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    Have tried an older 3Dconexxion driver? I had to go back to version 10.5.15 - 3DxWare64_v10-6-4_r3119 to get a working spacemouse. Still cant get it to navigate sketchup & enscape at the same time during a session, but at least it works with one at a time now. Operates ok when just using sketchup, once enscape is opened it only works in the enscape window.


    I completely want performance to stay real-time, and am very impressed with the quality we get in I don't want to mess with that.

    However, having a setting available for 'power users' to crank up some quality setting for captures/renders would be very welcomed. I was just having the same 'missing reflections' problem last week similar to what Matt was having. I could actually see the ground plane meeting the horizon reflected in the house's glass...(modern house.....LOTS of window). Would have been great to go in check a 'Extended Reflections' check box, then increase sliders for geometric complexity, size and distance to camera, until the preview looks good enough to render. :thumbup:

    I'm having problems with the asset editor. I figured the it was taking a while for the thumbnails to load because of the new version, so I left it overnight to finish downloading everything. Well, this morning things are still 'loading...'. Any advice on this?

    +1 for separating the pots from the plants. Thanks!

    (Very easy and more versatile to pick your pot & pick your plant, then you can make component containing them (or just model your own pot....rather than being stuck with only potted plants and plants being stuck with same pot.))


    Anything that makes me holding up progress! :)

    A lot of other programs store the assets locally and only download new stuff when there are updates. Lumion, Skatter...just off the top of my head. Skatter even has a 'only update program' option, for quick version updates. Maybe Enscape could have a 'check for updates' feature in the asset browser...?

    Yes. In Vray, there is a 'syncing' section in each material's settings where you can bind or unbind, color, opacity, and multiple options for handling texture binding, as well as choice for bind/unbind them all. very helpful since enscape sometimes needs different color values than what looks good in the viewport. Also, like in vray. Materials that are transparent like glass, I like to keep visible with a bit of opacity in the viewport.

    This just made me think of another possible useful Enscape feature. The 'can be overridden' material override option. Would be cool be able to have option to exclude materials from 'whiteout' mode.

    The 2.6 preview was crashing my scenes quickly also. I'll look into sending the feedback report when I get back in the office. I see a new release version hit the shelves yesterday....I reckon I will give that a go. thanks!

    +1 for Laubwerk!!! Enscape has largely replaced Vray in my design workflow....and I'm really missing Laubwerk these days. :(

    (message to Laubwerk: I definitely don't plan on buying any more kits until Enscape is supported.)

    Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

    I didn't know the rendering quality setting effected the GI intensity....thanks for the tip. I think I'll experiment with that today.



    Like the very top "Saturation" slider from the Image tab in Settings ?

    Not at all like that. (for example, you may have colors you want keep vibrant while saturating others. While a global desaturation only takes the whole picture to black & white.)

    @GD3 Never ran into color bleed because of an an example?

    Set up a scene, maybe a modern white-out kitchen, then toggle the forest background on and off. You'll see the everything takes on a nice babyshit-green/yellow.

    Hey GD3Design , thanks a lot for your feedback.

    I suppose, you've already tried the Saturation slider in the Image settings? If so, and this isn't sufficient in your case, let me know and I'll file a feature request accordingly to allow you to specifically control the hue/sat for only specific colors.

    Also, there is a feature request on our agenda to allow you to control the color bleed saturation of GI in general, I've happily added a upvote to that topic through your voice, maybe this would also be even more helpful to you? :)

    Yes, as I said in my original post, 'saturation controls for individual colors, similar to Photoshop'.:thumbup:

    A separate control for GI Saturation would be helpful, as well. ( Micha: I really miss the GI Saturation setting in vray, too!):thumbup:

    I like being able to shoot a set of shots straight from Enscape and be done without having to open in Lightroom to adjust and export before sending to client. Being able to fine tune saturation in Enscape would be a huge time saver for me. :thumbsup:

    Thanks yall, cheers!

    Hey yall,

    I'd love to see more post-processing controls added to Settings. Specifically, hue/sat controls for specific colors, similar to Photoshop. A big problem with using HDRI's is the outrageous color-bleed...and using lawn/grass textures. It'd be a big help to be able to bring down the greens & yellows in Setting then be able 'point & click' with having to post-process the set in Photoshop. (of course, other controls like color balance, etc would be great, too. Nice not having to bring everything you do into PS or Lightroom before sending out...)



    Hey yall,

    I'm ready to jump into presenting projects to clients using the VR headset goggle thingies. Anyone have any recommendations on brands/models, experiences & pros/cons? (We're doing high-end custom residential architecture in NC, USA. Presenting our own in-house designs)