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    Looking forward to the improvements.

    I've had to utilise Enscape in different workflows rather than client presentations due to the reflection issue.

    The feedback I get with my work with Revit and Enscape has been 'what's wrong with the reflections'.

    It has been a PS nightmare like Herbo said.

    I still believe in this product. Hoping for a great solution in the near future.


    It would be a good idea to have the White Mode option in the Instructions options panel.

    I would like to be able to switch between modes without having to go into the Enscape Settings. It would be ideal especially when I am viewing the Exe. file.

    Is this possible?


    The bumps make the world of difference for me. Try different settings for glossiness , reflectivity and brightness for your materials. I find this helps as well.

    Checkout Enscape's Revit Material Test Project as well. It's free for download. Awesome content.

    If that would be true, I promise we would have done it. As Demian has written above, it's regarding off screen reflections that look different. We will improve that in the future, but this is hard to combine with a good performance.

    Hopefully this is at the top of the list in development within the near future. I hate the idea of workarounds just to avoid mirror reflections and having to do some cut and paste through any image editor software.

    Especially unavoidable scenes with mirror wardrobes or full height mirrors across an entire room like a gym or showroom.

    Definitely agree with the above statements from Micha and Solo. Degraded performance is worth the quality in image output. A bit of give and take!

    Good luck team!

    I'm using Revit 2018.2 and have no issues.

    I installed Enscape to Revit 2018 prior to updating to 2018.2.

    Perhaps installing Enscape to Revit 2018 then update to 2018.2?

    This is the version I'm currently using and it works perfectly well.

    I'm running a GeForce GTX 1070 Graphics Card if that helps.

    Geo Glad to hear you're enjoying Enscape! The missing reflections are normal in this scenario - If an object or area is not directly visible on-screen, only the color of the object / area is considered in the reflections (no textures).

    I tried a few test with the reflections to see where the underlying problem is. There must be a straight forward solution to it?

    Excuse me if I don't know the correct terminology for my explanation.

    As I see it, there is a shading problem once direct lighting and shadows are cast in the reflection.

    Direct lighting causes the reflection to generate the model without the rendering of materials etc.

    Once shading is interpreted in the reflection, it generates a correct render.

    Could it be as simple as multiplying the reflection shading into the software?

    Mirror reflections will assume a complete shadow reflection and shading in all areas.

    I tried tinting the mirror and duplicating the model but this didn't work either.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Hi Enscape enthusiast!

    This is my first post. I absolutely love Enscape! Hope to do big things with it this year. First time rendering with it and it's so intuitive!

    Anyway, I've read the threads in regards to my problem but I just want to also point it out.

    The reflection in the mirror has some minor glitches and I hope you can solve this.

    Any tips on how I can fix this? I haven't used Photoshop so I'm presuming I will have to do some post production and learn Photoshop with some cut and paste techniques.

    The green is the grass from outside the building. (I've tried with and without the grass render and it produces the same effect.)

    The hardwood floor is a very hi resolution image. (When I remove the bed the reflection is ok but still not perfect)

    It really makes or breaks my image if you pay real attention it it.

    Any tips would be really helpful. (and yes, I thought about removing the mirror altogether. I even added a tint to the mirror but it lacks the effect I'm after).

    I'm using Revit 2018