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    I'm wondering whether Enscape Materials for Revit is going to support only Legacy Generic type materials? Or is it planned to support the new PBR shaders?

    I ask this because we want to migrate to Enscape Material Editor and all of our materials were created with Revit PBR Shaders (not the legacy ones) and for now Enscape seems to support only generic legacy materials.

    Wondering same thing, also using Revit PBR Shaders, using Enscape for rendering and VR but also Vray, Unreal and Twinmotion and sometimes even Revit itself. Revit PBR Shaders works quite nicely with Vray and with Unreal Datasmith PBR's transferring quite nicely to Twinmotion and Unreal too. Now just waiting Enscape starts to support better those Revit PBR Shaders in Enscape Material Editor.

    Is there coming update for water material in Enscape? Now in Revit need to use old material templates for water materials that they works in Enscape nicely. I use in Revit mostly PBR-material templates for Revit materials, because that way it also giving better result eg. in Vray, Unreal. It would be nice if Enscape water supports Revit PBR-liquids.

    Seems that need to use non-PBR material template in Revit for material to make displacement work in Enscape. I like to use PBR- material templates based material in Revit, makes renderings looks better than materials based old templates. I wish someday Revit PBR-materials works with displacement maps in Enscape.