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    Hey SDB,

    Thanks for the response and the link! I love a good tutorial, specially Adam's...I actually watched this one back when it came out. :)

    Yes, I'll be using photoshop(maybe Lightroom..) for stitching.

    Do you think rendering in vray is a smart way to produce the cube map or do you know of an app that is more straight forward for this?

    I actually checked out Vray's camera setting and their 'VR Cubemap' setting didn't seem to produce the 'cross' format needed by Enscape.


    A client wants an existing cleared lot photographed to be used in renderings for an upcoming residential project we're designing for the site. I'm thinking I'll photograph the site from a fixed central point, taking shots while rotating the 360 degrees, keeping about a 20-30% overlap between each shot. One revolution at horizon, then one below and one above, each keeping the same overlap. Stitch the shots into a panoramic using Photoshop. In Sketchup, load the image into Vray Domelight and render a cubemap.

    Anyone have any experience doing this? Sound like this will work? Any pointers or advice for a better workflow?

    For Enscape, does it matter if the skybox image is HDR or not?

    I should note that this will be my very first attempt at producing a equirectangular image, or my own IBL of any type for that matter....(I prefer PG HDRI's.....but unfortunately he isn't available to come shoot the site this week) ;)