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    same problem here, I always noticed especially with big files that enscape made Rhino crashing. generally I solved it reducing the escape window. But now with 3.0 the crashes started reappearing quite randomly. not sure qhat could be the cause, where i can find the report log data?

    I there, there might something I do wrong, but i cannot retrieve time settings when i save the view.

    This is my process.

    save rendering settings in enscape

    save the view with enscape command

    ACTIVATE star and the chain icon to lin the view to the settings.

    the exact time of the day is never assocaited to the view and I have to take a note and every time reset it again.

    is there another method?

    hi guys,

    i just placed some rectangular lights, and exactly where the lights split occur strange artefacts. I use a simple rhino rectangular light. Any idea? I haven´t the latest version. After an update i will chek it again.

    Hi Rick Marx ,thanks for the reply!

    here the anaswers_

    No I can actually save the view and display it correctly. the problem is that at the mont of rendering the view goes back to perspective, no matter what i do, and it doesn´t save it in orthographic view.

    regarding the last question, i open the orthograpich view from the enscape/rhino saved view, and the safe frame is visualised correct at the moment of rendering. but after saving the saved image turns into perspective as well as the enscape view.

    Hi I have to render some elevations, but everytime I load the view is always in a different position.

    I set the camera in Rhino, then I activate the synchronisation, and I make sure the view in enscape is orthographic. the problem is that I struggle to set the camera always in the same position, I know that im orthographic projects it would be more correct to speak about direction. But i really need to frame the the projet in a consistent way, like in a normal perspective, being able to retrieve it from the view manager. Also wehn i save the view creating a named view in rhino from the enscape view, it does not work .


    I still think there is need for better reflections on glass material, its often to weak. Now that we have a material editor, couldnt an addition to that be a glass material, where one slider goes all the way from transparent to mirror? That would be superusefull!

    I think so as well, the reflections depening on the light and angles sometimes is very weak, so weak that you have to rework the image with photoshop and doing some workaround with a more reflective is actaully a bit against the whole concept of Enscape, I find a contradiction the fact that you have to use Photoshop to get some very basic reflection enhancement effects...