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    Simon Weinberger Using the simple model shown in the images above, everything seems to be working fine, but when I load another project file, I still see some edge artifacts on certain facades so it seems like an improvement, but now possibly pointing to something potentially wrong with this particular model. I will spend some additional time with the problematic geometry to see if I can figure out what the problem might be.

    The simple model below illustrates a strange rendering behavior I am getting w/ all of my images recently, and I have been unable to resolve. The edges of geometry are getting burned out along the edges of a north facing surface (opposite the sun position) when they have no geometry between the edge of the face and the sky background. As you move the camera around the burned out edge location changes, the last image being the best example. Most times the edge goes white as shown, but I have also had instances where it has gone black in a similar fashion (last image). Needless to say when striving for a somewhat photo-realistic image, these hot spot edges are really problematic. I have tried adjusting all of the setting, remodeling geometry, changing materials, nothing seems to fix the issue. These screens are taken w/ version 2.02.9 but I am also having this issue with the current preview release. This effect has occurred on both Win 7/Win10 machines running both GTX 1080TI and 1080 cards as well as workstations running Quadro graphics cards.

    I am curious if anyone else has had a similar issue and if so, how you might have been able to resolve it.

    I am having this same issue on two different computers using the current build, anyone have a fix for this issue yet? One machine is a win7 another is win10, both say they are up to date when I run windows update utility, display drivers are also current on both machines. I also rolled back to version 1.9 but I have the same issue. I just sent feedback as well so you can take a look at my logfiles and hopefully see the issue.

    I am having issues using the panorama capture feature. With a material that uses a transparent .png file such as perforated metal, Enscape takes a few seconds to update the material transparency every time the camera moves. This is OK when walking around the model in real time since when you stop moving w/n a second or two the transparency of the material returns. However when capturing the images to generate the 360 pano and the camera is moving and capturing continuously, the perforated material remains much more solid and the surface in the 360 pano looks much more solid. I presume there is really nothing I can do to change this behavior at the moment, but wanted to bring it up in case there is something that can be done on the programming end to allow the viewport to fully refresh for each frame of the 360 panorama prior to capture or speed up the refresh of perforated materials when moving the camera.

    I am having issues trying to export animations. From one frame to the next the enscape sun switches from day to night and I want the time of day to remain the same. Each scene tab in the file is set to the same day/time and I have also tried turning off "use sun for shading" in the sketchup shadow settings. I have also tried turning shadows off and on, nothing seems to have an effect.

    I have 4 scene tabs total for the overall animation tab 1-2 works fine, tab 2-3 does not work, and tabs 3-4 work.

    Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing the enscape sky to shift from day to night during the export, and if there is anyway I can stop it from doing that?


    I have no idea what the issue was, but deleting the 3rd scene and re-creating it seemed to fix the problem

    I have several face me tree objects that were transparent prior to the latest update that added support for face me, and now they are solid and I cannot seem to get the transparency back unless I explode the object so it is no longer set as a face me object.

    Also is there a way to have transparency w/o reflection currently?