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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.


    I wonder, when you start an Enscape-session from Revit, what actual components is working in the computer? I know the graphics card is most likely extremely important, but what about CPU, RAM? And is only Enscape "working", or does the actual Revit-application also working (since we have 2 progress bars, one Enscape in the middle, and also down in the Revit-status bar, the green one)?

    We have a project where it's pretty heavy to open Enscape. Though it's really a big one with several buildings and multiple IFC:s with installations linked to it. But it has suddenly become much slower to start than before, and perhaps someone put a really detailed object or objects into their IFC (Revits progress bar is very slow around 57-58%).


    Our architecture company have been using Enscape for a couple of years now, and is about to buy our first VR-set to the office meeting room. I read some threads here about the pros and cons of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive... but now when were in the next generation of those, which one do you prefer? The Vive has slightly more resolution (2880 x 1600 to Oculus 2560x1440). Will we notice that difference? In our store, the HTC is also twice the price (though that is not the most important, but if they are more or less the same we could as well go with the cheaper one).

    Thanks, I have sent a report now!

    Today when I started up my project, the Enscape assets were working again without have to clear the Data folder. I also found the problem to my own materials (after I sent the report, so ignore my question in it), it was set to "graphics" under the advance tab. I dont remember, but I think I changed this setting AFTER the problem occured. So perhaps it was some kind of bug that had Enscape choose graphics even if it was set to appearence. Either way, it works now, thanks! :)


    Im using the latest version of Enscape ( and Revit 20, and I suddenly got a strange material problem with them appearing very randomly (some are still working and some appear wrong or not at all). Se attached screenshot. The standing man to the left is inserted after the error occured. If I insert a new asset of the ones not working, they are still also displayed wrong (and if I start a new file and insert them). If you watch closely, the coffee mug in the sittng mans hand is for example working correctly. It's not only error on the Enscape assets, the floor isn't displayed with the right material either (and more materials).

    I have tried to reinstall Enscape and my graphic card driver.

    We were thinking of going for RTX 2070, but unfortunately our workstations PSU only have 400W (HP, and it seems like we cant change it to a better one). So it seems like we only can go for 1050 Ti or hopefully 1060 (really haven't confirmed if 400W is enough for it). But the question is if we will notice any diffrent from our current P1000? Not for VR, just regular Enscape/Revit-work with renderings of images and videos.

    Maybe its because its brand new and overloaded, but I cant get the web standalone to work. It opens up but I just see the sky and also the "Flymode" text is transparent. Then the message "WebGL context lost. You will need to reload the page" comes up, and the same thing happens when I reload.

    Windows 10

    Latest Google Chrome

    Revit 18.3

    Thanks! Right now we only have Quadro cards, but Im planning on a new workstation with a GTX (or RTX) when we buy the VR.

    Any news on Vive (or Vive Pro) supporting "real" walktrough now? I don't think we'll be using roomscale VR, so perhaps Oculus is the way to go. Still it's a couple of years old and a new version should probably be released soon, cause it feels like the resolution will make a big diffrent? Isn't Vive Pro a big step up from Vive? Maybe we'll wait to the spring and then buy a Oculus 2 and a RTX-card.


    Does anybody have recommendation on what VR set to buy? Our office is planning to buy one, so the price isn't so important. Im pretty new at VR, but Im guessing its HTC vs Oculus? Perhaps the HTC Vive Pro since it's the latest on the market? And ofcourse the controls are very important, any suggestions on what's easiest to navigate Enscape with?

    Im trying to load a skybox of the actual street of my project by creating a image with Street View Download 360, have anyone tried that? I can load the image, but the proportions is not very good. So I would like to be able to change the size of the skybox (I guess that's what you other mean by "height adjustment"). So +1 for me too :)

    Our company are about to buy some new workstations, we work almost only in Revit but Enscape is growing on us more and more. We're going for a processor with at least 3ghz and 32GB ram, but Im not sure about what graphics card to get. We have bought Quadro M4000 on our latest machines, but maybe it's overkill?

    We're thinking of three ways to go right now:
    Quadro P1000

    Quadro P2000

    Quadro P4000

    We would save money on P1000, but is it too weak? We're working on pretty large models sometimes, but we're not rendering anything in Revit, we only use their cloud rendering and more and more Enscape. Is P1000 enough for enscape or do you recommend at least P2000?