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    Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

    I didn't know the rendering quality setting effected the GI intensity....thanks for the tip. I think I'll experiment with that today.



    Like the very top "Saturation" slider from the Image tab in Settings ?

    Not at all like that. (for example, you may have colors you want keep vibrant while saturating others. While a global desaturation only takes the whole picture to black & white.)

    @GD3 Never ran into color bleed because of an an example?

    Set up a scene, maybe a modern white-out kitchen, then toggle the forest background on and off. You'll see the everything takes on a nice babyshit-green/yellow.

    Hey GD3Design , thanks a lot for your feedback.

    I suppose, you've already tried the Saturation slider in the Image settings? If so, and this isn't sufficient in your case, let me know and I'll file a feature request accordingly to allow you to specifically control the hue/sat for only specific colors.

    Also, there is a feature request on our agenda to allow you to control the color bleed saturation of GI in general, I've happily added a upvote to that topic through your voice, maybe this would also be even more helpful to you? :)

    Yes, as I said in my original post, 'saturation controls for individual colors, similar to Photoshop'.:thumbup:

    A separate control for GI Saturation would be helpful, as well. ( Micha : I really miss the GI Saturation setting in vray, too!):thumbup:

    I like being able to shoot a set of shots straight from Enscape and be done without having to open in Lightroom to adjust and export before sending to client. Being able to fine tune saturation in Enscape would be a huge time saver for me. :thumbsup:

    Thanks yall, cheers!

    Hey yall,

    I'd love to see more post-processing controls added to Settings. Specifically, hue/sat controls for specific colors, similar to Photoshop. A big problem with using HDRI's is the outrageous color-bleed...and using lawn/grass textures. It'd be a big help to be able to bring down the greens & yellows in Setting then be able 'point & click' with having to post-process the set in Photoshop. (of course, other controls like color balance, etc would be great, too. Nice not having to bring everything you do into PS or Lightroom before sending out...)



    Hey yall,

    I'm ready to jump into presenting projects to clients using the VR headset goggle thingies. Anyone have any recommendations on brands/models, experiences & pros/cons? (We're doing high-end custom residential architecture in NC, USA. Presenting our own in-house designs)


    The problem I have with my 3D Connexion Spacemouse is that Enscape works the opposite of what I have set in Sketchup. So I have to check or uncheck all of the 'reverse' buttons whenever moving between the two programs..(very annoying). I dont really navigate in Enscape anymore because of it...I just sync camera and navigate through sketchup during presentations.

    Is this regular behavior or is its some kind of bug? Probly something to take up with 3D Connexion, I reckon....

    Since it's been a year since I first commented/upvoted on this, I figured I would check back in. Any progress on this (saving the Enscape setting with individual sketchup files)? If not, could I please get another upvote added for this?


    Digging through projects I noticed the glass artifact problem started for me somewhere between January 25 and 30th.

    While troubleshooting, I tried combinations of old drivers & Enscape versions (going back to November) along with the lastest versions. old/new, new/old, old/old, new/new. None of those combos fixed the problem.

    Disabling one of my GPU's so I was only running a single RTX 2080 fixed the glass artifact problem for me.

    Something interesting that could possibly help the devs: while reviewing log files, I did notice a several windows updates on January 28th. Have you looked into the possibility that windows broke something? (we all know how much windows updates tend to 'help' things) ;)

    Screenshot of windows updates that coincide with when the glass problems started on my machine:

    BTW, if anyone has any pointer on how to fix this and can get back to me quickly, it would be much appreciated. I have a huge meeting starting in an hour at 10:30am Eastern, and was hoping to use Enscape. :)

    Any luck with disabling GPU's? I just tried yesterday's (Feb 25) Enscape preview release and still getting the glass reflection artifacts. I've attached a screenshot showing my system's graphics drivers. Anyone tried older drivers or older Enscape version combinations to get rid of artifacts?

    Also, what is the best way to go about 'disabling all but one card'? Device manager? or do you need to unplug the card?


    Again, running Windows 10 Pro, Sketchup Pro 2018 with the following GPU setup:

    Cool beans. Figured I should check with you before I gave up. Appreciate the quick reply, as usual. :thumbsup:

    That was my next question about the web based solution. We've already collected deposit on this project and went to deliver VR exe....and then found out the client only owns Macs....until then it hadn't even occurred to me that there may be a compatibility issue. (I try to live life cut off from apple products) :)

    We're currently trying to figure out shapespark so we can still deliver something to this client. But it would definitely be cool to have a way to export Enscape to web for the 'Mackers' and even clients that just don't have powerful enough specs to run Enscape. The less programs we need to use, the betterererer....



    Yes! Laubwerk support would be so helpful for quick viz. I was a bit bummed when I couldn't get the full mesh to render, only the Laubwerk low-poly proxy. Definitely put down a vote for me! :thumbsup:


    Just checking to see if there has been any developments in exporting VR for people to run on Mac? (without a boot camp windows installation...) Or if anyone has found a workaround?

    I've ruined / had to redo settings for a few more projects since posting here. I even erased or saved over another projects settings accidentally while trying to save save settings. Would really love a solution to this similar to other engines, where settings are saved automatically when changed and pertain only to that file. Ithink still being able to save settings will still be very handy, so you can quickly change from say, day to night settings on the fly. I' ve also noticed I have the same problem with camera paths ...i cant remember to save them and lose all my animation. - I think it might be good to treat those in the same manner. Maybe even a camera path 'lister' where you can manage multiple camera paths in the same file....? Dont want to sound like im complaining too much. Enscape is exceeding all my expectation so far....just want to give constructive feedback. Thanks!