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    The team is having issues with Enscape. As you can see from the attached images, two neighboring buildings with glass as their primary skin are not reflecting properly. The taller building is showing the floor plates and other awkward interior spaces of the shorter glass building.

    It is causing us additional work to photoshop the images when presenting as the ‘floating floor plates’ are distracting during design reviews. This has been going on since we started using Enscape. It happens from a street level. Same view looking down does not exhibit this behavior.

    The file "capture" is correct as it renderings with Native Revit rendering. The image "Enascape Issue", shows the odd reflection in the building to the left.

    Several users are getting the message:

    A TDR has been detected.

    The Application must close.

    We have seen this for a few folk (not everyone does ultra res). They all run the same hardware as in the attached journal. So far, we cannot find any common trigger that is causing the issue. I just tested it on an unrelated machine: surface book 2 with and without using the Nvidia gtx1060 card and it exports fine for Nvidia. I could only get it crash using the Intel video but only after several exports. The users who crash have their Intel video disabled in bios.



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    can confirm that many of us at my company are experiencing the exact same issue since the update. I have asked the team to close the Enscape app before the next syncs to see if re-opening without reloading the model will preserve the view list. This is what we had to do last year on our 2016 version of Revit sometime around last spring. It was very time consuming when half a dozen persons are rendering for a deadline. But a bit less than completely closing the project.