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    There is, but that won't help I'm afraid - it's not possible at the moment do customize our existing Assets at all. For copyright reasons too. This may be possible in the future and it's filed as a feature request to which I've forwarded your upvote to show the further demand for this implementation. :)

    talking about copyright reasons... is it a problem to use the assets that show - for example, the Eames Lounge Chair in a rendering made in enscape to public? or comes enscape3d with the licence to use all the assets without copyright issues with the rightfull owner of the design assets?

    thanks for answering!

    Hello Guys,

    I just got Enscape and already tried some Renderings. I figured out that the texture of wooden floors (guess it appears to all textures, just found it out at my very first start at enscape with the floors) is relatet to the proportions of the surface. I dont really know how to explain it in technical language english, but i try and I made some screenshots.

    Is there any way to kind of like "save" the proportions of my woodenfloor texture map, no matter what size and proportions the surface gets? otherwise the floor appearance gets distorted every time I change the surface in rhino just a bit.

    The woodenfloor map is square, any time my rhino surface is not a scuare the floor gets distorted. cant remember this problem from the test version i had earlier. please help me! it drives me crazy. I also found out that I can make a square surface in rhino, apply my wooden floor texture and then cut the surface to the sice the room actually has. proportions keep the same. But thats actually a very long work if this ist to be made with any surface. So i can assume that I may chanched some properties concerning the texture mapping setup?

    Thanks so much for help,

    greetings from munich!