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    Thanks for your reply,

    I misunderstood how Enscape works.

    If you check "Save sun position" on Enscape view ,

    "Revit sun setting" will be reset and Enscape's default sun position and time will be set.

    Share with customers who are experiencing the same problem,

    I think the problem will be solved.


    I have a question about ticket Number 88985.

    1. The user changes the sun in Ensacpe view "A" to 12:02.

    2. Set the sun setting for the same view in Revit to 12:00.

    3. User returns to Enscape and clicks View "B".

    4. Click on View "A" and the time will be 09:41.

    (1) Sun setting in Revit, (2) Sun setting in Enscape editor screen,

    (3) Not clear about the difference between setting and manipulating the sun in the view edit screen.

    Should I avoid saving the sun position on the Enscape view edit screen when setting the sun in Revit and prioritizing it?

    Still, sometimes there is a difference between the time set in Revit and the time set in Enscape.

    If the shadow position does not change, is it an error in the time display?

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    Demian Gutberlet  Phil Read

    Thank you very much for contacting me.

    Send only terrain data directly to the address below so that no proprietary information is included.

    When I tried to recreate it in terrain, the lines didn't show up.

    I'm not sure under what circumstances the problem occurs, so I'd appreciate it if you could give me more details.

    Also, it would be great if you could let me know if the issue is with your version of Revit.

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    We are aware that Enscape's system requirements are increasing.

    We have received inquiries about Japanese users that Enscape is not working properly or cannot be used.

    You can check the requirements of the latest version on the website, but I also want to know the requirements of the previous version.

    Would you please have the materials?

    This user wants to know the minimum system requirements from 2.6.0 to the latest.

    ・ Graphic card

    ・ VRAM

    We would appreciate any other detailed documentation on previous system requirements.I would be very happy if you could have other materials.

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    (1) A surface light source is placed in Archicad.

    It is placed over the entire width circled, but only the center is illuminated on the ensecape.

    I want to know how to illuminate the full width.

    (2) Archicad uses a surface light source and arranges the light source downward over the entire width, but it is not illuminated on the encescape.

    I want to know how to illuminate.

    ・When exporting with Web Standalone, the brightness and color tone look very different from the actual work screen with Enscape.

    (1) Adjustment in the Expose Brightness item in the Setting column

    (2) Set the Time of Day

    Is there any setting other than the above that makes the appearance closer to the Enscape screen?

    ・Is it currently possible to set a password when sharing on Web Standalone?

    Thank you in advance.

    Thank you for contacting us by support email.

    We will consider sharing a local BCF file using CAD and Enscape to proceed with your project or using BIMTrack.

    Is there any other way to view, share and modify Collaborative Annotations other than BIM Trak?

    Is it local only?

    If so, how can I share and fix locally saved issues with other users?

    Best regards.

    1. Is it possible to view or modify the content of the indication on the Standalone screen?

    2. On the BIMTrack screen, you can see the items to be pointed out, but you cannot see the pinning position placed in Enscape. Is this a specification?

    3. Is BIMTrack sign-in error unsupported?

    Should I contact BIMTrack for support?

    4. Please let me know if there is a way to share it even with users who do not have a Revit or Autodesk account.

    Please tell me as much as you can answer.

    Phil Read


    Thank you for your reply!

    We have updated Enscape to the latest 3.0.

    I think the settings are in the default state.

    I rebooted it, but the material is not displayed .correctly.

    Revit's render path is already set.

    Is there anything else I have overlooked?

    (Double-byte characters are not used.)

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.


    数台の PC を持っていますが、そのうちの 1 台で資料が正しく表示されません。



    使用は Revit 2019 です。





    I am Eri

    Is there a way to check the capacity of Panorama cloud uploads for one license?

    I recognize that the upload capacity is up to 10GB per license.

    Please let me know if there is an easy way to find out how much space you can upload.

    Also, is the generation of WEB standalone related to this capacity limit?

    Best regards.