hi-poly 3d max models into enscape assets...)

    got the same video error several times, and I think that whenever I got this as a result video - I actually created animation, exported it successfully, and then removed existing keyframes and created new keyframes without closing video editor... maybe that's the bug.

    I always watch preview of the animation, but it's not the reason for this bug.

    As already said, I also support "opening" asset library to user upload and custom user libraries. Also, custom/variable asset materials would be a great improvement to it.

    Just keep in mind that all enscape software should have equal asset library features.

    Therefore, it would be great if you could provide a tutorial for asset creation and some open web enscape storage (similar to sketchup warehouse) in order to enable all users to freely upload and exchange created assets.

    That would be a great benefit for all enscape platforms (not just sketchup)!


    Which version should i have?

    As mentioned in the other topics regarding grass tool, we would all like to see, in all software platforms - the same enscape tools. This one is the example of the tool that should be commonly made for all software, (not just sketchup).

    Revit/Rhino/Archicad users would appreciate these options instead material renaming and messing up with material names instead of just introducing a (slider) tool for controlling grass height/variation.