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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Greetings again,

    I'm facing the following issue. Reflection is missing from several glass panels, even though the family is correctly created and have no flipped normals in the model mesh. Attached is the glass panel configuration and material setup, also an export from sketchup (white as proof we don't have no flipped normals) and a draft image from Enscape.

    Issue is present on multiple versions of Enscape, 3.3.1 and 3.4 even 3.5.0 preview version.

    Attached in link is the window family which we use in the 3D model:

    Awaiting your response, thank you.


    I keep getting this error while trying to launch the app from Sketchup 2022, Enscape version 3.4, model size 116mb.

    Machine specs:

    Processor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X 12Cores

    RAM : 64 Gb

    Video : 11 Gb RTX 2080 Ti

    OS : windows 10

    I have tested and not the resolution is the cause. Before I ever got this error message, I've restarted the machine. Uninstalled gpu drivers, rolled back to older version, still didn't do the trick, came back to the new driver, nothing.

    Installing 3.4.1 preview doesn't solve a thing, neither 5.0 preview.

    Also I removed several assets from the model before placing them into the scene, still that's not the problem and the model isn't too overloaded, actually low poly with only 3.909.492 faces - it consists of an office complex with most of the entourage objects from Enscape library (trees, lights, cars, some interior furniture etc).

    I don't know what's causing the issue but I never had it, and it's kind of an urgent matter to get it solved.

    Awaiting your input on this, thank you very much.

    L.E. I've been contacted by one of your technical support colleagues and I've been advised to open the scene with an older version of Enscape, in my case 3.3.1, scene opens flawlessly and we can continue working on our scene but we cannot use the camera management tool until we will be able to run a stable version of 3.4.0.

    florin_nistor , there is currently no way to share these issues at the moment as you mentioned. When it comes to the actual error, have you made sure that you're running either our latest preview or release? If so, then please also briefly submit us a Feedback report so that we can get behind this problem as quickly as possible with the help of the submitted log files. Thank you!

    Sure, I will report that via Feedback option when I will return to the specific project. We're using the latest version all the time, their latest preview versions too.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Greetings everyone,

    When exporting an issue to BCF file gives the attached error. Wanted to share the standalone with a colleague but it doesn't show BIM information.

    From what I read in Enscape KnowledgeBase BCFs can only be viewed by users who share the same base model (Central file in Revit in this case).

    Is there a workaround to share the issues or a resolution to the BCF export error?

    Thank you in advance.

    Thanks for the heads up, I have been asking and waiting for this for a few years, I'm assuming it will not be available in a couple of months' time when it comes time to renew my subscription. Fortunately, there is another software out there with both animation tools as well as volumetric lighting.

    And also the same program you're mentioning it's heavy resource consumer without too much reason, expensive, without RTX, RayTracing... also you need to make lots of workarounds in other advanced software in order to achieve precise animations. These days we can't afford to waste time when making a consistent presentation.

    can someone help me how I can create this same surface or material in SketchUp?

    it will be best if you create this material and pack it in a Sketchup file and post it in reply


    In a 2D editing program - adobe ps or similar, you create a black-white reflection map - dark is gloss white is matte - this mean your brass accents will have darker color (preferable to make also a diffuse map with the accents in their brass color and outside tiling in white or whichever is your technical specification). place this reflection map into your reflection slot of Enscape material editor - afterward you tweak it from the sliders and color slots.

    Thanks for your inquiry, if you haven't already, please also forward your request to product management through our Voting Portal. At least currently there is no ETA as to when this will be added, but through forwarding your wish we'll be made further aware of the demand for this.

    Also a thing I want to know how to fix.... for which I don't want to create another thread and spam the forums.

    When placing a light object inside a group and editing the light intensity via Enscape object properties, after exiting the group, the light object jumps away from its origin and locking it doesn't fix the issue. On fix I found is to copy that light object somewhere outside the group and outside the scene in order to avoid influencing of that light object in some way, then edit the light there. Seems to keep all lighting assets inside their groups linked to their initial placement.

    I wonder if you have another recommendation to make this easier. Thanks.


    Hope you guys are fine.

    If anyone else haven't open a topic already about this matter, I'm wondering if in the future we will be able to rotate the Skybox when working with the exe file.

    Why. If you're willing to make an RT presentation with a client and they ask to rotate the sun, you can't. I'm simply replying "I can't", they look disappointed, but I love the light delivered from my skybox and looks very good both in standalone exe and the exported renderings.

    Thank you.

    Greetings again!

    I'm encountering the following issue.

    Trying to render a few scenes using Sync-View function of Enscape, doing this on a 850Mb sketchup model.

    Issue: Enscape window freezes completely, Sketchup gives bug-splat error without saving progress which is frustrating especially when working on large files with lots of assets.

    Can't find any resolution to this and I could use a little help,

    Thank you in advance.


    No idea if it’ll work but how about using a glass material with a wave like displacement instead of Enscape’s water material, that way you’d have full control of its look.

    We are already using 2 layers to represent the water: Layer 1 - water material with wave height to 0, because it gives realistic refraction, and above it at 2cm another layer with wave like displacement.

    I would try making the pool sides and bottom a self illuminating material and making it glow

    Great! This worked and looks better now.

    Thank you.

    Greetings everyone!

    I am trying to fake a better light inside a pool for a night scene, but the planes don't distribute the light uniformly on the pool bottom.

    Client's request is to accentuate these pool bottom lights for artistic impression and marketing purpose, it looks very good with brighter light.

    Edge wall lights which are cone shaped, are normal spotlights with 90degree angle, but not enough to illuminate the pool in a clean way.

    We tried making brighter spotlights, but they burn the environment of the scene and the pool bottom. That's why we added these Rectangle Lights.

    Each light rectangle, is done with RectLight, has the same dimension and placed at an equal step from the other, with same material and same intensities.

    We have tried more methods to make the light distribute uniformly:

    - moving the planes up-down

    - changing plane dimensions

    - interlacing light planes (like brickwork)

    - changing intensity

    - changing pool material

    - cleaning/ purging the scene with sketchup plugins.

    Is there a workaround to make these lights look uniform?

    Thank you!