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    Hi Demian Gutberlet, I am also having a similar issue after updating Visual Studio and Enscape is still stuck loading at 5%. I am using Rhino 6 instead (couldn't find a thread related to Rhino) which gave me this feedback report:

    2020.11.01 22:39:34.037 -08:00 [1] | INFO | Start Enscape ...

    2020.11.01 22:39:34.896 -08:00 [RenderWindowHostThread] | INFO | Starting Enscape

    2020.11.01 22:39:36.220 -08:00 [RenderWindowHostThread] | WARN | API Error: Enscape_Initialize_From_Plugin: Enscape is not initialized

    2020.11.01 22:39:36.222 -08:00 [RenderWindowHostThread] | INFO | Enscape started - elapsed: 1325ms

    2020.11.01 22:39:36.224 -08:00 [RenderWindowHostThread] | ERROR | A.cc77781d40e3eda2bf3c15f7961fed0a1: Error on Enscape Initialize

    at A.c5dc70fa8e76921af4b8d26c6cac91b2b.Start(c5607c4cfa630d65f33cfabf2b7f53a63 startupParameters)

    at Enscape.Gui.Renderer.RendererWindowManager.TryCreate(c5607c4cfa630d65f33cfabf2b7f53a63 startupParameters, IntPtr& handle)

    at Enscape.Gui.Renderer.RendererWindowHost.InitializeRendererWindow()

    ApiResult: ca132ae7a1e8166a7f00854501ee3ce41

    Any help on this would be appreciated!